They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


37. Poem and Pictures

Chloe's POV

It was a letter from fucking Zeke. UGH I opened it, and I know Caitlyn was staring at me while I opened it.

Roses are red, Violets are blue,

You are beautiful, but need to be smarter to,

You see im not done, Im still after you

Our love will live, but will you?

I almosted cried and showed Cait the poem. She gasped. I sat down. " What the hell," I whispered. " Don't worry, you will live," Cait said, but I knew she was more worried now. I stood up and trotted to the living room. " Liam, I saw it all. Caitlyn loves you not him, its for plablisity, blah blah, accident she slipped and he caught her, blah  blah, go tell her its all okay," I said then sat down changing the channel to Chicago Bears vs Washington Red Skins. Sweet.

" blah blah blah," Niall said laughing sitting down next to me. I nodded, " Well, he should already trust her, and Cait shouldn't worry so much." I said as the Bears scored a touchdown. Niall nodded. Harry and Zayn sat down on the couch. " Soooo now what," I shrugged. We have to go soon," I said looking up at Niall. He smiled and gave me a peck on the lips.

As the game finished, of course Bears won, I stood up to pack my camera supplies up. I went to my room and searched for extra batteries. " Hm," I mumbled to myself. I heard someone walk in. I turned around and Caitlyn stood in the door way smiling. " Blah blah blah," she said laughing. I shrugged. " Help me find more camera batteries." Caitlyn walked in and we looked everywhere.

" Well, lets head to the store and then go to the movie shoot," Cait said walking towards the door. I nodded and grabbed my coat and camera case. We walked into the living room. " C'mon we have to stop by the store first," Cait said and everyone else grabbed their coats. " OKAY MOM," I said walking towards the door.

We drove to walmart singing to the radio, probably ruining everysong haha. We arrived at walked and walked in casually. I found my camera batteries, but wanted to also get some more picture frames.  As I was looking someone slipped there arms around my waist. I turned and Niall had a cheeky smile. I smiled and picked out a few frames. " I am just getting a few extra so I can make gifts for when the family visits." I said smiling.

" Well, can I help make them," Niall asked as I handed him some frames. I nodded. We walked around walmart and looked for the rest of the group. We walked down by the toy section. We found Louis, Harry, and Zayn playing with toy swords. I laughed. " Boys c'mon. Grab enough swords fro everyone and I will pay." I said and the boys cheered like little kids. I laughed.

I walked around looking for Caitlyn and Liam. I found them looking at candles. Weird. " Lets go my pimps," I said walking past them. " Calm down Chlo, we are picking out candles for the family." Caitlyn said picking up to candles. Really candles. I nodded and walked back to Niall.

Caitlyn's POV

Me and Liam looked a different candles. I know mom and dad would like some for the house. Chloe walked back to  Niall as I picked up one more. " Okay im ready." I said. We payed for the items and got back into the van. Harry drove us over to the shoot.

As they set up for the next scene Chloe was looking through photos. I walked up to her, " Whatchya doing Chlo," I asked looking over her shoulder. " Makin presents for the fam." she said continuing to flip through the pictures. She stopped on one from two years ago. " I like that one," I said smiling.

Chloe just nodded. " Look Zeke isn't to hurt you," I said putting my hand on her shoulder. " If not me someone else will," she said looking at me. I sighed, " You will be okay," I whispered. " NO, he is going to kill me," she choked up. I shook my head. " Stop thinking that," I said annoyed.

Chloe walked over to the snack table as I walked back to the set. I still had the poem from Zeke. I quickly made my way to Niall. " yeah Cait?" he asked. I handed him the poem. " Zeke put this on our window." I whispered. Niall read the poem and looked at me shocked. I nodded.

" No," Niall whispered. "Chloe believe she is going to get killed," I said feeling like each word was like a knife thrown at me. " No cause I will protect her," Niall said shoving the poem in his pocket. " good to hear that Nialler," I said then walked back to the set. Cody arrived. Ugh I do NOT want to deal with him.


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