They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


29. Lulu

Liam's POV

Caitlyn fell asleep holding onto my hand. I leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She shifted slightly then I saw her smile. I sat there stroking her hair. The lads looked a bit mad. Then the nurse walked in.

"Oh! You're still here. I am sorry... I didn't mean to sound rude. But visiting hours are over," she said sadly. She looked at Cait and I and she looked even more sad. "Don't worry. We will take good care of her till you come back. I will check on her every 20 minutes." She walked over to me and patted my back. "Don't worry. I would let you stay but that could get us both in trouble. I'm sorry sweetie," she said. She sounded really depressed to split us up for the night. I nodded. I leaned over and gave Caitlyn another kiss on the head.

"I will see you bright and early. I love you," I whispered to her. I stood up and looked at the lads. The nurse looked like she was about to cry. I walked over to her. "Please keep a close eye on her," I whispered. She nodded.

"Of course sweetie. Anything." I nodded at her. Louis put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and he gave me a smile. I gave him one back and we left. We walked to the car and Harry drove us home. I was silent the whole time. The lads kpt trying to talk to me but I just sat and thought. All I thought  about was what happened to Chloe. Zeke went after her and he almost got her. I shook that thought off. I can't live my life in fear of what Zeke might do. The key word in that sentence is 'MIGHT'. Plus, Zeke might be going to jail or prison. Again, the key word in that sentence is 'MIGHT'. I have been so lost in thought that I didn't realise, we arrived at the girls' home. I stepped out and walked inside. I walked to the living room and noticed there was no lamp on the table. I looked around and noticed broken glass and the lamp lying broken by the wall. I looked around and saw Harry, Louis, and Zayn walk in the living room. Where was Niall and Chloe?

"Hey you guys?" I asked. They looked at me. "Where's Niall and Chloe?"

"I think I saw them head upstairs. And why is there no lamp?" Louis asked.

"Why is there broken glass over by you?" Zayn asked.

"I found the lamp!" Harry exclaimed picking up the broken lamp. Louis and Zayn gave him a confused look and Harry shrugged. Zayn went to closet and grabbed a broom and started to clean up. Louis told me to get to bed. I nodded and went to sleep. I couldn't sleep well that night knowing that Zeke is out...


**next day**

Chloe's POV

I woke up with Niall's arms wrapped around me. I slept ok last night. I had the safety of Niall but I couldn't shake off that Zeke came here. Plus, my sister is still in the hospital. CAITLYN! I jumped up and checked the time... 6:48. I jumped up and ran to get ready. Niall shot up once I jumped out of bed.

"Babe? What are you doing? It's 6 in the morning..." he groaned.

"6:48 actually and I am going to the hospital to see Caitlyn," I said while pulling out some clothes. I went to the closet and picked out my neon outfit; a british flag shirt that is neon yellow, orange/pink skinny jeans, my rainbow Pastry shoes, and to top it all off, my green suspenders and cape! I ran to the bathroom and changed, and did my whole morning routine. I pulled my hair up and decided to add a bandana, in a headband way. Once I was done I walked back out to find Niall asleep. I checked the time and it was seven. We needed to leave soon. I wanted to see my sister!

"NIIALL HORAN GET YOUR LAZY ASS OFF THIS BED AND GET READY!!!" I yelled. Niall jumped up so fast then fell to the floor. I couldn't help but laugh. He poked his head up from the other side of the bed and glared at me. I continued to laugh. He jumped up and ran to me. In a flash, I was thrown over his shoulder and was running around the room. I kept screaming for him to stop but he didn't. He ran into the hallway and I kept screaming at him. The boys ran out of their rooms so quick and startled. Niall then ran down stairs and the boys followed. He threw me on the couch and sat on me. "Niall! Get off!" I croaked.

"Not until I get an apology..."

"I'm sorry!"

"Not good enough..." He leaned down and I gave him a kiss.

"GET A ROOM!" Louis shouted. I pulled away and Niall got off of me. I looked at him and laughed.

"Why did you wake us up so early?" Zayn asked leaning against the wall. He started to close his eyes. He was going to fall asleep standing up. I've done that... not fun.

"GET READY! We have to go to the hospital." Liam then walked downstairs all ready to go. Everyone, besides Liam, groaned. Louis ran to the kitchen and came back with a carrot. He took a bite and walked over to Liam. He then pulled out a spoon and waved it in Liam's face. Liam ran dwon the hall as Louis chased him. I sat on the couch watching. Liam came back into the room panting with Louis not far behind. Once Louis was in the room, Harry took Louis's carrot and ran... This is going to be one long morning


Caitlyn's POV

I woke up to a white room. I got scared for a sec not knowing where I was. Then I realised, I was in a hospital room. Then I remembered why I was here and what happened. I sighed. I looked over and saw no one was in here. The boys left? Liam left... He said he would stay with me...

"Oh good! You're awake!" the nurse exclaimed.

"Hello..." I whispered.

"My name is Joy. I will be your nurse while you are here, which I have to say, would be a while." She paused. She must have noticed I was wondering where the boys went. "They had to leave dear. They couldn't stay overnight. The boy... what's his name... Liam was extremely sad that he had to leave. Is he your brother?" This shocked me. My brother?

"No... He's my boyfriend..." I whispered.

"He is? I'm sorry... But I thought Cody Simpson was?" Joy asked. I shook my head. "Oh, that's what everyone is saying. You two are the hottest celebrity couple. Anyways, I promised I would check on you every 20 minutes. Are you hungry?" I shook my head. Joy nodded then walked out. Then the person I wanted to see the least, besides Zeke, walked in. I rolled my eyes.

"Hello Lulu," I mumbled.

"Caitlyn!" I jumped when she yelled that. "What happened?! Are you ok?!" Wow... she actually cared? Something is not right. "When do you get out? You have a movie to shoot." There we go. "You are the hottest subject! Paparazzi is trying their best to get a glimpse of you and what happened. Fans are dying to come in. And may I just say, you are letting us down..." That hurt.

"Nice of you to care." I whispered. Gosh, I felt so weak. "And I don't know when I am getting out. The doctors don't know what he used." I mumbled that last part. Her head shot up.

"What happened?!" she yelled. Who yells at someone who is in the hospital? Joy then came in. Lulu sighed. "Look, you have a shoot today and the WHOLE cast is going to be there."

"Well, then they are going to have to do it without me."

"You are holding up this movie!" she yelled. I flinched at her yelling, even Joy jumped. Joy then dragged Lulu out. I sat there frozen.

"I don't even know how she got up here. There is secruity down in the lobby and this floor. Because you are here. Some people tried faking who they are to come see you. Plus, word got out about that you and your photographer, Chloe, got kidnapped. Was that your manager?" Joy asked and I nodded. "She shouldn't treat you like that." I nodded in agreement. "You get some shut eye and I will make sure secruity to let your friends through." I smiled and she left the room. I closed my eyes and thought.

Were all those things Lulu said true?

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