They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


44. Memories

Caitlyn's POV

I watched Chloe swag walk in and out of rooms. She seemed to be having fun. Harry even joined in. Niall did too. His swag walk was "ok" but I couldn't help but laugh because of the wig and everything. I kept watching them when I felt something cold smush against my face. I turned my head to see someone running. I couldn't tell who. I smell bananas...

"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!" Liam yelled. Chloe, Harry, and Niall all froze in their place and looked at Liam. Louis peered his head around the corner from the stairs. I stood in my place, not knowing what to do at the moment. Louis then ran back downstairs. Niall, Chloe, and Harry continued to swag walk around the house. Liam went after Louis. Zayn... I think he is still sleeping. I walked to my room and decided to get ready. But first, I am going to wipe of the smushed banana on my face. I had about half an hour to get ready. Plenty of time. I went to the bathroom and took a shower.

After my shower, I realised I forgot to get some clothes. I wrapped a towel around me. I opened the bathroom door slightly and peeked into my bedroom. No one was in there. I walked in and went to my closet. I decided to go with a classic look. I got my clothes and when I turned around I screamed.

"WHAT THE HECK HARRY!" I screamed. Harry went wide eyed. Liam and Chloe ran into the room followed by Niall. I screamed again. "GO AWAY!" I screamed. Everyone ran out. What a nice way to start the morning... I got changed and did my hair and brushed my teeth. I walked out and went downstairs. I checked the time while I was at it. 6:49. Plenty of time. I walked into the kitchen where everyone was. I glared at everyone. They all looked scared. Chloe hid under the table. I walked right past and out to the porch. Ariel was nursing her pups with Pedro right by her side. Pedro walked up to me and sat down, still keeping an eye on Ariel and the pups. I walked over to the puppies and sat down. Chloe then walked outside. She gave me a smile and went to sit on the other side of Ariel. She took her pup and cradled it. I picked up mine and held it. The lads walked out.

"Hey I got a text from dad," Chloe said to me. "He said he is going to be a little late. Now I can take a nap," she said as she started to lay back. Niall walked up to her and tickled her. "NIALL STOP! I have a puppy in my hands!" she screamed. Liam came up and took the puppy out of her hands and sat in a chair. Niall continued to tickle Chloe. Chloe's phone then rang. I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello Chloe!" someone said.

"Uh, this is Caitlyn..."

"Oh good! Sorry, it's Mark. Can you and the boys come in today?"

"I don't know if I can. The family is over. But I think the lads can."

"Oh then if the family is over, don't come."

"No I can try. I missed enough days already."

"Well, I got to go. See you later, maybe." Mark then hung up. I then realised Niall stopped tickling Chloe and everyone had a pup.

"Who was it?" Harry asked. I rolled my eyes at him. Again, a great way to start the morning...

"Mark. He wanted to know if we can come in today," I said shrugging.

"Why didn't he call your phone?" Zayn asked. Wait, when did he wake up?

"I can't find my phone," I stated. They all shrugged and continued to play with the puppies they got to name. Louis stopped playing with the puppy he had and looked at Chloe and I. "May I help you?" I asked.

"I have always wondered this..." Louis paused. "I know your parents married each other so I ask... How did you two meet?"


Chloe's POV (13 years ago)

I woke up to someone poking me. I did what I always do... slap whoever it was. I tried but they caught my arm. I felt my bed being lifted up and I was soon on the floor. I groaned then peeked over the bed to see my big brothers. They all had goofy grins on their faces. I noticed Tyler and Nate were holding something behind their backs. Johnny went and sat on my bed and my younger brother Josh walked in holding my dad's hand. I sat on the floor confused. Matt came over and picked me up.

"Gosh! You're strong for a 14 year old," I laughed at him.

"And you're light for an 8 year old..." he laughed back. Matt set me on my bed and all my brothers sat around me. "SURPRISE!" they all yelled. I was so taken back that I fell off my bed again. They laughed and I poked my head  up again.

"You sure do like to fall a lot for an 8 year old," Nate told me. I stuck my tongue out at him. He did it back. "Happy Birthday!" they all yelled again.

"It's not my birthday..." I trailed off confused.

"Then I guess we will take back the lazer tag passes for today..." Tyler said. I jumped up.

"No no! No need for that!" and with that I ran to get ready.

About an hour later, most of us were ready. I wore a lot of neon today. I usually never wear this bright of clothing; white capris with neon colored splatters, a neon orange shirt, and neon shoes. I have to say, I am not a BIG fan of it but it's an ok look. I couldn't wait! Since there will be, what did dad call them... Black lights! He said neon will glow well. I sat on the couch waiting for Josh, my dad, and Nate. Tyler and Matt were rough housing again... I hope I don't get dragged in this again. Johnny has. Nate walked downstairs, looked at me, and walked back up. I sat there confused. Nate then came down with sunglasses on.

"Man aren't you bright today?" Nate laughed.

"Woman aren't you late today?" I sassed. He laughed.

"Don't you have a lot of sass for an 8 year old?" he said. I stuck my tongue out ot him and he did the same. Dad and Josh soon walked out and I ran out the door and to the car. This is going to be so much fun!

We arrived at the lazer tag place. I hopped put of the car as quick as ever. I ran threw the parking lot like no tomorrow. Good thing this place isn't busy... I ran up to the doors and I was about to run in but someone stopped me. I looked up to find Matt. I smiled at him and he threw me over his shoulder and waited. The others soon caught up. Usually dad would yell at me by now but he seemed in too good of a mood. Matt set me down and we walked to the ticket booth for lazer tag. My brothers went their separte ways and dad and I waited in line. I was so excited! I noticed a girl about my age standing in the middle of the room looking around. She looked at me and I waved. She then walked away. I asked my dad why she ran and he said she could be shy. My brothers then joined us and we entered the lazer tag area thingy.


Caitlyn's POV (13 years ago)

I felt something or someone shaking me. I slowly opened my eyes to my mom holding a cupcake in front of my face. I rubbed my eyes and sat up and smiled. My mom smiled at me and lit the candle.

"Happy 8th Birthday sweetie!" she told me. I smiled at her and closed my eyes. I made a wish and blew out the candle. I took the candle out and ate the icing of of it. "What did you wish for?" my mother asked. I smiled at her.

"Now if I told you, it won't come true!" I exclaimed. She held her hands up in defense and laughed. I did too and picked up the cupcake. "Red velvet?" I asked. She nodded.

"What else?" she questioned. I shrugged and took off the paper. I was about to take a bite when I stopped. "With buttercream icing," she continued. I smiled and took a bit. "Alright. Now go get ready. I will make your breakfast..."

"French Toast!" I interrupted. She laughed and nodded.

"Yes. Then I have a surprise for you," she said. I finished my cupcake and jumped out of bed. I ran to the bathroom and got ready.

Once I was ready I ran downstairs to French Toast. I ate quickly and helped clear the table and do the dishes. Once we were all done, mom got ready and I sat and waited. Being an only child can be a bit... no exciting. I wish I had a sister or brother! Mom then walked down and I ran to the car. She said she had a surprise... Maybe it's a brother or sister! We hoped in the car and drove off. Mom told me to either close my eyes or she is going to cover my eyes. She ended up putting a blindfold over my eyes.

Once the car stopped, mom helped me out of the car and guided me to somewhere. I soon realised we were indoors. Mom took off the blindfold and I saw we were at a lazer tag place. I have always wanted to come here! I didn't see anyone I knew. Mom then told me she was going to go to the restroom. She left and followed. I am in a new place around people I don't know. I'm scared. I followed her when I felt someone grab my arm. I fell to the floor and the boy came and helped me up.

"Sorry. I was looking for one of brothers." The boy helped me up. I gave the boy a slight smile and he walked off. I was now standing in the middle of the room. I looked around. I noticed a girl about my age wave at me. I just walked away. I soon found my mom and she had tickets already. We then walked into the lazer tag area. My mom and I are on the same team. I barely noticed some other people in here. We got about 5 minutes to look around. My mom asked if I wanted to stay with her and I told her I can be on my own. She went off one way and I went to the tower. I noticed a lader and climbed it. My little lazer gun straps onto my vest. I was at the top and I had a pretty good view of the place, which is big. I saw something move near the window. I didn't know what else to do but grab my gun. I slowly and shakily made may way over. It was a person and they didn't notice me. She turned around and screamed. She tripped and almost fell out the window. I quickly jumped toward her and pulled her in. She didn't know me but she grabbed me and pulled me into a bear hug. I heard her let out a few cries.

"Hey. You ok?" I asked her. She lifted her head.

"I am teriffied," she whispered.

"I know. But you're ok," I paused.

"Thank you..." she mumbled.

"For what?" I asked confused.

"You saved me. What if you weren't here?" she asked. She looked about my age.

"I don't know. You wouldn't have been scared and slip. So I should say sorry," I told her. She lightened her grip on the hug. "M-My name is Caitlyn," I said shaky.

"Mine is Chloe!"



NOTE: Sorry it's long. Anyways... What did you think of the first time Chloe and Caitlyn met? Imagine this happening. Pretty scary and cool (my opinion). I am amazed I came up with this. Anyways... Like, Comment, Favorite?

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