They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


47. Punch in the Face

Chloe's POV

      I watched as Caitlyn stared at the envelope. " Open it," I whispered. Caitlyn nodded and opened the letter.

 Dear Chloe and Caitlyn,

          I realize you think your safe. Just know Im ALWAYS watching. And Chloe will be mine. I know she is still in love with me. Because she is mine. My property and Niall shouldn't touch it. And poor Caitlyn getting in the way. Trust me, Caitlyn dear, you don't want to get in my way.

I ripped the paper from Caitlyn's hand and crumbled it up. " Dick," I whispered shoving the paper in the glove compartment. " Come on, lets forget it and have a good time," I said grabbing Caitlyn's hand. I led here up to the rest of the group. " Find it?" Liam asked. Caitlyn nodded grabbing Liam's hand. Niall looked at me and I smiled poking his cheek. " You are adorable," Niall said pulling me into him. " I know, I know," I said laughing. We finally got in and started walking around. " So hard to choose," I said squeezing Niall's hand and he shrugged. I looked around and saw him. He was here. I quickly turned back around leaning into Niall. " Well I suggest the Superman," Louis said grabbing my other hand pulling me and Niall. We walked over and turned back to see Him with a girl. She was blonde and perky. YUCK.

    As we were waiting in line we were talking about anything till the girl walked up to us. She walked up to Harry and started chatting with him. I ignored it trying to listen to Louis' story about... well i don't really know. Niall nudged me with his shoulder and I looked up at him. I smiled and turned back to Louis. " You alright?" Niall whispered. I nodded and looked at him. " Hey," I heard a pitchy girl voice say. I turned around and the blonde was holding hands with Harry. " Hi," Louis said walking over to my side. " My name is Sandy, or Harry's girlfriend," she said smiling. " When did you meet her?" Louis asked. " At the bar, I have gone to her place a couple of times." Harry said as he pulled her into a hug. Her glare didn't leave me once though. We were finally at the front of the line and and got into the front seat. Louis, Me, and Nialler. " Ready?" Niall asked grabbing my hand. I nodded as the ride started going. " Here we go," Louis yelled.

     Once we got off the ride Louis dragged me away from Niall to look at the pictures. all three of us making duck faces with peace signs. I laughed and said, " We look so good." Niall trotted over and Louis payed for the pictures. " CHLOE!" I heard someone yell. I turned and Caitlyn ran up to me jumping on my back. " Woah!" I said trying to balance. " Im proud of you," She said smiling. " Why?" I asked confused. " You didn't scream once," Caitlyn said getting off my back. I laughed as harry and his slut walked up to us. " Chloe you mind showing Sandy where the bathroom is since you have been here?" Harry asked me. " Sure Chloe would, I have to go to," Cait said not letting me talke. Caitlyn grabbed my hand and we all began walking to the bathroom. We got there and Caitlyn and Sandy walked in. I stood outside leaning against a light post. I heard the door open and Sandy was walking out. " Geez pee quick enough," I said standing up straight. She laughed and walked over to me. " Look I know everything, and Im helping him," She whispered in my ear.

    I gave her a look then punched her and watched as she held her nose. I looked at my fist then back at her. I smirked and put my hand on my hip. " Look sweety Im not going to give," She shook her head then began to laugh. I cocked my head and then A hand was over my mouth. I took a deep breath and donkey kicked the person. I ran into the bathroom and Cait was washing her hands. She looked at me and ran over to me. " Chloe what happened?" Caitlyn asked frantically. I shook my head. " Stay," I said then ran out. Sandy was gone, but He was on the ground slowly getting up. " Zeke go away," I said walking closer. He stood up and laughed. " Im not going that easy babe, Sandy is going to watch, and no one will believe you that she is helping me," Zeke then walked away. Then I heard the bathroom door open. Caitlyn ran over to me and asked," What happened," I shook my head. " Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me," I said walking over to where the boys told us to meet them. " Chlo tell me," Caitlyn urged.


Caitlyn's POV

 " Sandy is working for Zeke," Chloe said turning around stopping completely. I stood there and thought she maybe right, but part of me didn't believe her. " well... did you asked her?" I asked slowly. Chloe grunted throwing her arms to her side walking away. I took a deep breath and followed. The lads were waiting, except Sandy and Harry where gone. Chloe walked up and Niall asked quickly. " Why did you punch Sandy?" Chloe looked at them all and said, " She is working for Zeke," Chloe said but Niall shook his head. She grunted, " Why doesn't anyone believe me!" Chloe yelled then walked away pulling her phone out to call someone. " I want to believe her," Niall whispered. " I think she is telling the truth, if Chloe lies... she smiles and she wasn't this time," I said watching Chloe continue to walk.

   " Well if we ask Sandy she will denie it," Liam said making a good point. I nodded and looked around. " I wouldn't know," I said looking at Niall. He sighed and we continued on through the day. ~After long day~ After we rode our last ride we began walking out to the van. We noticed someone on the hood of the van. We walked closer not expecting that person to be sitting there. The person we wouldn't expect to see for a while. The one person we all know to surprise us.


NOTE: Sorry short chapter. Losing my voice and I have writers block. Sucks. Well Superbowl.. Ya Buddy... GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!

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