Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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9. Chapter 9

"zayn, baby can you hear me?" i yelled holding his unconscious body in my arms as i cried into him. blood was pouring out of his head and onto the road below as cradled him in my arms. the woman got out of the car and gasped who she realised who she hit.
"im so sorry." she cried, running back into her car.
"no wait! dont go!" i cried, screaming towards her as tears fell heavily down my cheeks and onto zayns unconscious body. i heard sirens and saw flashing lights coming from behind me. i turned my heard and waved an arm to signify that i was there. the ambulance pulled up next to me as the doctors rushed out and pulled me away from zayn. the woman in the car sped away fast as i stood up iin utter shock, watching her skid away.
"she left him. she left him!" i screamed down the motorway at the car. the doctors picked zayn up on a stretcher, carrying him into the truck. "take me with you!" i screamed at them as they hauled me into the truck with zayn. i sat down on the chair next to the bed he was placed on as the closed the door and sped away from the accident. the doctors patched up his bleeding as i sat silently crying on the side, holding his hand as it slipped off the bed and hang without life.
"is he going to be ok?" i asked, panic in my eyes.
"its hard to say right now, he may have broken a rib or two, we will have to see when we get to the hospital." the doctor replied, fixing an oxygen mask to his face. i threw a hand over my mouth as i gasped, tears tumbling down my face fast.
"please dont let him die" i whimpered, just remembering his smiling face and twinkling eyes.
"we'll try not to. we know who he is dont worry, but well still treat him like a normal patient." she smiled sympathetically at me.
"ok" i crackled out, my voice turning croaky as i watched them put a bright yellow head support around his face. he looked unfamiliar, like a totally different person. his breathing was weak and his hands were cold. i wanted him to wake up and smile at me tell me everything was going to be alright. but there was this unbearable thought in the back of head; what if he didnt make it? his death would be my fault. everyone would hate me the fans, the boys, his family. the world. i watched how his eyes flickered slowly as he tried to wake up. the doctor injected some drugs into his arm.
"whats that?!" i exclaimed, nodding down to the syringe in their hand as the car jolted as it drove over a speed bump in the car park of the hospital.
"just something to kill the pain for him if he wakes up" she added, squeezing it in his bloody arm fast.
"if?!" i yelled at her, rubbing his hand hard as i cried.

i sat by his bed, holding his hand as i watched his chest rise, then fall. then rise again, then fall. his eyes were closed, his right one blue and purple and had swollen up like a golf ball. there were scars across his face, stitched up. his hands were bandaged up, luckily, nothing was broken. he just had lots of bruising to his ribs. a tear fell down my cheek as i watched him breathe in and out in pain. he didnt even know that i was there, he was on so much medication. it was all my fault he was here. i shouldnt have gotten out of the car, he could of died.
"he's a very lucky boy" a nurse said as she walked into the room, putting down a glass of water next to me, smiling as she did so.
"i know" i croaked out, my voice shaking as i turned my head to look at her, then turning back to zayn. a tear rolled down my cheek as i rubbed his hand with my thumb, forever wanting him to wake up and be alright. the nurse left the room but i stopped her.
"is he going to be alright?" i asked, spinning round on my chair next to the bed to face her.
"he's not going to die, he should recover fully in the next few days." she smiled at me.
"thank you" i replied quietly as she closed the door behind her. silence filled the room again, all i could hear was the steady breathing of zayn and the faint beeps coming from the heart machine. i pulled out my phone, scrolling down my contacts. i waited for the phone to ring.
"hello?" a familiar voice answered the phone.
"hi its y/n" i replied, biting my nail as i shaked in my chair.
"y/n? arent you meant to be camping up north with zayn?" liam asked down the phone. a small smile drew on my face, he was going to take me camping? i had always wanted to go camping ever since i was young, but ever since my father died, i never got the chance.
"something happened." i replied. there was silence down the end of the phone.
"what happened? are you ok?!" liam asked me, alarmed.
"whats going on?" i could hear harry in the background.
"zayns in the hospital. dont worry, he's going to be alright, i just though you should-"
"which once? we're coming down." liam butted in. i told him and he hung up, my heart racing at a hundred miles an hour. were they going to be mad at me for nearly killing their band mate and best friend. i slipped the phone back in my pocket, breathing out loudly as i held zayns hand again, staring at his face and taking in every beautiful detail. everyone was right, he really did have a gorgeous jaw line. his eye lashes were long and soft, they flicked up at the end, making his eyes stand out more. i leaned over him and ran my fingers through his hair, getting them out of the way from his face. the door opened and a doctor walked in with a nurse behind him. he was holding a clipboard and looking at it intently.
"can i help you?" i asked them, standing up, still holding onto zayns hand.
"we're giving zayn his second dose of medication, to get him down for the night." the doctor explained, lining up a syringe and a bottle.
"hasnt he had enough?" i asked them, knitting my eyebrows together.
"we dont want him to be in any pain when he wakes up." the nurse explained, pulling up his sleeve whilst the doctor made a small incision in his skin with the needle. i looked away, but turned back to watch the fluid enter his body. the needle came out as they threw it in the bin. the heart machines beeps started increasing, his breathing getting heavier as his body shook furiously.
"his body seems to be rejecting the dose of medication." the doctor exclaimed in panic, sending the nurse out of the room to get more help. i stumbled back, holding my hands to my mouth as i whimpered in the corner, watching zayn fit on the bed. nurses and doctors surrounded him as they injected more into him, calming his heart rate.
"stop it you're going to kill him!" i screamed, running up to him as a doctor held my arms back, not letting me go any further as my face became dripping wet with tears. the nurses stepped back as his heart rate slowed down, his back stopped arching up as he rested soundly on the bed. doctor jones walked up to me, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. he put a hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes.
"he's a very lucky boy" he smiled quickly at me as the nurses dispersed from the room, one stayed behind and tucked him into bed. i plonked myself back down on the chair, breathing out a sigh of relief as i wiped the tears off of my face.
"its nice to see you care about him so dearly" the nurse said, smiling at me as she tucked him in bed. i gleamed a small smile at her as she walked out of the room, my hand resuming its place, entwined with zayns once again.

"is she asleep?"
"i dont know lets wake her up!"
"no louis! let her sleep, she's been through a lot!" i heard liam murmur as the boys fidgeted around the bed. i could sense niall behind me, his hands leaning on the back of my chair as my head was leaning on the edge of zayns bed. i lifted my head up, opening my eyes as i looked around the dark room at the four boys standing around the bed. my hair messed up on one side as my eyes drooped from lack of sleep.
"you alright babe?" harry asked me, kneeling down and rubbing my back as he looked into my tired eyes.
"yeah" i croaked out, unable to move as i was so tired. harry picked me up and pulled me out of the room and down the hallway. i looked out of the windows at the pitch black night sky outside. i saw faintly that snow was starting to fall again.
"you were really brave you know" harry smiled at me as we turned round the corner, i smiled weakly at him, using all my energy to keep my eyes open whilst we walked down the empy halls.
"what time is it?" i asked him, tying my hair up behind my head into a high, messy bun.
"around four in the morning" harry replied, yawning as he did so and looking at his rolex watch on his wrist. we turned into a small room with a few chairs in. the lights were off and no body was in there. harry walked towards the corner as i slowly closed the door behind me. he put a cup under the machine and watched the coffee pour out into the cup underneath, steam coming off the top. he walked over and handed it to me, i smiled as i took the cup and took a sip from it. he walked close to me, brushing a lose strand of hair out of my face as he smiled.
"you are really beautiful. and strong to put up with those bitches at school." he smiled at me, rubbing my cheek softly with his thumb as his hand was placed softly on my face. i dropped the cup on the floor, letting the coffee spill everywhere as i flung my arms around harrys neck, pulling his lips in to collide with mine. i ran my fingers through his golden curls as he kissed me passionately. he back me up into the corner of the room, locking the door next to him as he kissed me hard. i ripped off his top, making him moan.
"you're so...gorgeous harry" i whispered in his ear as i unbuckled his trousers and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. i spun him round and slammed him against the wall, making him wince as he thrusted hard into my. i kissed down his body as he pushed me down onto the chair, a leg either side of me as he pulled off the rest of my clothes. his hot chest pushed onto mine.
"wait..wait! what are we doing?" harry whispered, looking madly into my eyes, his curls ruffled.
"having sex" i huffed back. harry shrugged and continued kissing as he pushed deeper into me. i couldnt think straight, there was a little voice inside of my head telling me that i was doing the wrong thing but i was ignoring it. i was too tired and upset about zayn to think what i was doing....or who i was doing...

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