Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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7. Chapter 7

my eyes fluttered open as i felt a small, female body move slowly on top of me. i smiled slightly and looked down at my chest.
"hey babe" she smiled up at me, kissing my cheek as i stayed frozen in the bed. i pushed her off of me and stood up with haste, my mind wondering over what had happened the night before.
"what are you doing here?!" i exclaimed, pulling a top over my naked chest.
"we slept together last night, dont you remember?" she asked me, walking over and pressing her hands lightly onto my body.
"yes i remember but im trying to block the thought of it out." i sighed, running her hand through my hair. she went to kiss me but i pushed her back, annoyed at her and myself for letting myself do this to y/n. i cared about her, i didnt know what i was doing. i betrayed her trust even though we had a fight beforehand. i walked fast out of the room, ordering her to stay in the bedroom. the boys were already downstairs, eating pancakes whilst louis and harry cooked more, standing naked with only a cooking apron covering them. i didnt care, i had only seen them like that a million times. grabbing a carton of orange juice from the fridge, i chugged it down without pouring it into a glass.
"woah slow down mate. you tired after last night" niall winked at me as he stuffed food into his mouth. i grimaced at him as he did so, sitting down opposite niall and next to liam at the breakfast table.
"dont talk about it." i snapped back, not making eye contact with niall whilst i drank the juice.
"did you and y/n have a nice make up sex session last night?" harry asked me, winking as he put more pancakes on the table.
"no, i wasnt with y/n-"
"morning boys" grace smiled as he sat next to me at the table, picking a pancake out of the middle of the table and dropping it on her plate. the boys froze and stared at her, some in disgust, the others in pure shock.
"er grace...what an unpleasant surprise" louis sarcastically grinned at her, walking over and sitting next to niall. "what are you doing here?" he asked her as i threw my head in my hands, ashamed at my actions.
"i slept with zayn last night, didnt you hear?" grace asked them casually, smiling as she did. the boys raised their eyesbrows and stared at me as i raised my head in my hands, biting my lip in worry.
"zayn, can we talk to you in the living room for a minute?" harry asked me, dragging me up off of my chair and pulled me into the living room. the others followed and closed the door behind them.
"what the fuck do you think you're doing?! you cheated on that skank with y/n!" harry exclaimed, smacking my arm with a dish rag.
"i know it was a mistake! i dont know what i was thinking!" i tried to explain.
"you're damn right you didnt know what you were doing. we thought that when you went upstairs last night you were going to shag y/n, not fucking grace!" niall added in, still shoving pancakes in his mouth. "you have to get rid of grace and end it with her once and for all! and then fix things with y/n!" niall continued, speaking sense as the rest of the boys nodded along with him. i bit my lip again, running my hands through my hair in worry that y/n might find out about the horrid thing that i did. i picked up the house phone from the table below and dialed her home number fast, louis and harry walking back into the kitchen to cook more food whilst liam and niall sat on the arms of the chair, watching me dial.
"hey y/n, its me.....i want to sort this out, its a stupid thing to be fighting over......what? no not now babe......err ok bye" i put the phone down, worry in my eyes. "she's already on her way, she wanted to come and sort things out" i spat out, my eyes glued to the kitchen door that had grace behind it. i rushed in there and walked towards her.
"whats wrong babe?" she asked me, making me feel sick inside as she stood up and stared into my eyes. harry grimaced as he watched her try and flirt with me.
"you need to leave. we're over, for good. never come back to me." i threw at her, pushing her towards the door. we landed in the hallway where i handed her coat to her, slipping her arms in the sleeve with her back facing me. as she turned back around, she flung her arm around my neck, pulling our faces together as our lips touched harshly. she wrapped both of her arms around my neck, pulling me in closer as we stood in front of the front door. it suddenly swung open as y/n stood in the doorway, her mouth falling to the ground as hurt was revealed in her eyes. i pushed grace off of me, looking panicked at y/n as she sped back around and walked back down the path, pushing grace away and running back after y/n.

he ran after me as a tear fell down my cheek.
"y/n wait!" zayn exclaimed, tugging on my arm as i span round to him.
"what?!" i screamed at him, my vision getting impaired as water filled my eyes.
"that wasnt what it looked like!" zayn tried to explain.
"it wasnt? then tell me this, why is your ex girlfriend in your house and why has she got her tongue down your throat?!" i screamed at him, trying to walk down the path but zayn holding my hand and pulling me back into the house, harshly. grace stood in the doorway, a smug look on her face.
"well zayn i should go, last night was fun babe" she added, kissing him on the cheek softly as i watched her leave the house.
"last night? LAST NIGHT?! what the fuck happened last night, zayn?!" i screamed at him, rushing into the living room and flinging my coat off as the kitchen door slowly creaked open with four heads peering round it in worry.
"nothing happened-"
"nothing?! nothing happened?! are you sure zayn because that didnt sound like nothing to me!" i yelled at him, picking a magazine up off the couch and pelting it at him. he threw his arms up against his face in defense.
"y/n please let me explain." he pleaded me, following me around the coffee table.
"ok, explain then!" i yelled at him, wiping a tear from my eye as hurt and betrayal filled my heart.
"when you left, grace came over and forced herself on me-" i laughed loudly at him, not wanting to believe his bullshit.
"forced? you know you could have said no..." i droned on, my hair messy as my red eyes became damper.
"i tried! then we...slept together.." zayn added in, hanging his head low as he looked at the ground, ashamed. it made me feel sick. i looked at him in disgust as i held my stomach with my other hand over my mouth.
"so you did sleep with her? you fucking pig" i yelled, picking the magazine up and throwing it at him as he ducked, it hit the wall behind and fell the floor with a clatter.
"yes but it meant nothing!" zayn exclaimed, rushing over to me as desperation filled his eyes.
"but it was worse ruining our relationship?" i added in.
"i didnt think we had a relationship to ruin! i thought you ended it! i wanted to fix things, it was wrong of me to sleep with grace-"
"please zayn, just forget it. we're over, you've ruined everything. i thought you were someone that wouldnt ever hurt me in any way." i cried to him, the boys standing in the corner of the room, a cloud of sadness towering over them. i slowly walked past zayn, wiping the tears that had fallen off of my face.
"y/n, please wait." i sighed out and stood in front of him, crossing my arms in front of me. "i want to ask you about you and this boy." zayn added in, showing me the picture of me and sam walking to school.
"he's my friend, thats it." i snapped at him.
"well thats not what it looked like to me" zayn threw back at me.
"piss off zayn. i did nothing wrong, you shagged your ex girl-"
"you dont think i know that?! i regretted every single minute of it!" he said, holding onto my hands as he tried to stare lustily into my eyes.
"zayn please, i cant trust you anymore, you're a totally different person to me now." i cried, sniffing hard as i pulled my hands out of his
"y/n, please" zayn whimpered, following me out into the hallway whilst i put my coat back on. "dont go. please. i care about you so much" he pleaded, holding my hands as we looked into each others red eyes. i slipped my hand out and turned the door handle.
"bye zayn" i croaked out, walking out into the cold morning air and closing the door behind me.

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