Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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5. Chapter 5

"and i'll have the steak please" zayn ordered as he gave his menu to the waitress, smiling as he winked at her. i looked around the huge room, the ceiling painted, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling as a group of musicians played in the corner of the room. there were large mirrors with golden frames on each wall, making it look bigger with plants dotted around. she smiled and walked away, leaving my gaze to fall upon zayns.
"what you smiling at?" i grinned at him as he played with my foot under the table with his.
"you. you're so beautiful y/n." he giggled, holding my hand across the table. i blushed hard and looked down in my lap.
"thank you. i still cant believe im on a date with zayn malik." i exclaimed, still in unbelievable shock.
"you dont have to use my full name" zayn smiled, sticking his out in between his teeth like he does in pictures.
"sorry" i replied, taking a sip of my glass of wine and putting it back on the table gently. "how do you think the fans are taking it? because if i was in their position and saw you with some girl then-"
"you're not some girl. and they'll be fine, dont worry" he smiled at me, sipping his own glass of wine. "hey we probably have half an hour until our food..." zayn winked at me, biting his lip as he got up and walked round the table to me, bending down to whisper in my ear. "meet me in the bathroom" his cool breath hitting my skin hard as he walked away, my eyes wide as i gazed at him walking around the corner to the bathrooms. i pushed back my chair and followed him, holding my long dress up a bit to stop it trailing on the floor. a girl walked up to me and stopped me in my path, a girl that i recognised and disliked a lot.
"you must be y/n" she said sweetly, smiling at me in her light blue dress.
"er yes, how did you know?" i asked her, looking behind at the corner leading to the bathroom.
"you and zayn are the cover of nearly every magazine, you and your tweets to each other." she laughed at me. i knew this girl wasnt nice, i knew she was bad news.
"oh right and you're grace right?" i asked he, the awkward tension building up in between us. she nodded at me as i saw zayn turn up behind her, his eyebrows knitting together.
"grace?!" he exclaimed, she spun round and leaped into his arms, hugging him tight as i ball of jealousy filled up in my stomach. he carefully pushed her out of his arms in shock of seeing grace. "what doing here?" he asked through gritted teeth as she pushed us to our table and grabbing a seat, sitting down with us. i rolled my eyes at zayn as he tried hard not to laugh. she sat down as her eyes dotted in between me and zayn.
"so...are you two on a date?"
"yeah we are" zayn smiled at me, his gaze never leaving mine. "so how are you grace? cheated on any of your other boyfriends recently?" zayn asked her sarcastically, she fidgeted on her chair awkwardly, not making eye contact.
"no." she replied timidly, coughing as she did so.
"well i think i'll go to the toilet" i spat out standing up from my chair, grace immediately standing up after me.
"i'll join you" she smiled, following me into the toilets. she closed the door behind us abruptly and walked over; evil bubbling up in her eyes. "look y/n, i know that zayn still loves me, he made a mistake dumping me. so im going to get him back."
"he's not my boyfriend and he broke up with you because you slept with your ex!" i exclaimed, going silent as a woman walked in. grace stood in front of me, brushing her long dark hair behind her ear. she really was beautiful, i could see what zayn saw in her.

"zayn im telling you! she wants you back!" i laughed as i pulled off my shoes and dropped them on the floor, wobbling on the edge of the bed in my dress. zayn came over to me, his suit undone, hair messy and his sleeves on his white shirt were rolled up as his top buttons were undone. he sat on my lap, facing me as he put a leg either side of my body, pushing his front onto mine. "you know im fangirling so much right now" i smiled at him as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
"i know baby." he whispered as he kissed my lips softly. "and no need to worry about grace, i ended things with her a long time ago babe" he grinned at me, kissing my neck softly. "i have a question that ive been meaning to ask you, i was going to ask you at dinner but we go interrupted..." zayn droned on. my eyes lit up at this question he had yet to ask me.
"and whats that?" i asked, leaning on the bed onto my back, zayn crawling on top of me, our noses touching.
"will you do the honour of becoming my-" i pushed him off of me, making him fall onto the floor as he rolled off the bed. i raced to the bathroom, lifting up the toilet seat and letting a large flow of sick pour out of my mouth down the loo. zayn ran over to me, holding my hair back.
"are you alright?" he asked me. i nodded with my head in the bowl, kneeling beside it as i spat chunks of food down the toilet.
"i just realised that i was allergic to that salmon, it makes me throw up. i thought i was going to be ok when i ordered it, sorry babe" i laughed in the toilet bowl. zayn giggled and tied my hair back as he rubbed up and down my back with his strong hands.
"thats ok babe. you want me to get you a glass of water?" he asked me, i nodded and threw up again, my stomach wrenching inside of me. the smell and sight of sick made me be sick even more. he walked out of the room quickly, passing niall who walked in, holding his nose and looking worried as i hurled.
"err y/n...are you pregnant?" niall asked in the doorway which made me laugh hard, creating more sick.
"no i had an allergic reaction to some salmon. ugh i cant believe niall horan is watching me throw up" i groaned to myself, mentally face palming.
"its ok love" he replied, kneeling down next to me as he handed me some tissue, patting my back. zayn came up behind him and handed me a glass of water. they watched me eagerly chug down the glass.
"that was vile" i spat out, grabbing some mouthwash and swirling it around in my mouth, spitting it out in the sink.
"yeah, it dont smell or look so good either" niall joked, peering hesitantly down the toilet. i slammed the lid shut and flushed the chain, making the smell disappear. zayn pushed him out of the room and shut the door, picking me up off the floor and walking me over to the bed as he handed me three chewing gums from his pocket. i slithered up the bed, laying on my back as zayn climbed on top of me, kissing my arms as he went up. his hand skimmed down my side, holding onto the small zip of the side of my dress, pulling it down; revealing the cold skin underneath. he bent down and kissed the showing skin gently with his lips. his hands traced my body, pulling down the dress carefully down to my waist as he kissed it gently.
"are you alright babe?" he asked me. i was this time, i knew i was fine. i wanted this to happened right.
"yes. im sure" i nodded at him, my heart beating fast. he pulled the dress off and dropped it on the floor as he climbed further on top of me, removing the shirt off of his body and chucking it behind him with attitude. i slowly undid his trousers, pulling them down slowly as my eyes widened.
"i didnt want to wear boxers tonight" he whispered, gazing into my eyes. he came closer to me, sucking on my neck softly, making me moan as his hot body lay on top of me. "babe, you arent shaking this time" he smiled at me.
"this time its not so scary" i said directly back at him as he held me in his arms, his hands perched nicely behind my shoulder blades. the moonlight streamed through the large bedroom, creating a large shadow of us both together on the wall. we changed over as i sat on him, he held me up as i flung a leg either side of his waist. he flung his head back in delight. i bent down, kissing his lips passionately, his tongue swirling around my now minty mouth.
i lay softly in his arms, my eyes shutting slowly as a small smile was drawn on my face.
"im always here for you. whenever you need a friend, i'll be there. i promise" he whispered softly to me as his lips pecked my head, his strong and muscular arms wrapped around my hot, naked body.

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