They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


2. Only Lou Knows

Chloe's POV
As Caitlyn strummed on her guitar I tried drawing the little ducks by the pond. I took a few pictures then started to draw.
" do you think they miss us," I asked Caitlyn
"if they remember us," Caitlyn whispered. I nodded. Why. How did we loose contact. Sometimes I wish we never met them but I would have hated that.
" could we visit our house in London," I asked looking at Caitlyn. She shrugged.
"you know I'm shooting a movie." she said sadly. I sighed. I know we still have that house. Our mom is paying for one here. But it's not the same. I know Cait wanted this and I would do anything for my sister. My thoughts where interrupter by.
"KEVIN" I heard a girl voice scream. Me and Caitlyn looked over and saw a girl run towards a pigeon. Aww Directioner. I smiled.
" mini Directioner" Caitlyn laughed.
"She is wearin a shirt with there faces on it, she got swag." I said making Caitlyn laugh more. I smiled knowing I can still make her smile. Though both of us still feel the pain after 4 years. I know it must really suck for Cait cause that was her first boyfriend. Niall was my first nice boyfriend. We packed up our stuff and hopped in our Lamborgini.
when we arrived to our house I ran upstairs to quickly hang up my duck picture.
" Perfect," I whispered. I made sure Cait was watching her daily gosip show then I reached under my bed and grabbed my secret jumbo sketch book. I opened to a picture I have been working on for Caitlyn's b-day. A master piece of Caitlyn lettin go a firefly with Liam's arms wrapped from behind her. I usually don't add color but this time I did. And sometimes I will flip to a picture I drew of me and Niall laying on a blanket with my head on his chest. I finished coloring both Liam's and Caitlyn's eyes. I smiled and Cait called me yelling quickly. I closed my sketch book sliding it under my bed. I stood up and stretched. I ran down stairs and saw Caitlyn was watching the gossip channel. Extra.
'Harry Styles dating pop model'
' One Direction In Southern California'
I sighed. Fabulous. We moved to California with my mom and this is what happens. I have things to get done anyways. I grabbed my coat and next thing I know
" Where are you going Chlo," Caitlyn asked.
I turned around on my heals.
"Party store. We need decorations for your party. Coming?" I asked. She nodded turning the tv off and grabbing her coat. Just got to keep on a down low. We put our beanies on and sun glasses. Cait's b-day is BIG because I invited alot of famous people. This will be huge!
We drove over to Party City. We decided Batman. Reminds me of Liam and Cait. I smiled and I walked over to the pinyatas and tried reaching for a Batman shaped one while Caitlyn looked for decorations. I couldn't reach it. I stopped reaching and sighed. I don't wanna be tall, but times like these make me want to be taller.
"let me help you," a British voice said. I watched as he reached up and grabbed the Batman symbol shaped. He handed me the pinyata and smiled. " I like batman to," he said sweetly. Liam. I nodded and said.
" Thank you." I was about to walk away but he stopped me. He grabbed my wrist and spun me around.
" you look familiar," he said trying to look in my eyes through my sunglasses. I shook my head.
" Names Ruby, bye now," I said getting out of his grip finding Caitlyn.
"Let's go," I said. We payed for our items and left. No hesitation.
" what was that carrot," Caitlyn said going through the bags. While I drove home.
" I saw him," I whispered concentrating on the road.
"who," She asked as she pulled out the pinyata.
"Liam," I whispered. " I don't know why I was scared. But I thought it would he better for them not to know we are here," I said taking a right.
" but is it," Caitlyn asked as we pulled into our drive way.
" well I have to do something." I said looking at her turning off the car for a moment. She nodded. We went into the house and I grabbed my sketch pad and camera. Time to relax, yet work on Cait's present!
I sat in my usual spot behind a shady tree near the lakes edge. Nobody usually comes here. I continued on my picture of Caitlyn and Liam. I smiled continueing my picture. I thought she would love it but was interrupted but a scream.
"Louis Tomlinson get over here," I heard the British voice again. I started to panick. I wasn't wearing my disguise. I took it off and put it in my bag. I quickly hid my face with my sketch pad as Lou came up to me.
" are you okay miss," louis asked. How polite he is. I nodded getting up.
" fine," I said getting up still hiding my face. But my sketch pad was taken away from me. I hid my face with my hands quickly. I want them to know, yet what would Caitlyn say. Would she want this. I don't want to upset her. I love my sister. Maybe we can see them another time.
" how do you know these people." he angrliy asked gettig closer. I took a step back.
" who," I asked. He took another step.
" Caitlyn and Liam. And Niall and Chloe. What do you know about Chloe and Caitlyn. Do you know them," he asked flipping the page. I removed my hands.
" just do." I said smiling. His jaw dropped.
"Chlo." he whispered. I took my beanie, sunglasses, and over sized sweatshirt and put them on.
" Now I'm Ruby. Please Lou," I said smiling hoping he would understand.
" Chloe," he yelled hugging me tight. The rest of the boys came running over.
" Hi Ruby," Liam said waving. I waved back.
" No this is Chloe" Louis said pointing at me.
" Lou I miss her to," Niall said sadly. Awww.
Louis handed them my sketch pad.
" Ruby you know Chloe and Caitlyn." Niall asked. Play it cool. I nodded. " Can you take us to them," he asked. I slung my bag on my shoulder, snatched my sketch pad and ran.
"RUBY," Liam yelled. I let tears fall. I forgot where  I parked. I stopped for just one moment and BAM. I'm tackled. My glasses and beanies fly off. I took my hands and hid my face.
" Okay Ruby I'm sorry but spill " Liam said a bit angry. I just let the tears flow. " please don't cry," he said trying to move my hands. I shook my head. I heard the rest of the boys. Oh god I'm stuck. Liam was much stronger and removed my hands. I turned my head and grabbed my glasses sliding them on fast. " Ruby spill it," Liam was getting angry.  I opened my mouth but nothing. I grabbed my sketch pad and bag and tried to run but Niall got me. I just cried. He just cocked his head.
"please.. Let me go" I whispered. Niall sat me down and I looked at them all. I smiled but then it faded.
" Ruby you can tell us." Niall whispered as he had his hands on my shoulder. I shook my head. He gave me a quick hug. I missed Horan Hugs. When he let me go I ran like mad. I found my car and was outie. I couldn't. They probably didn't even really care. Not any more. I know only Lou knows, but I need to make sure Caitlyn wants this or is okay with this.
I ran inside setting everything on the table. I then just fell to the floor. Caitlyn ran in.
" Chloe what happened." she asked bending down.
" Louis knows. They are looking for us Cait." I whispered. Then there was a knock.
" Don't, they probably don't really care. They must of moved on." I whispered. Caitlyn nodded. " But do you want to see them." I asked getting up. She took a bit. I looked through the peep hole. It's them. They followed me. Damn. I looked back at Cait and tears where going down. She needs a bit of time. I know she's older but I can make decisions to. I locked the door and took Cait's hand.
"what are we doing," She asked.
" Batman movie and ice cream," I said taking her to the kitchen. Home made sundaes. 2 days till her birthday. I went to the fridge but the knocking wouldn't stop. I looked at her ad we ran to get wigs and glasses. Time for disguises. Caitlyn: blonde straight wig, purple glasses, blue eyes
Chloe: black straight hair, green glasses, green eyes.
" ready," I said. We approached the door. They don't know about there true summer loves. And may never. But I don't know. I can't see the future.


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