They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


4. The City Scene

Caitlyn's POV

We approached the door. I put my hand on the handle but then pulled it back. I did that about three more times. I couldn't decide if I wanted to see them like this or what. Finally I made up my mind... I put my hand on the handle and turned it to the right. I opened the door and there stood the five boys going into their sixth year of fame. The five boys that said they would contact us. The five boys giving us wired looks right now. 

I took a big breath and smiled. I held out my hand for them to shook it. Acting dint fail me now!  "Felicity Felix. How ya feeling?" I asked using the Debbie Dooley voice 


***A/N: if you have seen Good Luck Charlie, Caitlyn is speaking like Debby Dooley. I didn't know how else to say how she was speaking.***


The boys looked confused. Louis shook my hand first. "I'm feeling fine, Felicity Felix." Loud shook my hand. I was shocked at first. He hasn't changed. 

"I'm Charlie Grumbleberry," Chloe said speaking with a New Jersey accent. She smacked her gum... Wait, when did she get gum? She is good with the jersey accent. She does it to annoy me. I am happy she followed my lead. 

"I hate to be mean but why are you boys here?" I asked. I could barely tell it was me. The accent really works.

"We followed someone!" Louis exclaimed. The guys glared at him. 

"Who ya following?" Jersey Chloe asked. She knew it was her but I knew she wanted to know. 

"Ruby," Liam said. 

"No! Chloe," Louis spoke. 

"Lou... We all miss her. Both of them," he nearly whispered the last part.  I wanted to cry right there, tell them that it was us. But I knew I wasn't ready yet. 

"Well, why you following her? It's rude to follow people..." I said getting everyone's attention. 

"But I like to follow people... It's called a following spree," Harry joked. 

"Not what she meant," Chloe snapped. Some Jersey people can be mean. I looked at her and I saw she didn't like this. 

"My turn to ask a question..." Niall started. "Why are you two in this house?" They all looked around. The 70 inch TV, the black leather couches, the  nice expensive furniture. Crap! Why did we have to be famous and rich? Well...

"We're house sitting," I thought of quickly. 'Nice one!' I thought. 

"For who?" Harry asked. They don't give up!

"We're not allows to say. You know privacy," Chloe spoke. They nodded. Hopefully they bought it. They had to go. I am about to break down. 

"I would invite you in but the rules were we can't invite strangers in," I said. I hope that worked. 

"But, don't you know us?" Liam asked. 

"Of course. You're One Direction," Chloe covered. I put my hands behind my back and got out my phone. They didn't notice. I called the home phone and the ringing started. 

"I'm sorry but we must go. Nice meeting you and hopefully we see each other soon!" I said. Chloe waved and shut the door. "Are they gone?" I asked. Chloe paused for a moment. She looked put the window then nodded. I ripped off the wig and glasses, carefully took out the colored contacts and put on MY glasses. I went to the couch and started to cry. Chloe walked over to me and patted my back.

"Let's watch that Batman movie and eat some ice cream!" she exclaimed. She jumped up off the couch. She looked around and next thing I know, she flips over the couch. She jumps up right away then runs to the kitchen. I laugh at that. When she does tricks and things, she doesn't get hurt. But when she does normal things, she gets hurt. I just sit on the couch while Chloe walks in with two bowls of ice cream. She hands me the red bowl and she keeps the orange (figures). She puts in the movie and plops down on the couch. We watch the credits and right when we are about to hit play, the phone rings. We look at each other and Chloe gets it. "Hello?... No, this is Chloe Blaze, photographer and artist, speaking... Yes... Hold on..." she covered the phone. "It's Mark. He wants to know if you are available to come in and shoot a scene. Cody is here." I thought for a sec. It will get my mind off of things. I nodded. She uncovered the phone and spoke. "She said she can..." I held up my hand. She looked over. I held up a number "1" telling her one hour. "She will be there in one hour, and so will I... Ok... ok... Thank you... See you soon!" She hung up and walked over to the flat screen and turned it off. I then went up to get ready.


We arrived at the studio. Everyone was packing up. I noticed Mark and he noticed us.

"Hello Caitlyn and Chloe. I forgot to mention, we are shooting the city scene right now." He turned to me. "Your outfit is in your dressing room. Please hurry and meet us out front," Mark said then walked off. I turned and started walking toward my dressing room. Right before I entered, I noticed Chloe talking to someone... and that someone is the other star of the movie... Cody Simpson.

I got dressed in jean capri's and a bright t-shirt and white TOMS. A nice outfit for the city scene. I walked out and waked to the front. Chloe was taking pictures. She turned to me and I did an awful pose. She took pictures while we both laughed. We walked out and hoped in the Lamb and followed the other cars to the destination for the city scene.

We arrived in the heart of LA. The camera crew started to set up. We had the extras talking to Mark and we pulled up a few cars. The road was blocked off and Chloe stood off to the side taking pictures. I saw the lift they use for the camera. The camera guy called her up for better pictures. Mark then walked over to me.

"Alright. So in this scene, you pretty much know what to do, you see where I'm standing?" he said pointing down. I noticed a little orange strip right under his feet. I nodded. "You are going to start here and run all the way down to there," he pointed to Lulu, who was waving. Running, fun! (note the sarcasm) "There will be a few obsticles in the way. Now at the end, where Lulu is, you will pause for a second to catch your breath. Cody will then tackle you thinking your the other person. Don't worry, the whole area around it will be heavily padded." I nodded. I told him I could do my own stunts. Plus, they couldn't find anyone who looks like me. They promised me there won't be TOO bad of stunts. Mark said that this "tackle" will be my worst.

I got into my position. I looked at Chloe, who gave me a thumbs up. Mark walked off to his director chair and grabbed the megaphone.

"ACTION!" he yelled. I took off running. Jumping over things, dodging people, and weaving in and out through things. I got to the end and caught my breath. "and TACKLE!" Mark screamed. I braced myself and I was soon tackled. "CUT!" Mark yelled. Cody helped me up.

"That was kind of fun!" I said between breaths. Lulu then walked up.

"Ok... Now you need to run through that again minus the tackle." I stared at her with a shocked expression. She walked away. A gulf cart pulled up. I hopped on and they took me to the beginning. I ran through the whole thing again. Then got told to go it AGAIN! I went back to the beginning and ran it again. But this time was differnet. I got to the end and a pain shot through my ankle. I went down, collasped, on the 'tackle' area. People started to crowd around. Chloe was then magically by my side. How'd she get here so fast? I just sat there holding back the tears. Chloe helped me up and walked me over to a bench. I sat down and she left. She came back a little later driving a gulf cart. She got out and helped me in. She then drove down the street to the hospital. Yes, she drove a gulf cart down a LA street in the middle of the day.


We arrived at the hospital and she helped me walk in. We didn't have disguises so we got mobbed. "EVERYONE BACK AWAY!!!" Chloe screamed. Everyone did. She scared me. She got a nurse to take me into a room. She came with, not leaving my side. Such a nice sister! The nurse checked out my ankle.

"It's not broken, I know that." She turned it slightly and I let out a scream. Chloe covered my mouth to quiet me down. The nurse left.

"This will make a nice story," Chloe said. I laughed a bit.

"If this was you, they would make a story about you," I said. Then the doctor walked in.

"Alright, we are going to take some tests."


"Well, you tore your achilles tendon..." the doctor said. "What that?" Chloe asked. "It is a muscle in the ankle. And you, Miss Ray, will need a cast. What color?"    

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