Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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14. Final Chapter / Chapter 14

"that was incredible" zayn whispered, kissing the top of my head as he held my hot body in his strong arms. we lay under the covers, sweat falling off of us as the heat from the candles warmed up the room.
"i know" i replied, closing my eyes as i rested my head on zayns chest softly as he caressed me in his arms. " i love you so much, thank you for everything zayn, really." i smiled into his warm body.
"i love you too. and you're welcome baby, im glad that i have made a difference in your life" he smiled down at me, poking me softly in the nose, making me giggle.
i twitched my nose as a smell of smoke hit my sense hard. my eyes darted open as a yellow light was at the bed of the bed. "HOLY FUCK, ZAYN!" i screamed, shooting up off of zayn and sitting bolt upright. he followed as his eyes widening at the large flame eating up the bottom of the bed fast, the flame spread across the floor and to the bottom of the curtains, shooting up fast as the room lit up bright yellow. i screamed loudly as i ran to the end of the room, throwing clothes on my naked body as zayn joined me.
"go downstairs, i'll get the others."
"GO!" he ordered, pushing me out the door as the fire that originated from the candles spread across the room, eating up everything, the ceiling starting to crack as parts fell down. i sprinted downstairs as i heard thundering footsteps coming down the steps.
"y/n, go!" harry shouted, grabbing my hand and pulling my through the burning down house, fear in his eyes.
"wheres zayn?!" i screamed, tears filling my eyes as i pulled harry back, the floor breaking from the living room as the flames came down the stairs slowly and starting in the living room. i could hear the faint sound of sirens as my heart pounded in my chest.
"probably outside! lets go!" harry ordered, pulling me closer to the door as the temperature rose.
"no, no he's not! harry where is he?!" i screamed at him, jumping at windows cracking. harry looked around the flaming house, seeing the other boys rushing outside.
"i dont know" he murmured, racing back up the stairs, letting go of my hand as i screamed for him to come back.
"HARRY DONT!" i yelled, choking on my tears as i went to run back up the stairs but being stopped by my waist being pulled out the house. i bended down, trying to look up the staircase to see if i could spot harry. i couldnt. i went to run back inside but the others pulled me back again, niall standing behind them, soot in his hair as he cried softly in louis' arms.
"where are they?" niall whimpered, looking up into louis' teary eyes.
"i dont know mate" he replied, pulling nialls head into his chest. i felt a tight knot in my stomach as i watched the house crumble down.
"liam, wheres zayn and harry?" i cried hysterically, looking at liam who was trying to keep strong. liams gaze was kept on the house as the flames came out of the windows at the top and bottom. there was a figure coming down the stairs, carrying someone else. it was harry. with a scarf wrapped around his mouth, he burst through the flames at the front door and fell onto the damp grass, carrying a smoke-covered zayn in his arms.
"zayn!" i screamed, running up to him as i cradled him in my arms. the fire engines arrived straight after the ambulance did, trying to get zayn back.
"harry, how did you find him?" i asked harry, my arms wrapped around his waist as i stared at zayns body lying on the grass, surrounded by doctors whilst the others were being checked out.
"i dunno. he was stuck under something, it took me a while to drag him out." harry said, his eyes fixated on zayns body on the ground as i cried quietly.
"harry what if he doesnt make-"
"dont say that" harry choked, holding my head in close as a tear fell down his cheek. a doctor in a luminous jacket stood up and looked at her watch.
"time of death, 12:36pm." i fell to the floor as harry stumbled back, crying hard as i held my chest, looking at zayns body on the floor, running up to him, holding his hand tightly as i cried.
"NO ZAYN DONT, PLEASE MAKE HIM COME BACK YOU CANT LET HIM DIE. PLEASE!!" i yelled, the doctor pulling me away as i struggled to get lose of my grip.
"whats going on?!" niall exclaimed urgently as the doctor let go of me, niall grabbing me and pulling me into his arms when he had realised what had happened. he was sniffing hard as he cried, choking on his heavy tears.
"no, no he cant be gone, NO I WONT LET HIM DIE!!" niall screamed, pushing me away and flying toward zayn, getting stopped by the doctors as they carried zayn to the ambulance.

over fifty thousand people turned up. they had to close the streets as it was blocked with fans showing their grief and support for the boys. it was a difficult day, for everyone. it was the day that one direction seized to exist. it was the day when they announced their break up as they couldnt handle being in a group without zayn. it was the day when the fans took down their posters and tucked them away in a box till years to come when they would open them up and reminisce on the old and fun times. remembering the video diaries, spin the harry, the x factor days. remembering the first time they heard what makes you beautiful, and how happy all five of those boys made them. in a directioners eye, that day would never come. but it had. it had arrived faster than anticipated. no body blamed anyone for the fire, even though i had been sent hate, but i didnt care. the boy that changed my life; the boy that helped me to see what the world was like had passed. zayn taught me everything i needed to know, he saved me in more ways a person can be saved. it was unfortunate, what had happened. so, on an early spring morning, i sat on the very swing that i had been bullied on. the very swing that i had met zayn on. the very swing that had brought me to the greatest thing in the world. it was this swing that was the meeting place of me and zayn. the day he stood up to the people who bullied me. i decided on that day, on that swing that i didnt want to live an unhappy life. i didnt want to be bullied or abused by my mother. i had nothing to live for. i wanted to join zayn. so i did. i saw him walking towards me, smiling brightly as his faded body reached mine, taking my hand and leading me on to a life that nobody else could see.
"you're free now, y/n. from everything" he smiled at me as we walked down the park, being seen by no one.

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