Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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8. Chapter 8

i lay in my bed, staring up at my ceiling as my mind wondered over the past events. a small tear trickled down my cheek as i thought about what happened with zayn and how upset it made me. my duvet cover was tucked neatly around my body with my arms crossed on top as i lay soundly on my back. ever since i started seeing zayn, all the emotional pain from being bullied went away. but now, it was coming back. i sighed to myself at how fed up i was with everything. i lay awake for hours, thinking about things. i was awake so long that the sun started to rise through the curtains, the sunlight streamed through as the birds outside started chirping. i climbed out of bed, rubbing my eyes as i opened up my window to the sunny, winter day outside. the snow from the trees was melting as the morning arose in the distance. i walked over to my phone on the desk. no new messages. i picked it up and typed up a text to zayn, but deleting it as i finished, holding the phone close to my chest as i breathed out slowly; closing my eyes as i did so. i had to be in school in two hours so i decided to take a long time to get ready. i stepped in the shower and turned on my ipod where one direction started to burst out of the speakers. i sighed and ignored it, but listening intently to zayns solos, making me fall for him all over again and forgiving him. he wasnt the boy i thought he was, i didnt think he was a cheater, but then again, we werent officially dating.
as i walked into my first lesson of the day, the whole class stopped and stared at me. silence filled the room as i took my seat on the chair in front of jade.
"how is your relationship with zayn going?" jade asked, creating laughter and mockery around the room.
"its fine" i choked out, fiddling with a pen in my hand as the supply teacher walked in as our normal teacher was having a baby.
"she still thinks she's dating him, you're such a weirdo..." jessica added in, laughing hard as their hands smacked together for a high-five.
"class, settle down and get on with the work." the teacher tried to hush the class as the laughter became louder.
"he doesnt know you or care about you, you're such a freak" jade laughed at me, everyone wiping tears from their eyes as they laughed. my cheeks flared up red as i tried to hide my face in humiliation. the classroom door swung open with a tall boy walking in and towards my desk. the class froze as their mouths dropped to the floor, staring at zayn in pure wonderment.
"look y/n, i dont even care if you hate me right now, i just want you to know that im sorry and i hope you will be my girlfriend if you can find it in your heart to forgive me." zayn said, kneeling down and staring into my eyes as he held my hand softly.
"holy fuck" i heard jade whisper behind me to herself.
"zayn...what...what are you doing here?!" i asked him, baffled.
"i wanted to show you how much i care about you. so i came down to your school to tell you" he smiled at me as i gazed into his hazel eyes. the classroom was dead silent, you could hear a pin drop.
"zayn thats so...cute" i smiled at him. "but...i dont know if i can trust you again." i whispered to him, fiddling with the collar of his polo shirt as i stared deeply into his eyes.
"just forgive him!" a boy shouted out from the back of the class, making me giggle. zayn put his hand at the back of my head and pulled me in, our lips touching lightly as we kissed; a smile drawn on my face.
"oh and you left these at my house when you stayed over" zayn winked at me as he handed me clearly a pair of lace underwear. the girls gasped as i took them off of him. he leant in close and whispered in my ear; "just to make everyone jealous, baby" he came away from my eart and winked at me again, making a grin spread across his face. he looked at the watch on his wrist and stood up, everyones eyes following him as he walked out the door, waving at me as he did. as soon as zayn shut the door and walked down the corridor, the whole class turned to me in sync, their mouths fallen to the floor. i sat in my chair with a smug smile on my mouth.

"hey mum, im staying over at zayns tonight!" i exclaimed as i dragged zayn up my stairs to my bedroom as i yelled down to my mum.
"er ok? what about school tomorrow?" she yelled up to me.
"i can drop her off" zayn shouted back down as i pulled him into the bedroom and closing the door behind him, locking it as i did so. i pushed him onto my bed as he grabbed my waist, pulling me with him. our bodies were pushed onto each other as the laughter cooled down, my fingers moving a strand of hair out of his face as we looked deep into each others eyes.
"you're so beautiful, y/n" zayn whispered to me, our mouths inches apart. i grinned at him, my cheeks turning red as i blushed. his thumb brushed up against my right cheek as i slowly leaned in and kissed his soft lips gently. his hands moved up to my back as our tongues collided together. i pulled apart and got off of zayn, his hand pulling me back as he moaned at me not to stop kissing him.
"we'll have fun tonight babe" i winked at him as he bounded up off of the bed with joy.
"yes!" he exclaimed, taking out my suitcase and helping me pack a bag. "hey i was thinking, you should change your directioner account on twitter to a personal one, so the fans know who you are" zayn smiled at me as i threw in some clothes and my toothbrush.
"oh yeah?" i smiled back, my nodded with glee.
"come on babe" zayn yelped, holding my hand and pulling me downstairs, out the front door as i yelled bye to my mum. "lets take a detour" zayn smiled mischievously at me as we got in the car, darkness setting across the large street of the outskirts of london.
"err ok where?" i asked him as we drove down the road, take me home playing in the cd player.
"you'll see" zayn smiled at me as we got onto the motorway, heading north. further north than i had expected. i sat in the passenger seat, my eyes slowly shutting as i felt a soft hand graze up my thigh and stay there. i saw out of the corner of my eye as it closed that zayn was looking over at me, smiling sweetly as i drifted off to sleep.
we hit a pothole in the road, making me jump up and open my eyes wide.
"what was that?!" i exclaimed, looking round at zayn urgently in the darkness.
"just a bump in the road babe" he smiled at me, rubbing his eyes, tired from driving. "the clock has broken on the car babe, use my phone to check what time it is." zayn asked, throwing his hand behind the seat to his bag and pulling out his phone and handing it to me. i unlocked it and read the time out, nearly 11pm. we had been driving for over five hours. my eyes suddenly darted to the middle of the screen where it said one new message from harry.
"you have a message from harry" i said, opening it up and reading the unfunny joke harry had sent zayn. i then saw a text that had gotten my attention, one from a name that made me grit my teeth at the thought of it.
"zayn, why do you have a text from grace saying 'cant wait to see you again babe x'?" i asked him, still holding his phone in my hand as i turned my head to look quizzically at him.
"you shouldnt be going through my messages" zayn replied, keeping his eyes firmly on the motorway road in front.
"you didnt answer my question. why have you been meeting up and texting grace?!" i exclaimed louder.
"i havent been texting her, she texts me!" zayn exclaimed, shrugging his shoulders as his voice got louder. he turned to look at me, not keeping his eyes on the road. "and we met up once-"
"what?! you are joking right?" i asked sarcastically. he turned his attention back to the road.
"before i visited you at school, i went to see grace at her apartment-"
"you what?! did you sleep with her again?" i yelled at him, hurt filling up inside of me as an imaginary dagger struck me in the heart.
"no course not-"
"then why did you go to visit her? did anything happen zayn?"
"nothing happened! stop being so controlling, you're acting like my mum." zayn stopped talking, his eyes wide as my mouth opened up in disbelief.
"take me back home. i dont want to be in a car with you any longer. TAKE ME BACK!" i screamed at him, hitting the dashboard with my hands.
"no, we're nearly there!" zayn yelled back, frustration growing in his eyes. "none of this would have happened if you hadnt fooled around with sam-"
"sam?! you think this is about sam?! no zayn, this is about you being a disloyal prick." i snapped back at him, my seat belt clenching round my body. a sick feeling filled my stomach, nerves entered my body for no reason.
"oh shut up would you. if it wasnt for me you would still be having your pig tails pulled and lunch money stolen." zayn grunted back. now that really hurt. tears filled my eyes as i tried to stutter out some words.
"thats...thats not fair" i whimpered, tryign hard to hold back the tears.
"im sorry i didnt mean-"
"no, no i knew what you meant. stop the car."
"what?!" he replied, crunching his eyebrows together.
"stop the fucking car i want to get out!" i cried, leaning over and pulling the steering wheel towards the edge of the road. the car jolted to the side as zayn yelled at me to get off. we swerved across the lanes, getting peeped at by trucks as they just missed us. zayn pulled over at the side of the road as i swung the door open and got out, walking round to the boot and opening it. shivers were sent over my body as snow started to fall. i pulled my bag out and started to walk away.
"where the hell are you going?" zayn exclaimed behind me. "you know where we are right?"
"no and i dont care"
"we're near bradford. good luck trying to get home" he snorted at me, getting back in the car. i turned around, did he want me to meet his family? did i really mean that much to him? the engine on the car started going, it slowly pulled away, making me drop my bags and run after it, screaming zayns name. i saw him look in the rear-view mirror, stopping the car quickly. he opened the car door again and walked out, i ran up to him and leapt into his arms. he weakly hugged me without any affection.
"zayn" i whimpered, looking up into his eyes.
"do you trust me?" he asked, a tear falling down his face.
"do you trust me? because if you dont then...theres no point in us."
"i...i dont know. i know i dont trust grace." i replied to him, fiddling with my cold hands that were slowly turning blue. there was silence for a few moments as zayn looked down at me.
"im sorry about the whole bullying thing in the car" he sighed, his eyes looked ashamed.
"its kay" i croaked out, swallowing hard. he held out his hand, waiting for me to grab it. i smiled weakly and slipped my hand into his. i was barely able to wrap my fingers around him, my hands were frozen.
"come with me." he smiled walking backwards into the main road. my hands were numb i couldnt feel his grip, his hand slipped out, making him stumble back into an incoming car.
"ZAYN LOOK OUT!" i screamed running up to the car as i watched the boy get knocked over, flipping over the top of the car as he rolled off the edge onto the cold, concrete road. the car stopped as i screamed and ran up to him, blood pouring out of his head.
"zayn, zayn can you hear me?!" i shouted, shakily pulling out my phone and ringing emergency services.

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