They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


55. Visits

Caitlyn's POV

  Once the knife hit the floor I grabbed my stomach in pain. I heard movement. I looked over to Chloe and she was trying to stand up. She was bleed all over and had glass almost everywhere. Chloe inched her way over and fell to her knees right next to me. Chloe helped me put pressure on the wound to keep it from bleeding. "Ch.. Chloe," I choked out. She looked up at me. Her eyes showed me the pain she was in. "Ple.. please do.. don't giv.. give up," I whispered. Chloe nodded and gave me a small smile. But she stopped when her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I screamed out, not just in pain, but for help. Then I was out like that. Falling into the darkness that now incases me from the rest  of the world. All I can hope is they can save me.


  Liam's POV

  Once I heard the scream, not just any scream though, it was Caitlyn's. I ran up the stairs kicking in the door. The paramedics ran in with stretchers. I stood off to the side. Unable to breath. They looked so.... so broken. The rustling of leaves out side caught my attention making me move to the window. I looked out the broken window to see the police picking Zeke up and hand cuffing him. I turned away from the window to follow the paramedics to the ambulance. Once I got outside I saw Louis hugging Niall. I knew how he felt, this shouldn't of happened. We should have been more careful. I walked over to the lads and sighed. "We need to head to the hospital," I said patting Niall on the back. Niall looked up me and nodded wiping away tears.


  We all piled back into the jeep. Harry drove us quickly to the hospital as we could. Once we ran inside they were still carrying in the girls. As I watched them wheel the girls, I could see Chloe stirring. I quickly ran to Chloe and held her hand as they wheeled her. "Don't worry, Niall is waiting and both you and Caitlyn will be okay," I said squeezing her hand. The paramedics made me let go and I stood there in the hallway. I know they can pull through. I know it. I slowly walked back to the lobby where the rest of the lads sat. "Its okay lads," I said sitting next to Niall. This was going to be a long wait. So we sat there in silence. But I couldn't help, but think, what if I did loose the one person I really loved. I can't though, she is to strong to let go that easily.


  *Few hours later!* I was being shaked rapidly. I opened my eyes to see Louis sighing in relief. "Come on, they are letting us see the girls," Louis said smiling. I nodded and rubbed my eyes. "Where are the others?" I asked. "I told them to go see Chlo, she is partly awake, but is to weak to do anything at all," Louis explained as we walked to Caitlyn's room. As we walked in a nurse was writing things down on her clipboard. She noticed we walked in a greeted us with a smile. "Hello, you must be here for Caitlyn," she said checking Cait's chest bandages. That must be where the most damage came from.  "Yes, is she okay?" I asked. "Yes, but she seems to be in a small coma at the moment, so I would suggest talking to her," the nurse suggested.  I nodded and sat in the chair next to Caitlyn. I grabbed her hand kissing it softly.


   "Hey babe, its me, Liam your boyfriend. See I promised you will be okay, so please be okay," I said looking at her motionless face. She looked so peaceful, though she had a few cuts on her perfect face. I felt Louis put his hand on my shoulder. "Come on Mommy, we need you," Louis said making me smile. I swear even in the bad moments he tries to stay positive. We sat there not knowing what to do. "You know, its crazy how much pain one can cause to another who isn't hurt at all," I said chuckling. "Im confused," Lou said. I sighed, "Seeing Cait hurt, it hurts me just as much knowing I can't help," I said rubbing the back of Caitlyn's hand. "Well, with you right here next to her always, that's enough help you could give her," Louis said squeezing my shoulder.


Niall's POV

   (A/N- Im going back just a bit so yeah) Once the doctor told us we could see the girls, I went for it. I walked quickly to Chloe's room not caring who else came with. When I came up to the room Chloe was in I swear I could barely breath. I took a deep breath and walked inside. When I walked in a nurse was using a syringe to put something in Chlo's arm. Once she finished she cleaned up a few more cuts, then noticed us. "She's getting better, right now she is stable, and half awake," the nurse explained. "What do you mean half awake?" I asked. "She can here you, she can squeeze hands, but she can't talk or barely move," the nurse said grabbing her clip board. She then left making me realize Harry and Zayn came with also. I walked over and sat in the chair next to Chloe's bed. She looked so broken, covered a lot of places with bandages and many cuts. I picked up her hand that wasn't cut and squeezed it gently.


  "Hey babe, its me Niall, your loving boyfriend," I whispered using my other hand to brush her hair back. I then felt her squeeze my hand making me smile. I know she's okay now, but is she mentally? Harry then walked over and I let him hold Chloe's hand so she could respond to him. "Hey Chlo, its me Harry, are you doin okay?" Harry asked. I watched Harry's face and saw him smile. "Good," Harry said patting her hand. He then let Zayn do the same. "Hey Chlo its your Bradford Badboi," Zayn said making Chloe accually smile. He then gave me Chloe's hand back. "Lou and Liam went to see Cait, that's where Zayn and Harry are heading, so Lou will come back and see you," I said rubbing the back of her hand with my thumb. Chloe then began repeatedly squeezing my hand.


  "What is it babe, did you want them to stay?" I asked. She didn't answer. "Is it Lou?" I asked, but still nothing. "Is it Cait?" I asked, and immediately Chloe began squeezing my hand. I didn't know what to say, but thank god Lou came in to save the day. "Hey Lou! Hows Cait?" I asked looking at him then to Chlo. "She's doing just fine, she is stable and currently in a small..." I clasped my hand over his mouth. "Don't upset her," I whispered. Louis nodded and finished by saying. "In a small bed, which she doesn't like," Louis said picking up Chloe's hand. "But don't worry my little Carrot, everything is going to be okay," Louis said, and I knew Chloe squeezed his hand by the look on his face. "So Niall is she able to speak or..." Louis asked. I shook my head. "Though progressively she is getting better," I said looking at Chloe's relaxed features.


   Then door then opened to have the rest of the lads come in. "Hey aren't you lads suppose to be visiting Cait?" I asked. "Yeah, but they are running a few tests," Liam explained walking up to Chloe's side. I gave him her hand and said, "Chloe Liam's here to see you, he is the one holding your hand," I whispered to Chloe. "Hey Chlo," Liam said softly. He smiled brightly, and I knew that it was because of Chloe. We all stood there is peace till the doctor walked in. "Well, Im sorry, but visiting hours are over, and Chloe has a few more tests," The doctor said looking through the papers. The lads said goodbye to Chloe, and as I was about to let go she squeezed really tight. "I will be back tomorrow, I promise," I whispered kissing Chloe's cheek.


  When I walked out of the room the other lads were waiting for me. "Ready?" Liam asked. I nodded sighing, "I hope this is over quickly," I said walking slowly. "Believe it will," Louis said patting me on the back. When we made it the lobby, I swear I was more shocked then seeing Chloe so broken. "What are you doing here?" I spat. The lads just looked at me in disbelief. "You should know." But I didn't....


  NOTE: HIIIII.... SPRING BREAK BABY! Going to the mall today so yeah.... BYE BYE Love you all! ~Chloe ;}

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