Best life

This is about a girl named Sofia


1. The best day ever

This morning I got up and went down stairs to make breakfast instead I found 1 Direction sitting on my couch. All the boys got up and asked me to be in their music vodio. I practically screamed YES!!! I went up stairs and packed my bags. Louis met me at the top of the stair case and said I'll take those for you. He through them in their jeep. Zayn drove, Liam sat next to Zayn , Louis sat by me in the back next to Harry and Naill. They were all asking me questions. When I started talking everyone started laughing like it was the funniest thing ever. We stopped at arrest stop and when know one was looking Louis kissed me. When I asked what that was for Harry jumped in and said because he is mad for you I say out of the corner of my eye Louis was blussing. So I told him that I would be lying if I said I wasen't mad for him and I kissed him. Aparently the boys snuk up on us because all of a souden I heard people saying ewwww. I just stuck my toung out at them.
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