They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


42. New Additions to the Family

Caitlyn's POV

We all sat around the table and counter. Chloe and I sat at the counter. Louis and Harry went downstairs to get our extra folding table. Josh and Johnny went down to help bring up some chairs. Everyone else talked while we waited. Harry and Louis walked up with the extra table and they were smirking. Josh and Johnny came up with the chairs laughing their heads off. We all looked at them. Josh and Johnny tried to stop laughing, but failed horribly! Louis and Harry looked at each other. Liam went to set up the table because Harry and Louis were having a bit of a hard time. Harry then walked away. It was so good to be together again! Chloe and I were sitting on the bar stools, watching Liam and Louis try to open the table. Dad even had to help. You know... I don't think we all know each others' names yet...

"BOO!" someone screamed behind Chloe. She jumped and fell off the stool. She grabbed my arm for support, only to be taken down with her. We both fell off our stool with a thud.

"JOSHUA!" Mom screamed. Chloe and I were currently lying on our backs on the floor. I opened my eyes to see Liam looking worried at me. Niall was the same with Chloe. My breathing quickened. Great... Liam must have took notice.

"Calm down babe," Liam soothed. I took a quick look at Niall and Chloe. Chloe didn't look well... HER STITCHES! I sat up, with the help of Liam, and crawled over to Chloe.

"You ok?" I asked worried. Chloe just slightly nodded and sat up. Niall quickly picked her up, not even caring that the family was here. She laughed a bit. Niall kissed her cheek then set her down. Louis then ran up to Chloe and quickly threw her over his shoulder.

"SUPERMAN!" Louis screamed, then he was off. The lads started to laugh while the family had a look of confusion. Liam helped me up and I limped back to my stool. Liam didn't allow that. He picked me up and carried me to his chair and brought me some ice. Niall went upstairs to retrieve Chloe.

"What happened?!" my mom asked worried. Dad glared at Josh then Josh ran into the living room.

"Relax. I'm fine. A little accident on set a while back," I said placing the ice on my ankle. They all looked at me. I sighed. "One of my scenes I had to do was run down the streets of Hollywood. I ran it like three times with no breaks. I tore my achilles tendon. Got to wear a brace. But don't worry, Liam here has helped me probably the most... Besides Chloe." They all nodded. Then Niall walks in carrying Chloe. He sat her down and we decided to eat. We also decided to introduce each while eating.

~~~~~after dinner~~~~~

Chloe and I started to clean off the table but the lads decided to. They told us, all of us, to go relax and catch up. They are so sweet. They wouldn't let us enter the kitchen. If we needed something, they would bring it out to us.

"They are such nice boys!" Haley exclaimed. Nate just looked at her. She smiled and kissed him.

"MY EYES!" Chloe screamed and covered her eyes. We all laughed and Nate and Haley pulled away. I shook my head at her and she just smiled. The lads walked back in. Zayn walked right past and went to a guest room. I noticed he was soaking wet. The rest of the lads walked in laughing. "What happened?" Chloe asked. They all busted out laughing.

"These two decided to have a little water fight. But don't worry, it's cleaned up," Niall reasurred. We all nodded.

"Hey, Liam and Niall?" our dad asked. They looked at him. "Mind helping me with some luggage? Maybe all of you boys? I would ask the others but..." he pointed to our brothers passed out on the couch. The lads nodded and walked out. Zayn came down and walked right out. Haley and my mom looked excited. Chloe was slowly falling asleep on my shoulder. Poor girl... I started to drift off also, but the front door opened. Dad walked in with a few bags of luggage. He set them by the door and walked back out. Niall walked up to us. He grabbed our hands and pulled us up, well tried to.

"Come on you two. We have a surprise for you." Chloe groaned. Niall decided to pick her up and carry her out to wherever. Haley came with. Niall lead us to the little room/porch that was off of the kitchen. It was an inside porch, like a sun room. We walked out and Niall set Chloe down. Our dad walked in behind us and threw his arms around us. He had the biggest smile in plastered across his face. Niall went to join the rest of the lads who had their backs turned to us. Haley went to open the porch door and Ariel, our other collie, walked in. I bent down and hugged her. Same as Chloe. Ariel licked our faces then walked over to the boys. Chloe and I wiped our faces. "You excited?" our dad asked. Chloe and I looked at each other. "Well, Ariel was recently pregnant..." he started. Chloe's face brightened. Niall and Liam walked up to Chloe and I and smiled. They decided to take out whatever was behind their back. Chloe's eyes widened and so did mine. Liam and Niall each handed Chloe and I a newborn pup. "Oh boys, and Haley. You all can name one. Chloe and Caitlyn, those two are yours to keep." Chloe and I both looked at him with smiles that were meant for a five year old. We held the puppies close. We were so happy! "We will come back in six to eight weeks. That is when they can leave the mother. But you knew that. So what is it's gender and what is it's name?"

Chloe looked down at her pup. "Mine's a boy and I am naming him... Ollie!" I looked at mine. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! Gosh I am such a girl.

"Mine is a girl! And her name shall be... Joy," I said.

"Alright boys, and Haley. Name a pup!" dad cheered.

"The one I have is a boy and his name shall be Carrot!" Guess who said that? Louis did. We all laughed and he played with the puppy.

"Mine's a girl. And her name shall be Molly," Harry said.

"Girl. And this puppies name will be Candy!" Niall exclaimed. We all laughed at his name.

"I wonder why you picked that name..." Chloe told him, while walking over to him. She pecked his cheek and he wrapped his arms around her, still holding the little pup.

"This puppy is a boy and his name will be Patchi," Zayn said.

"The one I have is a girl and her name will be Brit," Liam said. Last up was Haley. We all looked at her. She was holding the last puppy.

"Don't stare... I have a boy and his name will be Juju," she laughed.

"Alright put the puppies back with their mother," Dad said. Pedro then walked out and walked over to Ariel. He layed down beside her. We all "awed" at them. One by one we set the pups down by Ariel and backed away. Each puppy had something different about them. In about six to eight weeks, we are going to have new aditions to this family.



NOTE: Hey readers! So some of you might be wondering about the comments between Chloe and one of our readers (springs22), it's inside joke. Sorry about that. But it was a funny moment. I missed it, of course. The one day I wasn't at lunch, my friends start an inside joke that will live forever amoung us. OH! And I found a picture of a Collie litter and that will be like the one in the story... Ok, it was too long. So just search "collie newborn puppies" and yeah. Anyways like, comment, favourite? BYE!

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