Your new life with One Direction

You and Niall have been dating for a while and finally he wants you to move with him to England. This way you can be together but he can still be with his boys. When you move to england your life changes, new friends, new job and a totally new and amazayn life.


3. You learn something new everyday

    You decide to meet Dani, Perrie and El for breakfast to tell the big news about the new dance studio. When you get there you're the only one to arrive first. As you go save a seat for you and your friends, you notice Harry sitting with a pretty, brunette across the resturant. The two of them were laughing and hugging until Harry noticed you staring. As soon as he sees you he walks over to your table.

"Erin? What are you doing here?" He asked you looking back at the brunette between words.

"I'm meeting the girls here to discuss my new dance studio idea. Who's the girl?" You ask winking at him.

"Oh, her? A friend, just a friend. Please don't tell the boys!"

"Why? Are you two dating?"

"No! Well, not yet."

"What's her name?"

"Karlee. Her name is Karlee."


"Shut up!"

"Well, good luck Hazza! I have to go meet the girls!"

"Don't Tell them! Bye!" He told you kissing you on the cheek.

"I promise I won't!"


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