Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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13. Chapter 13

"harry get under the bed!" i exclaimed, whispering loudly as i pulled him and stuff him under my bed whilst he resisted. she came through the door, her eyes covered in madness as she staggered in.
"who were you talking to, y/n?" my mum asked me, slurring her words. i swallowed hard.
"no one" i stuttered out, rubbing my forehead with the back of my hand as the sweat fell. i looked slyly down at the floor at harry under the bed, i could see his head as he peered out carefully, a worried look on his face.
"liar!" she screamed at me, pulling back her arm and launching the bottle in her hand at the wall behind me, causing it to smash, letting all the drink tumble down the wall onto a small pile on the floor. i screeched and ran out the room, pushing her to the ground as i went past.
"HARRY RUN!" i screamed as i sped down the stairs. i stood halfway up them, just able to peer over the floor to see into my room. harry jumped up from under the bed and ran out of the room, just as my mum bounded up off the floor and tugged on the back of his shirt, pulling him back with anger as he screeched for help. i yelped at ran back up them, fighting her off of him.
"mum get off of him!" i screamed, my voice going high pitched as tears fell down my face. i tugged at her hands wrapped around harrys neck, he tried to rip them off but she was too strong.
"help" harry gagged, his face going blue as she squeezed harder.
"how dare you be with MY DAUGHTER!" she screamed at him, stumbling back fast, slipping on her ankle and flying up in the air high, landing hard on her back with harry on top of her. he threw her arms off him, grabbing my hand and pulling me down the stairs and out of the house. we sprinted down the road, plunging into the darkness. we stopped at the end of the corner, panting as we lost our breath.
"did you get the bag?" i asked him, catching my breath back. harry nodded and held the bag up as i flew into his arms, crying hard. he held my head close to his chest as i tried to catch my breath as i cried hysterically. "im so sorry harry, im so sorry" i mumbled into his now damp shirt.
"shh babe its alright, come on" harry smiled down at me, holding my hand as we walked down the road. in the distance i saw a blonde boy walking towards us, but it wasnt niall.
"sam?" i asked, letting go of harrys hand as i started to pick up pace, eventually sprinting towards sam down the road as he realised it was me.
"y/n!" sam yelled, running into my arms and hugging my tightly. harry walked slowly behind, wondering who i was hugging. sam came out of my arms as his eyes widened as he realised who i was with. "h-harry styles?" he blurted out, running a hand through his soft, blonde hair with sock. harry nodded and smiled, shaking sams hand confidently. "err..are you ok y/n? you look upset, has something happened?" sam exclaimed anxiously, holding onto my hand as he looked deep into my eyes.
"nothing, just my mum again-"
"what did she do? you can stay with me if you like, in my flat, free of charge!" sam offered, i smiled at him, blushing profusely as i did so.
"sam thats so nice, but im going away for the weekend with these guys." i pointed my thumb towards harry, who was still looking a bit flustered at what happened back at the house. sams face dropped as i finished speaking, his normally happy smile fell off his face as he replied "oh". i smiled sympathetically at him and rubbed his arm up and down.
"sorry sam" i smiled once again at him, he coughed uncomfortably and tried to force a fake smile on his face.
"its alright, hope you have fun." he smiled at me, pulling me in for a weak hug and walking away saying a swift bye. i hung my head low as me and harry walked towards his parked car.
"he so likes you" harry laughed, looking back at the boy walking away with his head hanging low.
"no he doesnt, we're best mates. he left school last year and works in a shop and has his own flat-"
"you like him too!" harry grinned, nudging me with his elbow. i stared blankly at him as he climbed into the car, throwing my bag in the back seat.
"thats just bullshit. i love zayn, not sam." i replied to harry, crossing my arms across my chest as i sat comfortably in his car that millions of girls would kill to be in.
"i know you love zayn, but a part of you love sam too. its written all over your face" harry grinned as he pushed the gear stick up and skidded down the road, his arms overlapping each other as he turned the steering wheel in such a seductive way. i bit my lip as i watched harry styles drive casually down the road in the darkness. he turned to me, grinning as he wore his famous grey beanie.
"are you checking me out, y/n?" he asked, winking at me.
"no" i giggled, covering my face as i laughed, stopping him from seeing my red cheeks.
"so about sam-"
"harry, give it a rest!" i groaned at him, leaning my elbow on the tiny ledge under the window as i rested my head on my hands, trying hard not to smirk.
"you so fancy him! fancy nancy!" harry exclaimed, making me burst out into a fit of laughter.
"nancy? whos nancy?" i laughed, questioning his stupid joke. he rolled his eyes as he stopped at traffic lights.
"seriously, do you like sam?" harry asked me, a straight look written all over his face. did i? i knew that i loved zayn, but sam has been my friend since forever. but i was sure that i didnt have feelings for him.
"im sure, he's just a good friend" i smiled truthfully at harry, he nodded and grinned back at me. we finally pulled up in the driveway, the house was dark and silent. everybody was asleep. we opened the front door quietly and tiptoed in. it reminded me of when we were at my house not long ago. harry flicked the switch on, the light bursting deep into my eyes.
"hey guys, how was the visit?" liam asked, popping out of the living room door, carrying an empty bowl in his hands.
"well it pretty much sucked." i replied, sighing as harry dumped my bag on the floor. i walked up the stairs to go to bed, hoping zayn would be already asleep so i would have someone to cuddle up to.
"i think your day can get a bit better" liam winked at me as i walked up the stairs towards zayns room. i turned the door handle and opened it, a smile growing widely on my face as i saw rose petals covering the bed, candles surround the floor and shelves, window sills and tables. zayn was lying in the middle of the bed, wearing nothing but underwear, holding a long stemmed red rose in his hand. i walked over to him, minding the candles on the floor that lit the dark room with a dim glow. i crawled onto the bed and on top of him, a hand either side of his head as i bent down and kissed his lips softly.
"thank you" i whispered gently, taking the rose in my hand tracing his skin softly with one of my fingers.
"you're welcome" zayn replied, moving a piece of hair out of my face as he pulled me in and kissed me deeply, making me moan in pleasure.

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