Your new life with One Direction

You and Niall have been dating for a while and finally he wants you to move with him to England. This way you can be together but he can still be with his boys. When you move to england your life changes, new friends, new job and a totally new and amazayn life.


10. New Mistakes

    It's been two weeks since you came home from the hospital. As you and Liam sit watching Christmas movies you hear the phone ring. After answering it, you knew it was a mistake.

"Hello? Who is this?" You ask.

"Okay so listen here.. The baby that you jsu tahd is NOT Niall's because I'm pretty sure he's my boyfriend!" The girl said.

"ummm. Who is this? And how did you get this number?" You ask nervously.

"My name is Holly! I'm Niall's girlfriend! And for your information he loves me!"

"Whatever. I just want you and Niall to know that I love Liam more than I'd EVER love Niall!" You tell her hanging up the phone.

    You walk over to the crib where your baby Ultan is sleeping peacefully. Looking your baby boy, you feel a slow tear run down your face when you realize who the baby belongs to. Niall. His blue eyes, blonde hair and long eye lashes look just like the one you thought you loved. You turn around to find Liam sleeping sweetly on the couch, so you pick up the baby and lay with him on the couch. Throughout the night you get texted from that "Holly" girl saying that Niall never loved you, that he hates you and is glad the baby is Liam's. The whole time you try your hardest to hold back the tears and the feelings that are working their way back. Crying would only show that they won and you still love Niall. Do you?

    The next morning you wake up super early to go for a run. Just to loose stress and weight from the pregnancy. Of cource your two favorite boys are still sleeping on the couch when you leave. While running you encounter the worst thing in your life. Paparazzi.

"Erin! Erin! Is it true you cheated on Niall?" The first interviewer asked you.

"No comment!" You say continuing your jog.

"Erin! Did you hear about Niall's new girl?" The second one asked.

"No comment!" You say a little pissed off.

"Why don't you want to talk? Are you still going through depression? How's the cuts?" They first one asked again. 

"Wait? What? Where did you here that? How do you know?" You say almost in tears.

"Is it true?"  He laughed.

"You know what? Why don't you go bother someone who actually wants to talk to you! Just leave me and my family alone! If you have a problem keep it to yourself!" You yell running away.

    About an hour later when you get home you find Perrie there talking to your boys. She was freaking out over your morning jog. Not sure what's going on you sit down to talk to your friend.

"Perrie, what's wrong?" You ask politely.

"Did you talk to the press today? If so what did you tell them?!" She asked a little mad.

"They brought up my depression and I told them to mind their own business! What else was I supposed to do they followed me two blocks from the park!"

"Well, you should look at their story on their website! You won't like it!"

    You run over to your laptop and go to the website. In big bold letters you see,  "ONE DIRECTION CHEATER TURNS TO ARGUMENTS TO COPE." Underneath it read "Ex fiance of boyband member Niall Horan is a depressed cheater who loves to fight with the press. After sleeping with her "true loves" best friend Liam Payne, she got pregnant and told Niall the baby was his. After a while of lies she finally tells Niall, who then kicks her out to live with Liam. Before having her baby, Erin turned to cutting herself to get out of the mess. Is this girl really fit to be a mother? You decide comment below your opinions."

  You then read the comments below the story and start to cry because of all the hurtful messages.

"Did you even love Niall? You are such a heartless bitch!" Says one girl.

"Why did you cut yourself? Why couldn't you just take your life? I would make ours much better!" Says another.

"What would your son say when he's older? He'd probally wish he wasn't born! Go kill yourself!" Says a third fan who hated you. You already started crying but the one that hit you the hardest was from someone you knew.

"Why? Why would you hurt the ones you love? How? How could you be so heartless... Do you think of others? I thought I knew you better, but everyone makes mistakes, and I guess you were mine." Says a username NJH.



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