Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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3. Chapter 3

i walked into school, my hair neatly cut by the hairdresser to shape the bad bits well. when i finally told my mum, she went mental; ringing up the school, yelling them for not noticing my bullying issues. sadly, none of the girls that did it got caught or owned up, so they got away with it whilst they laughed at me around school. i walked down the school corridor, people laughing at me as they heard the tale of my hair. it had spread round school faster than rumours. i held my head low, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone.
"oi oi, nice hair" one boy laughed at me, throwing a piece of crumpled up paper at the back of my head. laughter spread round the hallway as i stumbled into maths. the class went silent as jade sat in her chair, eyeing me up.
"nice hair" she said to me. i glared at her, trying to stop tears forming in my eyes and sat on my chair in front of her. their was large amounts of whispering coming from the back of the class and the mention of my name. the teacher walked in and stopped as she caught attention to my drastic hair change.
"oh y/n, you've cut off all your lovely long hair!" she exclaimed, staring at me with a small smile as she dropped a pile of textbooks onto the table. i didnt want to think about it and even the thought of it made my eyes swell up in tears.
"yeah miss, she could decide if she wanted it. she had to sleep on it-" laughter surrounded me as they mocked me and my hair. i stood up, pushing the chair back and rushing out the classroom, tears falling down my face. i sprinted out of the school, crying hysterically. the gates were open to the outside world as i ran straight to the park, bounding onto a swing, holding onto the chain and resting my head on it as i cried softly. pulling out my phone, i dm'd zayn, asking if he was free to meet me again.
'@zaynmalik-meet me at the park, its urgent? x'
i sent the message and moments later he replied.
'yeah sure babe, i might have to bring the others with me if you dont mind we just got back from an interview (: x'
a tiny smile appeared on my face as i read that he might be bring the boys. this wasnt the best time to meet them but at least it would cheer me up. i sat on the swing as gentle snow flakes started to fall. i hadnt brought my coat or scarf from when i ran out the school, so i was cold. my teeth started chattering and lips turning blue as the snow became heavier. ten minutes later, i car pulled up across the road from the park. five boys got out of the car; messing about and laughing with each other. a small twitched on my face as they walked towards me. i stayed sitting on the swing, moving back and forth slowly. zayn walked faster then the rest of them and came up to me, smiling slightly.
"whats up babe? why are you out of school?" i looked up from the snowy ground, tears falling down my cheeks. he kneeled down and rub his hand up my leg softly.
"its going to be ok." he said softly, our stares connecting with each others.
"er zayn" niall said behind him, we came out of the gaze as zayn pulled me up and introduced me to the boys. they all hugged me, rubbing my back as they did.
"dont cry beautiful" louis smiled at me.
"thanks" i mumbled. i tucked my now short hair behind my ear and looked down at the ground. liam came up to me as the other boys sat on the swings, looking at my hair.
"is this what those girls did to you?" he asked me, looking into my eyes. i nodded, trying hard not to cry.
"yep. i couldnt take it anymore so i ran out of school." i sighed, looking down to the ground. liam smiled weakly at me as he pulled me into a tight hug.
"im hungry!" niall exclaimed, throwing his back as he whined loudly. i giggled at him and came out of the hug with liam.
"you wanna come back to ours for some food?" zayn asked me as him and the others jumped up off of the swings. a large smile grew on my face as i nodded vigorously.
"yes yes!" i exclaimed. the boys laughed as we walked towards the car.
"im guessing you're a directioner?" liam asked me as i walked in between him and zayn.
"yes, huge one!" i laughed, temporarily forgetting all of my worries.

"and this is my room" zayn smiled as he opened his bedroom door to yet another large bedroom. i walked in and looked around in pure wonderment. i perched on the edge of his bed, zayn joining me.
"its gorgeous" i said, gazing around the room, my eyes finally meeting zayns gaze.
"like you" he smiled softly. my cheeks flushed red as i smiled at him.
"no im not-"
"yes you are y/n! when i was telling the boys about you, the first thing i said was 'she is so beautiful'." zayn said softly, shuffling closer to me softly, his hand resting on my leg. my heart fluttered in my chest as i stared into his chocolate, brown eyes. he leaned in closer to me, our bodies pressed against each other as our breathing became faster. "are you um.." zayn half-asked me, gulping hard as his chest was pushed against mine "...a virgin?" he continued, staring deep into my eyes, desperately searching for an answer.
"if i said yes, will you stop talking to me?" i asked him, whispering as i did.
"nothing will stop me from talking to you" he grinned at me, moving his hand up my back and to the back of my head; pulling it in closer. our lips touched softly. i had never kissed anyone before, i didnt think i would ever have a first kiss and i certainly didnt think my first kiss would be with zayn malik. i moved in closer to him, as the kissed lasted for a few more seconds. we pulled apart and smiled at each other. my heart was jumping around with joy. it wasnt a proper kiss but his lips touched mine for seven seconds.
"that was...nice" i smiled at him, blushing hard.
"yeah...yeah it was" zayn grinned at me. there was a knock at his door which sent us apart. the door opened and niall walked in.
"we're ordering a pizza, you want to stay y/n?" niall asked me.
"seriously?!" i asked him, a large smile appearing on my face. he nodded at me, smiling widely as he showed off his perfect teeth. "ok!" i exclaimed, jumping up as niall walked out of the room, leaving me and zayn alone once again. he walked up to me and put his arms around my waist.
"what are you doing this weekend?" he asked me, swaying side to side gently, balancing his hands on my waist.
"nothing" i replied, shaking my head. i was hoping he would ask me out, but i thought why would zayn malik want to go out with a school girl who gets her hair chopped off by horrid girls? i thought wrong
"i was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner with me. get to know each other better and see where it goes from there" he grinned at me, leaning in and kissing my cheek carefully. i smiled up at him, staring into his beautiful hazel eyes.
"that sounds perfect. thank you zayn" i whispered.
"for what babe?" he asked me, holding me closer to him.
"for answering my tweet, following me. helping me when i was getting bullied and just being a lovely guy to me, despite the fact you didnt know me" i smiled at him, slipping my own arms around his neck.
"like me and the boys say, we're always here for our girls if theyre there for us" he grinned down at me, pecking me on the lips softly. he moved in closer to me, pushing his crotch onto me as he bent down a bit and kissed my neck, making me moan quietly. "tell me when to stop if you get too uncomfortable babe" he whispered in my ear as his lips left hot kisses over my neck. it didnt feel uncomfortable or wrong. it felt right, as if something was meant to happen between me and zayn. we talked on twitter all the time and met each other a lot of times. i was comfortable with doing anything with zayn, i felt like i could trust him and he wouldnt take advantage of me. the kisses slowly moved up my neck to my jawline. i carefully sucked on the skin of his neck, leaving hot love bites. his lips then attached onto mine, moving them in sync as our arms pulled us closer. his soft tongue trailed along the bottom of my lip. i didnt know how to kiss like that, so i pulled out.
"sorry babe, was that too far?" he asked me, staring softly into my eyes.
"no its just...i dont know how to...y'know..." i mumbled, taking my arms away from his neck and bring them back to my body as i nibbled nervously on my finger nail.
"kiss?" he asked me, still holding onto my waist. i nodded, not looking at him. i threw my hands onto my face and came out of his arms, sitting on the bed ashamed. "hey babe, its nothing to be embarrassed about!" zayn exclaimed, throwing his arm around my shoulder and pulling me in, my head in the dip of his neck. "just follow my lead" he said softly. pushing me gently out, looking into my eyes as i nodded at him; butterflies filling my stomach. he held his fingers under my chin and pulled my chin closer to his, our lips meeting once again. they tapped lighty on mine, his tongue running along the bottom of my lip. i opened my mouth slightly, then more, letting his tongue come in and trail round my mouth. i followed his lead and went with the kiss that became more passionate. he took off my jacket slowly, dropping it onto the floor as he pushed me back carefully, crawling on top of me, a leg either side. the door flew open just as i took off his top. his lips left mine as our heads flew to the open door.
"err sorry to interrupt but the pizza is here." niall said nervously, pointing downstairs.
"thanks niall, now shoo." zayn sent him away. niall nodded and closed the door.
"HEY GUYS! ZAYN AND Y/N ARE GETTING IT ON!" niall screamed as he ran down the stairs to the other guys. i laughed and crawled out from under zayn.
"lets go eat" i laughed as i admired zayns body whilst he put his top back on. he held my hand and walked my down the stairs.

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