They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


57. Moving Rooms

Niall's POV

  We sat there silently and the nurse sighed. "You guys must understand, I know its hard, but with what we have seen, these girls are miracles," the nurse explained. We nodded and she smiled. "Now would you like to go and see Chloe?" she asked. She didn't even need to ask. I hopped up and walked calmly into the room. Chloe had her eyes closed facing the ceiling. "Chloe?" I whispered sitting next to her. She opened her eyes and slowly turned her head. "Hey babe," I said rubbing her hand. She opened her mouth, but closed it frowning. "Its okay babe," I whispered. She smiled and turned her head slowly and back. She then gave me a confused look. "Oh, the other lads, must have went to see Cait," I explained. She smiled.


  "Also later today we move you and Cait into new rooms, AND me and Liam will be staying the night," I said kissing her hand. I swear I haven't seen Chloe smile that big for a while. I was about to say something, but the nurse walked in. "Okay well we have to move the girls now, so have you found your donor?" the nurse asked walking in with two doctors. "Yes.... I will," I said bravely. "Well, we have to check your blood type," the nurse said unplugging things and unhooking things. I nodded and I turned to see Chloe upset. "Babe, I will be fine, I need you to live," I said kissing her cheek. She just gave me a week smiled and I walked out the room letting the nurse and doctors do there job.


   I began walking to Caitlyn's room hoping to find the lads, and I did thankfully. "Hey lads," I said waving to them. They looked up at me and smiled. I trotted over and asked, "They movin Cait?" The lads just nodded. "Oh and Im going to be Chloe's donor," I said proudly. "You sure mate?" Zayn asked. I nodded and sat next to him. "I know its the right thing to do," I said patting his leg. Zayn shrugged and leaned back. We waited for a bit till we heard running. I looked down the hallway to see the nurse and doctors wheeling Chloe quickly. I stood up and watched as the zoomed by. Chloe's eyes were shut. I began to panic, but I felt an arm on my shoulder. I looked to see Liam, he gave me a supporting smile. We then waited and another set of nurse and doctors wheeled Caitlyn to the same room.


   We all stood and made our way to the room. I peeped my head in and I saw the nurse quickly hooking Chloe up, as if she died. I refused to believe so. I just pulled my head out sighing. "Lets just wait," I said walking a bit away. "You know she is okay," Harry said walking my way. I turned around. "I know, but haven't you ever thought, maybe sometimes they can't help them," I said running my hand through my hair. "Niall, mate come on, I know your worried," Harry said patting my back. We stood there for a moment before the nurses and doctors walked out. Chloe's nurse walked up to me. "Sorry about that, we had to make sure she wasn't unhooked for to long," the nurse explained taking her gloves off. I nodded, "Are we aloud to go in?" I asked. The nurse nodded and walked away. I walked back with the lads and we walked in. Liam stood closely to Caitlyn holding her hand as if it was his life line.


   I smiled and walked over to Chloe. She tried  her best to make contact with the other lads. When she saw me walking her way she smiled brightly. I stood next to her bed and held her hand. "You know its funny, her trying to explain things with out speaking," Louis said smiling. Chloe just stuck her tongue out. I sat down next to her bed and we all sat there talking with Chloe. But I couldn't help, but take glances at Liam and Cait. "I will be right back," I said squeezing Chloe's hand. I stood up and walked over to Liam. "You alright?" I asked. Liam just looked up at me and smiled, "Yeah, I just miss Caitlyn talking to me," Liam said sighing. "Hey just think all she needs to do is pull out of this small coma,"  I said patting his shoulder. "Does Chloe know?" Liam asked. I looked over to see her smiling. "No," I whispered.



 Liam's POV


  "No," Niall whispered. I nodded and turned back to Caitlyn. "You know she's gonna have to know soon," I said still looking at Caitlyn. "but she looks so happy," Niall said making look over to Chloe. She was smiling trying her best to interact with the others. I smiled and looked back to Caitlyn. "If we can, try not to bring it up," I said sighing. Liam just sat on the other side of Caitlyn's bed. "Trust me," Niall said smiling. "This is going to be all over before we know it." I nodded and snapped my head towards the door as a nurse walked in. "Niall, please come with me so we can test your blood," the nurse asked walking over. Niall stood up and followed her out the room. I turned to Cait. "Niall is going to see if he can donate blood to Chloe," I explained to Caitlyn, even though she couldn't answer me.


  "And you have one kidney, just like I use to," I said chuckling. "So now we wait for you to come out of this small coma," I said squeezing her hand. I sat there for a moment before standing. "Im going to go visit Chloe and tell you how she is doing, don't worry though, me and Niall are staying the night," I said giving her hand one last squeeze before releasing it. I slowly walked over to Chloe and she just gave me a big smile. "Hey Chloe," I said squeezing her hand. She just nodded and pointed towards Caitlyn's direction. I looked back and turned to Chloe. "She's asleep, but she is just fine, though she lost a kidney," I explained sitting down. I then saw Chloe's face turn to a sad expression. "Its fine, she's fine," I said smiling. Chloe just nodded and closed her eyes.


  "Tierd?" I asked. She just nodded and opened her eyes. Chloe pointed towards the door making me confused. "Niall?" I heard Louis ask. Chloe pointed at Louis and her nose. "He will be back soon, just get some rest," I said smiling. Chloe nodded closing her eyes. The other lads said goodbye and made there way out. Once they all left Niall walked in looking around. "You alright?" I asked. "Yeah Im fine," Niall said walking towards me. "Is Chloe..." Niall began to ask. "Sleeping, and Cait, still hasn't awaken yet," I explained. "I see," Niall said sitting down. "So what did you find out?" I asked Niall. He just gave me a confused look. "About your blood type, are you able to help Chloe?" I asked more specific.

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