Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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6. Chapter 6

"where have you been?" a sharp voice rang in my ears behind me as i closed the door shut. i turned around and saw my mum standing behind me, tapping her foot impatiently on the ground with her arms crossed across her chest.
"i was at the boys' house..." i trailed on, dumping my bag on the ground.
"you werent allowed to stay the night" she snapped back at me, following me out of the room and into the kitchen where i grabbed an apple.
"sorry mum-"
"did anything happen between you and zayn?! i dont want you doing that sort of stuff, y/n! you're too young and you dont know him!" she exclaimed, i rolled my eyes at her whilst she got frustrated with me.
"mum, nothing happened!" i lied through my teeth. of course something happened, we had sex. she narrowed her eyes at me as i stormed out of the room, annoyed at her accusation that was in fact correct. but she didnt need to know that, it wasnt any of her business.
"are you his girlfriend now?" she asked me, joining me on the sofa as i turned the television on.
"nope" i replied bluntly, not making eye contact as my stare was kept on the screen.
"im sure he'll ask you soon" she added in, tapping my thigh as she got up and walked back into the kitchen.
"i hope" i sighed to myself silently.

me and monday mornings have something in common. nobody likes us. it was frosty outside, the water in the schools pond had froze over and the grass had layer of frost on top of it, making it slippy to walk on. i trudged down the road to school on this frosty morning, my hands in my pockets as i walked.
"oi y/n!" a boy called my name, making me spin round fast.
"er hi?" i asked sam. sam was a boy that i had known for years, he had blonde hair and bright blue eyes and a smile that could brighten up any bodies day.
"you alright?" he asked me, walking by me as i took out one of my headphones. he slipped his arm around my waist, in a friendly way though.
"yeah not too bad, you?" i asked him. he smiled and nodded with a resounding 'yes'.
"anything happened at school since i left?" he asked me, gazing into my eyes. i pointed to my hair under my bobble hat which made his eyes expand. "oh my God! why did you cut it off?!" he exclaimed, twiddling a piece in his fingers.
"i didnt want to, jade and her friends did whilst i was asleep." i sighed, remembering the night of the sleepover.
"really? wow thats nice" he replied sarcastically, puffing out some air as he did so. "anyway, got to go to work, bye!" he exclaimed, turning down a different road as he hugged me. i waved at him, a smile sticking on my face.
"ooh y/n and sam, sitting in a tree!" jade exclaimed behind me, ripping the hat off of my head and throwing it in the middle of the icy road.
"he's just a friend" i sighed as her and her friends surrounded me.
"sure he is." she replied, crossing her arms resulting in not letting me get past to collect my hat from the road behind her. "i have a nice little picture of him with his arm around your waist. want to see?" jade laughed, showing me the picture on her iPhone. i snatched it off of her, staring at the picture. she grabbed the phone back and stuffed it in her pocket.
"delete it!" i exclaimed, worrying that she might send it to zayn over twitter. but, zayn and i hadnt gone public so i guess there wasnt anything to worry about, despite the fact that we were swarmed with paparazzi and fans outside my house. jade laughed and shoved past me, her hair scraped back stretching out her face and into a tight bun on top of her head whilst she chewed viciously on a piece of gum. i stumbled behind, walking into school with my head hanging low. the classroom was full as i took my seat in front of jade.
"so y/n, what did you do over the weekend? cry over your lost hair?" jade asked, laughing as she high-fived her other bitchy friend, jessica.
"no i went to dinner with zayn." the laughter coming from her group and the rest of the class grew stronger as she held her stomach, tears forming in her eyes as she laughed hard.
"yeah sure and i had sex with justin bieber" she threw back at me, making the mockery grow stronger and louder as everyone made fun of me. i turned back around and threw my head in my hands, fed up with everyone.

"hey babe" zayn smiled at me as he opened the front door and letting me inside. he giggled at my red nose and cheeks, kissing them softly to make them warm.
"heya" i replied, taking off my coat and hanging it up on a peg. he walked me into the lounge where harry and niall were cuddling each other under a blanket whilst watching the film 'elf' on their tv. zayn sat on the arm chair, pulling me onto his lap as he wrapped his arms around my waist. i curled up into a ball in his arms as i stared at the tv.
"how was your day?" he asked me, staring into my eyes as i avoided his gaze.
" whole class laughed at me and made fun of me because i said i went out for dinner with you on saturday." i sighed, burying my head in between his shoulder and neck, my eyes still hooked on the film.
"well that was stupid, that does sound unbelievable for an average person to date me-"
"average? are you calling me average? do you think of yourself as superior or something?" i exclaimed, sitting up on his lap as his grip around my waist loosened. niall paused the film and listened intently. zayns eyes became filled with worry and shock.
"no babe thats not what i meant-"
"no, i know what you meant. i just wanted a nice chat after a shitty day of school and i get put down even more and called 'average'. thanks." i snapped at him, pushing myself off of his lap and going to the door. zayn walked fast after me, grabbing my wrist and spinning me around just as i put my coat on.
"i didnt mean to upset you."
"well congratulations, you have." i snapped back at him, tugging on the door handle and opening it fast, slamming the door i his face as i rushed out into the cold evening air. i knew that he wouldnt run after me, he wouldnt want to make thins worse between us. my phone buzzed in my pocket as i pulled it out, i saw i had a new tweet; from zayn.
-come back babe x-
i clicked on my keypad and replied to him fast. the amount of retweets he had gotten for the tweet to me kept escalating.
-@zaynmalik i'll talk to you later-
i saw on my timeline that there was a lot of talk about me and zayn and how the 'zayn girls' were freaking out that we might be dating. i walked down the road fast to my bus stop waiting for it come and collect me. my phone buzzed again, making me reach into my pocket. it was a text from jade telling me she had tweeted the picture of me and sam walking to school together. my heart dropped when i saw i had a text from zayn.
-we need to talk about this boy you were with, i didnt mean to upset you babe x-
i held my phone to my chest as i held back the heavy tears. the bus pulled up in front of me letting the doors open. i sat on the bus, plugging in my ipod. the first song that came on was 'with or without you' by U2, one of my favourite songs. it reminded me of zayn.


"i cant believe she would do that." i sighed as i sat down on the sofa next to niall and liam, staring at picture of y/n and sam.
"she hasnt cheated on you mate calm down" harry said from the other side of the room. "you're not even exclusive yet. she can date whoever she wants!" harry exclaimed, i shot him daggers as worry grew inside of me. standing up, i walked over to the front door where there was a heavy knock. i was hoping it would be y/n accepting my forgiveness. i opened the door to reveal a beautiful girl with long dark hair.
"i thought you needed a friend" grace said as she stepped into my house, walking past and standing by the stairs.
"what are you doing here grace?" i asked her, crossing my arms.
"i saw the picture that was posted on twitter of y/n and that boy. thought it might have upset you so..." she trailed on, walking towards me, her finger making circles on my chest as her eyes wondered round my soul. she stepped closer towards me, lust filling her eyes as we got closer together. "good thing i live close to you babe...ive missed the months we have bee apart"
"grace, you should leave. i dont love you anymore.2 i whispered as she threw her arm around my neck, pulling me in closer, our noses rubbing together as her lips touched mine softy.
"you know you still love me zayn" she whispered. i pushed her up against the wall, slamming my lips on her hard as i picked her up and carried her up the stairs towards my room...

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