EverLasting love

Kristina and Amanda were ordinary girls who were best friends. They both moved to london to live there at the age 19. Kristina love done direction a lot. Every song, every gossip, follows them on twitter and Instagram and Facebook. But it all changes when amanda buys her tickets an passes. Know to meet them in her own eyes. One thing is amanda doesn't like them and doesn't want to go but she has to for her best friend. But will she actually fall for them and be a directioner?


1. a huge surprise.

Mandy's POV

Hey I am Amanda Mandy is my nickname.As you can see it is my POV right now.I live in London now with my bestfriend but we are from America.Today I am gonna surprise my best friend Kristina with One direction V.I.P front row tickets and backstage passes since they are preforming in London.I saved money up secrectly to suprise her.

"Hey Kristina!Watcha doin?"I say " nothin much just watching TV of ONE DIRECTION!" She replies " Yeash if only you see them in real life" I said Sarcasticly " What are you going to do, Amanda?" she said " Nothing" i said pulling the tickets out of my pockets and grabing the backstage passes from my back pockets." O my gosh you did not just bought us 2 tickets and backstage passes to one direction's concert!!!" she screamed with joy " These are V.I.P tickets front row and Private backstage passes."

"I am gonna scream. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH O MY GOSH!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"she screamed "okay calm down. stop fan girling." I yelled "The concerts is saturday and it is thursday so go I

don't know do something like..." " SHOPPING" "fine". I'm actually not a fan of one direction. I am only going because of my friend. Just to make her really happy and  I pray she is super happy. We are driving actually to rocket paradise mall to go to forever 21 to buy a pair of clothes what she wants to wear to the concert. Me is just me. A simple shirt and shorts. I listen to roc kind of music. Hip pop or pop is not my type. We now just arrived at the mall. " Amanda may you park the car while I go inside?" I replied,"sure go ahead." We switch spots an she leaves inside. I turn up the radio to my jams! I sing along to the song royals, since I was singing, I wasn't looking and I almost hit someone. It was one direction. I had my eyes open. I could of killed my best friend's favorite band. They come up to the window tired running out of breath. "May you give us a ride?" Niall horan just asked. I know all there names because Kristina talks about them way too much. I don't know anything actually about them. " hop in" I replied calm, as they go inside I lower the music. It was awkward in the car. I called Kristina and said I have to go do an aran and will pick her up later. I asked"where do you guys need to go?" Someone answer to treasure hotel. I couldn't tell who it was. I looked up the directions to the hotel and somebody screamed "no! Stop!" I dropped the phone. He calm down and talked why we can't drive over there. So we had to go to my house unfortunately . I felt uncomfortable because I do not know what they could do to me. I drove them over there to my house for two reasons 1)I did for Kristina as always. 2) they need help and I promise to help people as my resolution for New Years. I would have to help anyone. And I ment everyone. I drove over to the house and got out of the car. I sprint to the door and unlock it. I run to press the buttons of the alarm code. I questioned "how Long are you going to be here?" A guy with curly hair asked, " we don't know?" I groaned. " any questions?" "Yes, where is the bathroom?" A man with a stripe sweater. I think his name was Louis. "how bout you guys tell me what your guy's name is?'' "my name is harry and hello!'' ''Greetings my name is liam." "hello I'm niall.'' ''my name is Louis." " and my name is Zayn." "well hello my name is amanda, you can call me Mandy." i will show you your rooms. *shows rooms* so i will be back from the mall to pick up kristina. "who is kristina?" Zayn asked. "she is my best friend who lives with me. i gotta pick her up. bye guys!oh but before i go, do not go inisde my room." "Bye!" they all said when i shut the door. I get into the car and drove to the mall. I drove to the doors and lowered the music as she got inside the car. "hey how was shopping?" i asked because i knew she would shop big. she was always a fancy but cheap shopper. " it went well. i got a few outfits." kristina replied. "hey if you were to ever see one direction at our house what would you do?" "i would scream as loud as i can?" "you think you can do the opposite?" "WHY?'' ' they are at our house so keep calm and just say hi but do not scream unless you mime scream and not in there faces.Deal?"  " ok.'' we finally arrived in 20 minutes an as i walk inside. i find their faces looking at the tv screen playing my XBOX. i kept myself calm because i usually do not like people playing with my XBOX. I walk up to the tv and turned it off. "sorry but not right now. i would like you to introduce my friend kristina. '' "hello guys! i am kristina and welcome our home." I left to my room and took out my PJs from my drawer. there was a knock and i opened my door. it was Liam. "oh hey. it is liam right?" "yes and i wanted to say thank you for letting us stay, it was very nice." i said," anything for a friend. well i am gonna tak my shower i will cook something up for you guys after." i smiled at him and walked to the bathroom. i turned on the water and started to bath. i dried my self and changed. i walk to the kitchen smelling something tangy. i looked and it was Harry cooking. " you know you are the guests? i am the one who cooks." i told him. " sorry i was a bit hungry and so was Niall. i decided to cook." " well thank you Harry. i got a day off of cooking." harry made dinner and called us and we sat down and ate. after we were done i brushed my teeth and floss. i was so tired I still wanted to do something. Liam knocks on my door again. I let him in. " where do we sleep?" i replied"two people could get the couch, one can sleep with me and one could sleep with Poopie and one on the air matress. You guys decide." '' May i sleep with you?" he asked. " as long if you are gonna sleep, im fine." He headed downstairs to tell them where to sleep. i set up the air matress in the living room then laid on my bed being lazy as always. Liam comes in and lies with me. he then started to take his shirt off. " why are you taking off your shirt?" "because this how i sleep." ''oh'' i had clearly see. i started to doze off until he said something. "i really apperciate you having us a lot. It means a lot." " your welcome." and i fell asleep. 


   i really liked Amanda. she was ery nice. i think im actually falling for her.



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