They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


60. Paparazzi

Liam's POV

I looked at all the lads and they all nodded in agreement. I looked at all of them and some were looking at Chloe and some were looking at Caitlyn. They kept switching between the two, as if they would jump up and run out of the room.

"I have something to show you guys," I said smiling. Louis, Harry, and Zayn looked at me confused while Niall smirked. I walked over to Cait's bed and signaled them to come over. They all hesitantly walked over. I held Caitlyn's hand and kissed her forehead. "Hey babe! The rest of the lads are here. Show them what you can do," I whispered to her. I glanced at the lads and they looked confused.

"Liam, what's..." Louis started. I cut him off by grabbing his arm and pulled him toward me. I took my hand out of Cait's and placed hers in Louis's. I smiled. I looked over at Niall and he was laughing a bit.

"Babe, Louis has your hand," I told her. I just looked at her, then Louis. I kept my eyes on Louis. His face soon brightened. He had a big smile on his face.

"When?!" he practically yelled. Harry and Zayn looked at him confused. Louis did the same thing I did to him to Harry. Harry's reaction was the same as Louis's. Harry did the same thing to Zayn.

"Last night. I couldn't sleep and I heard a moan. It wasn't Niall or Chloe cause they were fast asleep. I saw Cait turn her head and got Rachel. She said that Caitlyn is in the same state as Chloe was when we first saw her," I said smiling through the whole explanation. I am happy she woke up and so soon! She might be able to help Chloe... Oh who am I kidding. She WILL be able to help Chloe.

"And we are hoping she will be better in time to be Chloe's donor. I mean you all heard what Rachel said," Niall told us. We all nodded. Rachel walked in.

"How are the girls?" she asked doing a quick check-up on the girls. She walked up to Chloe and checked on her. Then she walked over to Caitlyn. She held her hand and I believe Cait squeezed it. "They both are doing quite well. If it is ok with the doctor, we will find some medicine to try to give her some strength. I can tell how much these girls mean to you boys and I am willing to do whatever I can to help you boys out," she smiled. I looked at the lads and they all smiled. Harry got up and hugged Rachel. Soon, we all did.

"Boys!" a familiar voice called. We all released Rachel and looked over at the doorway to see Paul.

"PAUL!" we all yelled then ran up to him. He laughed a bit at our childish behavior then got serious.

"Boys, we have a bit of a problem..." he started. We all backed away from Paul. He took a deep breath. "It's the paparazzi."

"Enough said," Zayn said sternly. "We know how the paps can be," he finished.

"What's being said?" Harry asked. He sounded a tab bit scared.

"Well, they are saying that Liam, Niall, or both are the ones in the hospital... One of you died... The girls died... Caitlyn and Chloe killed the attacker... And Cody Simpson is getting a TON of hate because he hasn't visited his "girlfriend" yet. His agent contacted me and asked me to tell you boys that," Paul finished. We all sat there in shock. I looked over at Caitlyn and she was asleep, same goes for Chloe.

"So many rumors," Harry mumbled.

"Why are the paps so stupid!?!" Louis yelled. I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down. Louis took a deep breath and sat down.

"The paparazzi are getting WAY out of control down there," Rachel said walking into the room. "They are going mad. We had to call down a lot of security and they can't hold them all off. We had to call the cops. But that isn't stopping them. They are sitting outside, waiting for you boys."

"And the truth..." Niall mumbled. We all looked at him. "What? It's true."

"But if we tell them the truth they will distort it into something bad," I mumbled.

"Look, if we have to I will schedule you boys a 'Tell All Interview,'" Paul said sighing. It just might be me, but I honestly can't handle a 'Tell All Interview' now or anytime soon. I need to be here, and so do the rest of the lads.

"Boys," Rachel called. We all looked at her. She looked at everyone and then noticed Paul. "Oh sorry. Where are my manners. My name is Rachel. I am the girls' nurse," she smiled.

"Paul. I am the boys body guard," he informed her.

"And babysitter!" Louis cheered. We all laughed at him. 

"Anyways. If I may, the doctor wants to run a few tests," she told us.

"No..." Harry smirked. Rachel looked at him surprised.

"I'm sorry?" she asked confused.

"You may not," Niall joked. Rachel smiled. She knew they were joking. Niall laughed. "Sure Rachel," he said then gave Chloe a quick kiss on the forehead and started walking out. I gave Caitlyn and quick kiss as well and walked out. We were all talking when we saw some flashes coming from the elevator. We looked around the corner and there were the paparazzi.

"COME ON!" Louis yelled. Paul went to chase them away. We all stayed around the corner so they wouldn't see us.

"They just give up!" Zayn yelled.

"Should we at least show them that none of us are hurt or dead?" Harry asked. We all thought for a moment.

"I guess we should," I shrugged. Harry and Louis smirked. They are plotting something. After about a minute, Harry and Louis were gone. I looked around and I couldn't find them. We are either going to regret their actions or join in.

"Do you hear that?" Niall asked. Zayn and I shut up for a moment to listen. I heard faint screaming, although these scream sounded like the two children of One Direction. Next thing you know, Louis and Harry come running down the hall, jumped in one of the hospital carts (nothing on it) and rode down the hall... Towards Paul and the paparazzi. Zayn, Niall, and I jumped out from our hiding spot and ran after them. We stopped when we saw Paul attempt to stop the cart, but it didn't really end well. Louis and Harry ended up flying off the cart and the paparazzi seemed a bit scared. They fled back to the lobby. Harry and Louis high-fived. Throughout that whole scene, the paparazzi were snapping away on the cameras.

"Excellent show boys!" a doctor told them. We all looked at him. "Sorry, Dr. Collins, I am Caitlyn and Chloe's doctor," he said shaking our hands, then turned his attention back to Harry and Louis. "Again, gtreat show. I have to say, you all are one big happy family!" he laughed then walked off.

"FAMILY!" Niall shouted.

"CHAIR!" Louis shouted. We all looked at him. "I don't get this game..." he told us still laying on the floor. We all laughed at him.

"Family," Niall repeated. "Let's see if they can fly in," he said kind of happy.

"They left only a few days ago," I told him. He shrugged. Harry walked up to Niall and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Don't you think we thought of that?" Harry asked him. Niall looked at him.

"Their parents called last night," Zayn said avoiding mine and Niall's gaze.

"It was hard lying to them," Louis said. Niall and I looked at him. "We couldn't just say 'Hey your daughters could die here in a few days!'" Louis yelled. His happy, energetic, cheerful mood left the building. Niall and I turned away from the other lads. "Niall, Liam... It's not- I didn't-" Louis started. I shook my head.

"Ah boys!" Paul called us. He was pointing to Rachel who was running toward us. I couldn't tell if she had good news or bad.

"Hey! Ok... The doctor just checked on the girls. It was up to him to give Caitlyn the medicine to give her some more strength because, I hate to say, she has gotten weaker. And she won't be getting any stronger any time soon," she told us. My head snapped up to her. Worried all over my face. I think I was starting to shake a bit. I looked at Niall and he did too. Because, if Caitlyn gets weaker... Lets just say one or two girls won't be in our life any longer.

"What did the doctor say?" Paul asked.

"Well, Dr. Collins said..."

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