Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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4. Chapter 4

"where do you want to sleep?" zayn asked me as i walked into his bedroom, brushing my teeth. i had called my mum and she was shocked to hear i was at one directions house.
"dont mind" i mumbled through a mouthful of toothpaste. zayn walked around his bed, only wearing his underwear.
"would you like to...stay with me tonight?" zayn asked me as i walked out of the bathroom, pulling back the duvet cover on his double bed. i stared at him, a smile growing on our faces. " know...its cold outside and we need to keep warm." zayn added as he walked over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pushing his half naked body up against mine.
"that sounds nice" i replied, making circles on his smooth chest with my finger. he held my hand and led me over to the bed, pushing me on my back slowly. he climbed on top of me, removing my shirt slowly as he bent down and kissed my smooth body.
"just tell me when to stop" zayn whispered, looking up at me. he pulled down my shorts slowly, kissing my inner thighs, leaving hot lip marks along my skin. his lips got closer in wards, i started to feel uncomfortable, i didnt want zayns lips there, not yet.
"zayn" i murmured, he stopped and looked up.
"sorry babe. too far?" he asked, crawling up to my body and circling his fingers on my cheek. i nodded and swallowed hard. sitting up, i shuffled across the bed, zayn following me like a lost puppy.
"zayn...i errm...." i stuttered out, my hand trembling as i did so. he put his finger up to my lip and stared deeply into my eyes.
"shh babe." he whispered, holding hard on my hips as he slithered on top of me. he pulled down his boxers and threw them to the ground. i felt sick and nervous as i knew what was going to happen. he thrusted into me hard, making me wince out in pain. pulling the hair out of my face, he kissed my lips slowly, leaving a tingly sensation on them.
"zayn i dont want to do this" i muttered, trying hard not to scream out in pain but not pleasure.
"sure you do babe. you're safe" he whispered, kissing my neck softly. he wouldnt stop. i kept asking him to, telling him that i had had enough. his hot, sweaty body was pushed onto mine. as he slithered off the bed and put his boxers back on, i breathed out in relief; watching him bend over me and kiss my forehead softly.
"that was amazing" he whispered in my ear as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. i sat with my back up against the head board, pulling my knees up underneath my chest as i wrapped my arms tightly around my legs. balancing my chin on my knees, i cried softly to myself. i just lost my virginity to someone i barely knew. despite the fact that he was famous and i adored him no matter what, but i wasnt ready. i thought i was; but i wasnt. i heard stories about the girls in my class, about how their first time was so romantic and pleasurable. mine was nothing like that. it hurt, a lot. i got up, wiping a tear from my eye and putting my clothes back on as i walked down the stairs to the boys who were watching a scary movie. the time was getting close to early morning. zayn had left a spot on the arm chair next to him, just for me. i smiled weakly and walked over to him. bending down i tried to not let any of the boys hear.
"i need to go." i said. zayn furrowed his eyebrows and turned to look at me.
"what do you mean? i thought you were allowed to spend the night?" zayn questioned me.
"i have school tomorrow" i added in. he offered earlier to drop me off at school tomorrow, and i accepted but now i felt uncomfortable with him. i stood up and walked out the room, zayn running after me as i picked up my coat and put it on, holding the handle to the front door.
"wait. why are you leaving? the truth y/n" zayn snapped at me, looking at me with a weird expression. "is this about earlier? i thought you wanted that to happen y/n!" zayn whispered loudly, not wanting the boys in the other room to hear.
"i thought i did too. but i guess i wasnt ready...i have to go." i added in, opening the front door, letting the cold air rush inside the house as i pecked zayn softly on the cheek.

on my way home from school, i would normally see a boy, around the age of nineteen, sitting on the swing as he swung back and forth gently. today i didnt. the park was empty. as i walked over the frost-covered grass, i pulled out my phone, my finger hovering over zayns profile. was i to tweet him?
-@zaynmalik come to the park x-
i hit tweet and waited. sitting on the park swing, i swung back and forth gently, my head resting on the chain as i thought about the other night. my phone buzzed in my pocket, making me pull it out and read the tweet.
-alright babe-
i smiled slightly to myself. my smile then disappeared when i saw the bullies from my school rip open the park gate and run in, lighting up cigarettes and smoking them. i tried not to make direct eye contact as jade walked up to my swing.
"well well. what do we have here?" she asked me, playing with my hair, i knocked her hand away, a sick feeling filling up in my stomach. "did you just hit me?" jade asked, grabbing the rim of my shirt around my neck and pulling me up so we were face to face. the gang around her walked closer, laughing at mr as they did.
"no, no i didnt" i cried out, my voice shaking.
"i think you did. didnt you?!' she exclaimed, dropping me onto the floor as i fell face first with a bang.
"you disgust me" she said, gritting her teeth as a large pile of spit came out of her mouth and flew onto my face. the others laughed at me, pointing and mocking me as they left me on the floor to wither away and be non existent to the outside world. as they walked away, a pool of tears surrounded me. the ground was hard and cold, my hands were turning blue. jade had snatched up my gloves and scarf, keeping them for herself. i watched her and her friends walk over to a bin, throwing my belongings into it and pouring some sort of liquid onto my items. a flame appeared, creating a large fire to burn my warm clothes. they laughed and ran out the park; leaving me in just a jeans and t-shirt in freezing temperatures. i sat up shakily, pushing myself off the ground as i moved over to the pole of the swings, curling up into a ball as i sat against the pole.
"hey" a small voice said behind me. i snapped my head around to see zayn standing behind me, his hands in his pockets. he was wearing a beanie and a thick coat, obviously not wanting to get spotted. "you're crying" he said as he sat down next to me, crossing his legs as he wiped a tear away from my eye. i smiled weakly at him as he took off his coat and wrapped it around my shoulders.
"they took my things. and burnt them" i croaked out, my eyes glued to the sit of the fire that had now died down in the bin.
"oh" zayn said plain fully back. "im sorry. for the other night. you werent ready and it was wrong of me to do that." zayn said calmly, holding my hand gently.
"its ok" i smiled at him. "thanks for coming" i whispered, my voice crackling in the cold.
"its my pleasure. are we still on for dinner saturday night?" zayn asked me. a smile grew onto my face as i nodded at him.
"yes, yes we are."

"did he say where he is taking you?" my mum asked me as we searched through the dresses in the shop.
"somewhere nice and posh." i replied, taking out a long, red, floor length dress and holding it up against my body.
"thats beautiful" my mum smiled at me, her hand running down the dress as he examined it. "how much?" she asked me, pulling out her credit card and walking round towards the checkout. i pulled out the label and thank fully it was in the sale.
"one hundred" i replied, my mum nodded and took the dress out of my hands, putting it on the counter for the check out woman.
"now be careful, he's very famous and i dont want you getting hurt" my mum smiled at me, pulling a small strand of hair away from my face and tucking it behind my ear. "he's a very lucky boy" i looked down and blushed as my mum handed me the plastic bag with the dress in as i smiled widely.
"i've missed that smile."
"me too mum" i replied, holding her hand as we walked around the shopping center together.
it was nine at night when the doorbell rang. my mum answered it and sent zayn straight upstairs to my room. the door swung open as i turned around. my mouth fell the ground when i saw zayn in a perfectly fitted suit, golding a long stemmed, red rose in his hand. his hair was perfectly ordered with his little blonde streak at the front. i stood up and walked over to him as he put his arm round my waist and pulled me into him for a quick his on the lips.
"you look...beautiful." he whispered in my ear. the dress was backless, down to the floor and red without any straps and my hair was curled neatly. luckily, my hair had grown a little and was nearly down to my shoulders.
"thank you. you look amazing too" i replied, my eyes checking his body up and down as he smiled at me. he leaned in and kissed my lips softly, his hand moving down my back and onto my bum.
"are you ready for our first date? the car is outside for us." he smiled at me, holding my hand tight as we walked down the stairs.
"theres a problem. some fans must have heard about this and found out where we live..." my mum exclaimed as he stared at us in worry when we got to the bottom of the stairs.
"what?!" zayn exclaimed, running to the front door and squishing his head up against the window to see hundreds of fans chanting his name. "how did they find out?! did you tweet?" zayn asked me, frustration growing in his eyes.
"no of course not!"
"they might have followed me here." he sighed. zayn shook his head and grabbed my hand, swinging the front door open to see paparazzi everywhere, fans behind them, running up to us as we walked quickly out of the house and into the car.

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