They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves

(Sequel to Two Minds, One Direction) They said they'd never lose contact. They said they'd never forget about them. They said they'd be together forever. Only one of those was true. It's been four years since One Direction has seen their Summer Loves. Caitlyn and Chloe are now quite famous and has changed. They NEVER forgot about the lads. What happens when they all see each other for the first time? Will One Direction remember their Summer Loves from four years ago? What happens when a certain someone comes back and someone they know is an ally with him?


3. Character Info

In case anyone was confused...


Girls 4 Years Ago

Name- Chloe Kujawa

Age- 17

Hair- shoulder blade length brown with little blonde highlights wavy-curly

Eyes- baby blue eyes with contacts


Name- Caitlyn Kujawa

Age- 17

Hair- VERY curly midnight brown hair that rests on her shoulders

Eyes- honey brown with glasses


Girls Now

Name- Chloe Blaze (Kujawa but had to change it due to fame)

Age- 21

Hair- shoulder blade length brown wavy-straight hair with blonde and orange highlights

Eyes- blue green hazel with glasses (ran out of contacts)

Extra- straightens hair often but not TOO often


Name- Caitlyn Grace Ray (Kujawa but had to change it due to fame)

Age- 20 (21 soon!)

Hair- shoulder blade length VERY curly midnight brown hair with a red streak

Eyes- topaz with contacts

Extra- braces


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