Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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2. Chapter 2

i sat staring into space, my mind wondering over the night before with zayn and harry at the park. i kept thinking about it, his smile, the way he stood up for me. little did zayn know that i was the girl he followed two months ago. i sat in the chair, my head resting in the plam of my hand as i watched the teacher standing at the front of the class, moan on about homework whilst the whispering behind my ears grew louder and turned into fits of laughter. i felt a tap on my shoulder, causing me to turn around to look at jade; a girl who had bothered me for three years.
"hey y/n" she whispered, keeping her head down low. i sat there, staring at her with a neutral face. "me and the girls are having a sleepover saturday night. wanna join?" she asked me, i rose my eyebrows up and thought about it. this might be a good chance to become friends with jade, maybe not best friends but just mutual.
"err...yeah?" i replied, unsure.
"great, come to mine at eight on saturday!" she exclaimed. i smiled weakly and turned back around, a small smile growing on my face that things were going ok. i heard whispering and laughing behind me, something was telling me that it was about me. but i pushed the thought to the back of my head. the school bell finally rung for the end of the day, and like always, i raced out of the classroom with pace. saturday was only a day away and i wanted to make an impression, not be thought of as the loser anymore.
'@zaynmalik @Harry_Styles thank you for helping me the other day by the swings :)' i tweeted harry and zayn, know that they wouldnt reply. i walked out of school as the cold air hit my face, making my lips turn blue. my phone was safely in my hand, tucked away from the chilly winds. i walked out of the school gates, still having insults and horrid laughter flung at me. snow started to fall from the sky slowly, falling on the ground and on my head. as i walked past the park, i saw a boy sitting on the swing, rocking back and forth slowly. he was sitting on his phone, the bright light gleaming up onto his face that was partially covered by a beanie. my phone buzzed and i noticed a tweet had come through. my heart skipped a beat as i read the tweet from zayn.
'@zaynmalik: youre welcome love (: x'
i screamed softly fangirling in my head. as i got closer to the park, i recognised the boy on the swing. tapping on my phone and sending the tweet, i saw his face light up.
'@zaynmalik i can see you on the swing ;)'
his head looked up and around, as his eyes fixated on me. a small smile appeared on our faces.
'@zaynmalik: i can see you too (: x'
i walked over to him, putting my phone back in my pocket.
"hey" he said as he got up off the swing and smiled at me. "what are you doing here again?" he asked me, rubbing his hands together to keep them warm.
"this is my route home from school" i smiled at him. he nodded and offered me a seat on the swing. i accepted and sat down next to him, my heart beating fast. "you know, the fans are going to go nuts when they see our conversation." i laughed, trying to sound normal while i was screaming inside.
"im sure they will be fine" zayn replied, casually. i laughed at him, my eyes moving away and fixing on the group of teenagers at the corner of the park. they were huddled together in a group, smoking and drinking even though it was 3:45pm. zayn noticed my distant stare and broke the silence. i turned to face him, noticing he had one leg either side of the swing, both of his hands wrapped tightly around the chain in front of him as he faced me.
"are those the kids that bother you?" zayn asked me, nodding over the group that went to my school. i looked down, ashamed, even though i had nothing to be ashamed about.
"yep. everyday they..."
"they what? you can tell me" he smiled softly at me as he took out a cigarette and lit it. "you dont mind if i light one up, do you?" he asked me before putting it in his mouth.
"oh its fine" i smiled back at him. admiring his gentle movements as he put it in his mouth, inhaling and breathing out the smoke, his eyes closing as he did. the way he smoked sent shivers up my spine. usually i hate people who smoke, but when zayn does it, its so sexy.
"so anyway, what do those guys do?" zayn asked, tapping at his ciggy, letting the ash fall to the ground.
" me horrid things, tell me im ugly and no one likes me-"
"thats awful! you're beautiful! dont listen to them babe!" zayn exclaimed before taking another turn of his cigarette. my cheeks blushed profusely.
"thanks" i replied timidly, playing with the ends of my black, woolen scarf.
"i forgot to ask, whats your name love?" zayn asked me, staring into my eyes as he flung the tip of his cigarette to the ground as he finished it.
"its y/n" i replied. he smiled widely.
"well hello, y/n. im zayn, nice meeting you" he grinned at me, holding out his hand as i shook it. "well, i better be going, the boys will be wondering where i am!" zayn exclaimed, jumping up from the swing and smiling at me. i stood up with him as he opened his arms, inviting me in for a soft hug. i wrapped my arms around his waist as he hugged my tightly. i smiled into his warm chest as he did so. we came out of the hug, looking into each others eyes. "it was really nice seeing you again, y/n." zayn said quietly. i smiled widely.
"likewise" i replied. he walked away, waving at me as he walked down the road where his car was parked. my heart fluttered as jumped around in joy, spinning in circles with my head back, looking up at the night sky that was covered in thousands of stars. i stopped spinning in glee and saw that zayn was watching me as he walked. he laughed and waved as i stood still in embarrassment, waving back at him.

"i dont want you to go y/n!" my mum exclaimed as she turned down the long road that belonged to jade. i sighed at her, looking out of the window at the large houses that were covered in christmas lights.
"why not?" i asked her, turning back to face her in the car.
"y/n, this girl bullied you!" my mum repeated for the millionth time. i rolled me eyes at her and carried on staring out the car window. "i dont trust her." my mum carried on. i blocked her out and put my headphones in, listening to one direction.
'on my way to a sleepover at jades!' i tweeted. i was a bit nervous, but i didnt want to be. hopefully nothing bad would happen. my phone buzzed again, saying i had a new mention on twitter.
'@zaynmalik have fun love, see you after school normal time ;) x'
i screamed silently to myself. the way zayn tweeted 'normal time' made my heart flutter. it was like we were friends. we pulled up outside of jades house. as i got out of the car, my mouth fell to the ground as i nearly tipped over from leaning back to get a look at the top of the house. it had a large front garden with grass that was cut to a precise point. there was a large tree, trimmed to the edges in the middle with rows of flowers around the grass. my mum kissed me on my cheek and told me to ring her whenever something bad happened. i said goodbye and watched her drive back down the road. i stood on my own in front of the big house, my heart beating fast. this was the girl that bullied me, her and her friends. why was i at this sleepover?! i knocked on the door with my cold fist and immediately it opened. an arm pulled me inside and closed the door behind me; taking the bags from my hand and throwing them onto the floor. hours past and after secret telling and watching films, my eyes started to shut at the sight of another chick flick. i drifted off to a light sleep whilst the other girls watched the film. i heard whispering around me, silent giggling and the sound of shuffling of sleeping bags. there was a sound to close to my ear that made me wake up. i sat up abruptly, the girls around me laughing and pointing at me.
"what?!" i exclaimed, looking around anxiously. i felt something soft on my hand behind me that was propping me up. i looked down and saw a pile of hair, MY hair lying on the floor. tears filled my eyes as i felt one side of my hair had been cut up to my chin. they had snipped off at least six inches. i stood up and ran out of the living room, tears falling down my cheeks. they followed me out of the room, laughing at me. mocking me as i fled out the house; grabbing my phone.
"where you going?!" jade yelled at me in fits of laughter. i slammed the front door shut and ran down the road, hysterically crying as i tried to tie my hair back. the side where it was cut kept slipping out. i grabbed my phone from out of my pocket, logging onto twitter.
'@zaynmalik please meet me at the swings, its an emergency x'
i dm'd him, not wanting my followers or his fans to see.
'ok babe, i'll be there asap (: x'
he replied. i didnt call my mum yet, she would be too much hassle. i sprinted down the road in my pajamas, snow falling gently. i hated those girls, i hated everything and everyone. the park was getting closer, i saw a car pull up in its usual spot. as i ran fast towards the swings, i heard my name being called; but i ignored them. i sat on the swing, holding my legs up to my chest as i wrapped my arms round the chain and held onto my legs so i wouldnt fall. i cried hard into my legs, leaving tear marks.
"y/n?! whats wrong?!" zayn exclaimed. i looked up, tears falling down my face. he saw the shortened hair, his mouth dropping. zayn came down next to me and hugged me tightly as i threw my arms around his next whilst he rubbed my back. "shh let it all out" he said gently.

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