They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


15. Lalala Its Just A Dream.. I hope

Chloe's POV
As I walked over to the snack table I set Cait down so she could slide her boot on.
"you can't be mad forever," Cait said standing up. I nodded. " well think if Liam did that to you," I said grabbing an apple. I heard Caitlyn walk away, so I turned around to run into some one. "sorry," I said looking into the same eyes that hurt me. " can we please talk," Niall asked. I sighed and grabbed his hand leading him outside. We sat on the curb in silence as the sun slowly set. " I'm so sorry," he said with the saddest voice I heard, yet the tears were going down my cheeks. I looked at him and he was staring at the sky with tears in his eyes.
" Niall I love you so much, but what is with you," I asked. " I was looking for you for 4 years, and I guess I just snapped." he said looking at me. He took his thumbs and wipped away my tears. He pulled me in for a hug, and I just cried. " I'm sorry I over reacted, I guess I changed a bit while I was searching for you." he whispered in my ear. " I don't think it helped that I was mad at you, I honestly thought you would have moved on once you lost contact," I whispered. He quickly pushed me back and had his hands on my shoulders. " never, what would make you think that," he said angry. Okay he has changed. I stood up getting out of his grip.
" you have changed." I said walking back inside. Cait was waiting for me with our bags.... with the boys. I walked up and grabbed my bag. " I'm walking home," I said walking out passing Niall. I wish i had my old loud lovable Niall back. I dont understand anymore. I heard someone behind me. I knew it wasn't Cait, maybe Niall. I turned and it was Louis. I stopped and waited for him to catch up.
" he did change," I said as we walked along. " well he has, us boys tried to keep him the same. I think just looking for a way to contact you was stressful. But he is getting angry easily and uses alot of force." Louis said giving me a side hug. Sometimes I don't understand. It was getting a bit cold. I shivered knowing I was chilly. " cold?" he asked. I shook my head but he wrapped his coat around me anyways. The rest of the walk home I fell asleep on Louis' back.

Louis' POV
I knew she fell asleep cause her breathing slowed. We arrived home and I opened the door to everyone in the living room was talking. I shooshed them and took Chloe to her room. I layer her down letting her sleep in my jacket. I wrote a quick note
~keep the coat -Louis~
I set it on her phone and walked out. Niall looked jealous. What ever I have Eleanor. I sat next to Caitlyn.
" she is fine. Just wants the OLD NICE Niall back," I said starring Niall down. " what's that suppose to mean," Niall said agitated. " you are a bit more rough," Caitlyn said standing up yawning. " alright boys im going to bed. You can go home when ever," then she walked to her room. I stood up and stretched. " alright boys let's go," Liam said and we headed to the van.

~next day~
Chloe's POV
I woke up in something warm. I sat up and realized I was in Louis coat. I stood up and walked over to my phone. More like fell. Got up to fast. " YOU ALRIGHT." Cait yelled. "YEAH." I yelled back getting up. I picked up my phone and there was a note.
~ keep the coat -Louis~
I smiled and walked to the living room and sat on the coach. I reached and turned the tv on.
|Niall Horan seen in swan park with mystery girl having a lovely picnic. Guess he got over his last girlfriend Chloe fast. Now for the|
I turned off the tv and sighed. I stood up and ran to my room to change into basketball shorts and my softball shirt that I cut the sides off of. I slid on a tank top then the shirt on. I know I don't do this often but Im going to our local gym. I grabbed my gym bag and basketball. I quickly scribbled Cait a note and grabbed an apple. I ran to my jeep and threw the bag in. I hopped in and turned on the radio. I started driving till I hit a red light. I stopped and looked to my left. It was the boys! In the front was Liam and Louis. I rolled my window down acting like I didnt know it wad them. " Chloe?" Liam asked. I just pushed on the gas since the light turned green. But soon got a text right after. Probably one of the boys. I drove up and sighed. I looked at my phone.
Louis- where you going
Chloe- gym to play b-ball

I walked inside, but got pushed over. Geez some people. I looked up and a guy in a ski mask. Okay gotta be a prank. He looked down at me. Did I do something. He lifted me up by my shirt collar. He pulled something out of his pocket. LALALA THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM. I hope.


NOTE: Soooo sorry guys. My dad has no internet so I wont be able to type for like 5 days. UGH. But I think Sunday I come back to my moms. WHICH has interent. Thanks.. BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!!! Lol~ Chloe ;)

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