Love Gone A Miss

Claira Mason is just a normal girl in high school, living in Florida right on the beach with her dad and older brother Jake, obsessing over One direction with her best friend Alex, until the lockdown! she is kidnapped by a man by the name of Andrew Murray and taken to London. Will she be found? if so, by who?
who falls in love with Claira? And who will do anything to get her back?
Find out by reading Love Gone a Miss!


1. Kidnap Mishap

"CLAIRE wake up!! you're gonna be late for school" called my brother Jake. As I see his shadow leave my door way,I got up and sleepily walked to my dresser. I suddenly remembered its pajama day so all I did was change from my pajama shorts into my grey sweats. I put on a red cardigan over my navy blue tank and threw on my light brown ugs. "CLAIRE HURRY UP!! I'm NoT DRIVING YOU IF YOU'RE LATE!!" jake called. "Shut up!! I'm coming!' I yelled. I'd hitch a ride with Dad but he's at work. I ran down stairs and scarfed down a bowl of lucky charms, brushed my teeth and put my hair in a high pony tail. "I'll meet you in your car Jake!" I called. S*** no reply!! "Jake?!" crap he left! I made a mad dash out the front door and locked up. As I was running i tripped! great just my luck first day back after Fall break and in goin to be late! I huddled stuffing everything into my backpack an started dashing to school again. "just in time" I mumbled I myself. I walked into the office and signed in. the announcements came on just as I barged into my first period class, French! i study really hard cos I only did this class for a chance to be the selected foreign exchange student :) I handed Mr.Nerelli my late pass and took my seat.
1 hour later (9:15 am)
"Mr.N may I go to the restroom?" I asked
"sign the log and take the key"
I flushed when I heard a *BEEP* noise.. announcements
"Teachers at this time we are on lockdown!! Please lock your doors and take attendance!!" "S***!! I need to get back to French!" Just as I ran out of the bathroom I started to run to class when I it tackled! I looked to see who it was but I've never seen this man before!! Panic surges through my body! I don't know karate or martial arts all I have is my phone but I can't let this guy know that!! I saw something on his belt buckle. what is it? HOLY S*** THATS A GUN!! "HEL.." I was cut off by a hand covering my mouth! I'm scared now! "Shut up you little B****!" the guy said. One of his arms was wrapped around my waist.He kidnapping me!! He shot the hinges off the door to my French class and barged in. my mouth wasn't covered anymore! I could scream!! "Mr.Nerelli! Help Me!! Don't let him take me!!" "Don't move a muscle old man!" he moved the gun right next to my head! "Give me your car keys and phone!! NOW!!" this mans voice was so loud aggressive and threatening! it echoed in my ears. "do it now old man or else I pull the trigger!" Mr.N don't do it. wait why wasn't I saying this out loud?! My throat had a lump in it, I'm to scared to speak! my body is frozen now. As the man went on a travel app and searched for the next flight to London, I scanned the class for my best friend Alex. We made eye contact and she burst into tears. I just let one drip down my cheek. The man finally moved the gun away from my head and shot the windows of the class room causing everyone but my and him to scream. He turned to one of the students pointed the gun at him and said" open the back door and close it as soon as I.. I mean WE leave" he enunciated we and that's when I was sure that I was never seeing these people again. The boy was named Cedric and he did what he was told, he was sad i was being kidnapped, he would never help someone kidnap me, but he opened the door out of fear of being shot. The man grabbed my arm instead of my waist and dragged me out the back door. that's when I got stupid and decided to fight back. I kicked his shin and stepped on his foot, then I ran! he chase after me and I felt his arm wrap back around my waist. then he hit me in the head with his gun and everything went black.
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