Your new life with One Direction

You and Niall have been dating for a while and finally he wants you to move with him to England. This way you can be together but he can still be with his boys. When you move to england your life changes, new friends, new job and a totally new and amazayn life.


2. A plane ride, new apartment and an idea

    You’ve been on the plane for three hours now and you feel nervous. Niall is asleep with his head on your lap. You slowly run your fingers through his hair as you drift to sleep, and have the best dream.


    As you walk into your house after work you see the box that reads Christmas Décor sitting on the couch. You put your purse down and walk into the kitchen to find Niall and your four month old son Ultan cooking dinner. When you walk in Ultan starts to clap and mumbles to himself. You walk over to Niall, take your son and put him in the playpen. As you walk back to the kitchen Niall has two glasses of wine and a plate of chicken and potatoes on the table plus a big smile on his face. As you walk up to Niall before he softly presses his lips up against yours. And when he pulls away you both have a smile on your face. After you eat you both go to get Ultan and start putting up the Christmas decorations. You put up the Christmas tree first. Ultan smiles as he helps put on his small ornaments all over the tree. Niall and you sing Christmas carols to Ultan as he slowly drifts to sleep. Niall puts your son to bed so you can finish putting up the red garland around the stair case. You and Niall have been married for two years and this is your sixth Christmas together. But it’s your first with your new baby bundle of joy. There’s thirteen days until Christmas Eve and you haven’t bought any presents from Santa for Ultan. So, the next morning you’re going with Niall to buy gifts while you leave your baby with his Godparents Eleanor and Louis. After everything is put together for Christmas you and Niall go to sleep to be able to get up really early.

    When you finally wake up from your dream you’re still on the plane. Sitting with your fingers laced in Niall’s. You smile when you look out the window to see the beautiful dark sky and bright stars. You look to see Niall smiling at you and playing with your hair.

"Are you ready for this?" Niall laughed.

"What if this is a mistake. I mean are we rushing into things?" you asked.

"Babe, don't say that it will all be perfect. I promise to make you happy no matter what!"

"I love you Nialler!"

"I love you too beautiful." he said before kissing the tip of your nose.

    A few hours later the plane lands in Doncaster and you walk into the airport to find the boys holding Congrats balloons and your three best friends each holding a bottle of wine. As soon as you walk up to them you all start laughing that turns into tears of joy. Being with your friends and the one you love is the best thing anyone can ever ask for. After thw warm greetings and laughs you all pile into Dani's car and drive to your new apartment. Once you got there you through your bags in the bedroom, let potato go outside and nine of you popped open a bottle of wine. All night long you and your friends drink, party, dance and sing. Through all the commotion you and Niall manage to sneek into the bedroom. As you go to sit on the bed Niall slowly shuts and locks the door.

"What are you doing?" you ask him with a drunk tone.

"I really love you Erin, and I think it's time?" he sad quietly sort of nervous like.

"Baby, I don't think we should tonight. I mean not when all of our friends just outside the room!"

"Oh, okay. I don't want to rush or anything. I was just letting you know that when you're ready, I am too."

"Thank you Nialler! Now, let's get back to the party? Please?" you laugh as you both walk out of the room.

    When you both get back into the room you notice that everyone was packing up their stuff to leave. As you all say your good-byes and say you'll meet in the morning. Potato is sitting on the couch eating his breakfast and Niall decided to get in the shower, so you're in the bedroom by yourself. While you thought to yourself, you realized that you no longer have a job and you need to find one. You get onto your computer and look for jobs that are interesting. And with you luck you find none. So instead of looking for open jobs, you decide to look for buildings for rent. Niall walks in when your looking online and looks over your shoulder to see what you're doing.

"What's the building for babe?"

"You know how I really love to dance and I also need a job?"
"Yes, what about it?"

"I'm thinking of opening my own dance studio. But I don't know if I can do it."

"Of course you can! And Dani can help since she is a dancing freak just like you!"

"Really? Oh my gosh thank you so much babe!"



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