Life As We Know It (Sequel to Holding On To What I Have)

Layla is with Zayn, Jordan is with Harry, Louis and Abi are together. But what happens when an old "friend" of Liam's comes back and brings a friend with her? Will Liam want to be with Katy? Will Niall find his princess?


8. Leaving

Layla's P.O.V

The next day:

Zayn picked me up earlier this morning and now we are at Jordan's place to pick her up. Zayn and I are sitting in his car listening to music. Soon I saw Jordan and Harry walk out of the building and head over to the car. Harry was carrying a suitcase and Jordan had her bags, they walked to the back of the car and put all the things in the trunk. 

Jordan walks to the back passenger door and starts to get in. Harry pushes the door closed and looks her in the eye. I can' t hear what they are saying but Jordan smiles at him and he leans down and kisses her. He pulls away and smiles at her. He says something to her, and it look like he said ," I love you." 

I turn to Zayn and hit is arm. "Did you see what he said to her."

"Yeah!" Zayn says with a laugh.

I look over at them again and see they are kissing. I reach over to the driver' s side and it the horn. Jordan, scared by the noise, fell forward into Harry's arms. Harry laughed and glared at me. I smiled at him and Jordan got in the car. Harry slowly closed the door for her and watched as we drove off. We all waved to Harry as we turned the corner.

I looked back at Jordan and saw that she was hiding her face in her hands. I could hear her crying. "Jordan, you will see him soon. Don't worry, he loves you and he probably is crying that you left as well." I say to her.

"I' m going to miss him so much!" Jordan says.

"I know it' s hard. But you have a break from college in two.months. It may seem long now but the time will fly by, trust me." Wow, I thought to myself, two months. Soon' t even think I could be away from one of my best friends for that long, let alone my boyfriend

"I guess. I know we will Skype a lot."

"Yeah! So don't worry!" Jordan smiled and laid back in her seat. She soon fell asleep, while Zayn and I talked.the whole ride.

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