My Street (Competition)

This is for the What's Hidden On Your Street Competition. Not many of the people are going to be real because I don't really know much about the people on my street.


1. Chapter 1

I sighed as my dog stopped yet again to spell the post. It was my job to take my dog on a walk everyday and I hated it. He made it his mission to stop every 5 seconds and sniff whatever was next to him. He always pulled on the lead, wanting to run and be free but I wasn't able to help him if he ran in front of a car. I got to the end of my street and saw a police car and 2 police officers. I smiled at them but they just frowned at me. So much for being nice. I turned around and walked back into my house. An hour later my dog started whining to go for another walk. I grunted as I stood up to go and get the lead. I stepped out of the door and saw that the police were gone. While I was walking down the street, I felt as though I was being followed. I kept turning around but each time there was no-one there. Just as I was starting to get really creeped out, my phone started ringing. It was an unknown number "Hello?" I answered, or rather asked. The line was silent...

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