Life As We Know It (Sequel to Holding On To What I Have)

Layla is with Zayn, Jordan is with Harry, Louis and Abi are together. But what happens when an old "friend" of Liam's comes back and brings a friend with her? Will Liam want to be with Katy? Will Niall find his princess?


11. Hospital




Jordan's P.O.V.

    I walk out into the hall, "Harry whats wrong?" I ask in an urgent tone.

   "I can't- I can't do it."

   "Do what?"

  "This." He says, I sure hope he's not talking about our relationship. 

   "I don't understand."

  "You don't know who hard it is being away from you, I've spent every day for the past two weeks with you. And now you're not here, you're gone." He cries.

  "Harry! It's alright, I will be back soon, well I will be back in Brighton soon with my mum."

  'I can't have you across the world without me, in pain. It's killing me!"

  "Harry, how long have you been like this?"

  "Since the interview, they asked me about you and, I- I couldn't do it. I walked out."

  "Harry, I will be home soon. I can visit you right when I get back."
   "You know I will be waiting for you at the airport, I can't wait that long."
  "The time will fly by, don't worry."

  "Ok, I'm gonna go over to Liam's. If he's not with Kelli."

   I laugh, "Ok baby."

   "I love you." He says in the most sincere voice

   "And I love you too," We hang up at the same time. I realize I didn't tell him about Halle and my dad, I guess that can wait till I see him back in Brighton. I walk back in the room.

   "What was wrong?" Zayn asks me.

   "Oh, nothing."

   "I heard you say Harry was crying, Harry doesn't cry unless it's something big." Zayn says in a concerned voice.

   I feel my checks go red, "He just, um, missed me." I said and sat back down in the chair. 

   I felt someones hand on my shoulder, I turned around and say Layla standing there, she was smiling.

   "Um, you guys don't have to stay here. You can go to the hotel." 

   Layla looks at Zayn, he nods his head and she walks over to him grabbing his hand. "Okay, well see you tonight."

   They walked out hand in hand, something I can't wait to do with Harry when I get back.



    A few hours later my mum shows up, "Hey sweetie!" She greets me.

  "Hi mum."

    "Where's Layla?"

   "Her and Zayn went back to the hotel for the night."

   "Zayn?" Oh crap, I had completely forgotten to tell my mum about meeting the guys, much less about me and Harry.

   "Yeah, Layla's boyfriend."

    "Oh, wow she got a boyfriend in the short amount of time she was in London?"

   "Yeah, um so did I."

   "What? How come I wasn't told about this?!" My mum squeals as she takes the seat next to me. "What's his name, what's he like? I want to know everything!"

   I laugh, "His name's Harry. He is so sweet, very protective, and I- I kinda love him."

   My mum's face goes pale. "Mum, are you okay?"

   She smiles a little, a tear forming in her eye, "Wow, my little girl is all grown up, yeah?"

  I smile, "Yeah."

   She looks down at my hand, "What's that?" She asks pointing to my ring. I nervously twist it on my finger. 

   "A ring."

   "What does it say? She asks and pry's it off my finger. Her face lights up when she reads the little word inscribed on it.

    "Is this from Harry?"


   "He must be a rich man."

   "He kind of is, he um, is in a band."

    "A famous band?"


   "What's it called?"

   "One Direction."

    "Oh, that's the band little Blare loves." Blare is my mum's neighbor, she is 9 years old.


   "Wait, is Zayn in this band as well?"

   'Yup." I say popping the 'p'.

   We sit there in silence. I feel my eyes get heavy and soon fall asleep.

*6 hours later*


   A knock at the door wakes me up, I see my mu move to open it. I see a nurse there.

   "You have another visitor." I assume that Layla came back or something. Not expecting who was standing at the door. I was completely shocked, and knew I would have to face something I hadn't wanted to.

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