Your new life with One Direction

You and Niall have been dating for a while and finally he wants you to move with him to England. This way you can be together but he can still be with his boys. When you move to england your life changes, new friends, new job and a totally new and amazayn life.


11. I guess

    After reading that comment you knew what you had to do. You needed to go see Niall, not just because you love him but to find out if he really loves you or not. But the girl Holly is there and you can't face her.

"Bitch, what the hell do you want?" She asked when she opened the door.

"Is Niall here?" I asked shakely

"Whatever, I'll go get him!" She said rolling her eyes.

"Erin? ummm.. Let's go outside." Niall said smiling, as he walked outside.

"Niall, I'm so sorry. I'm an idiot, I don't even know who's baby it is. I'm in love with you, ONLY you! Forever and always, I'm so sorry! I hate my-" You say before Niall interupts you with a kiss.

"Shhh.. I'm sorry. Sorry I wasn't there for you always. I love you too. Can we just get back to where we left off?" He said starting to cry.

    You two walk in hand in hand to pack all of Holly's shit up and kick her ass out. All Holly can do is walk up to and slap you in the face. As soon as her right hand hit the side of your face there goes Niall running her out of your house. You both laugh and go into your bedroom, as you sit down on the bed hand in hand you both start to cry your eyes out. Talking about the baby, Liam, your parents, depression, paparazzi, and most of all Holly.

"Why did you cut yourself? Please tell me, was it because of me?" Nialler asked upset.

"No! It was because of everything! The whole pregnancy, hurting you, Liam, Dani, my parents. Also because I thought I lost you forever. I love you and never wanted to hurt you!"

"Okay, well first of all, Holly was just to make you mad. I feel so bad that it made you hurt yourself! I'm never leaving you because I love you so much! I'll be with you forever! I promise! Baby, be mine tonight! If everytime we touch you get this kinda rush. Say yeah! If you don't wanna take it slow and you just wanna take me home. Baby say yeah and let me kiss you." Niall said breaking into the chorus of "Kiss You."

"Niall, you always make me feel better when you sing to me." You giggle.

"Duh! That's why I did it!"

    The rest of the night you lay in bed talking about your undying love and the future. Until you have a big problem. Your water broke.



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