Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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12. Chapter 12

"do you want to sleep with me tonight?" zayn asked as he handed me a cup of tea, snuggling down under the blanket with him, his arms wrapped around me as i sipped the drink.
"in your bed?" i asked him, staring intently into his eyes.
"yeah" he smiled at me.
"course" i grinned back, leaning in and kissing him softly. i continued the kiss, putting the cup on the coffee table and throwing my hands around his neck as i ran my fingers through his soft hair at the back of his head. the kiss became faster as the blanket fell off of us, he pushed me down onto my back, crawling on top of me as he threw a leg either side of my waist. his soft lips touched mine delicately. we stopped the kiss, but he continued kissing my collarbone and down to my neck. our breathing was fast as i felt his long eye lashes flutter against my skin as he kissed me. the living room door opened, making zayn stop kissing me but on his hands on knees as he sighed.
"woah sorry guys!" harry exclaimed, i looked behind zayn at harry holding up his hands; looking startled.
"leave please" zayn sighed, rolling his eyes at him causing me to giggle.
"sorry didnt know you two would be getting it on in here" harry moaned, walking out and closing the door behind him.
"now, where were we?" zayn asked, smiling down at me as his lips came upon mine again. i pushed him off of me quickly as he hovered over mt body, confused. "whats wrong babe?" he asked me, pulling some hair out of my face.
"what am i going to do?" i asked him.
"me?" zayn replied, winking as his finger traced my skin.
"what? no! i mean about my mum! i dont want to live with her anymore and i cant live with you, we're not even dating-"
"babe everything is going to be ok." zayn sat up, pulling me up with him. "but...we are going on tour soon, very soon in fact." zayn sighed, running a hand through his already messed up hair.
"i cant go on tour with you if thats what you're implying...i have school." i added in, jumping to conclusions.
"no babe i wasnt going to say that, i know you have school" zayn smiled at me, holding my hand and pulling it into his lap. "i was going to suggest that you and me..and the boys should go somewhere together." zayn suggested, looking into my eyes hopefully.
"what do you mean?" i asked him quizzically.
"like a trip for a weekend." zayn smiled at me, getting up and dragging me over to the computer in the corner, sitting me on his lap as he balanced his chin on my shoulder as his arms wrapped around my waist leaving him free to tap on the keyboard.
"before we go on tour, i want us to have a weekend in a cabin in the country side" zayn whispered in my ear, kissing my ear lobe softly.
"really?" i turned around smiling at him, our noses nearly touching.
"yeah babe, to keep your mind off of things" he smiled at me, pecking the end of my nose softly.
"that sounds great" i grinned at him, throwing my arms around his neck as i kissed him hard. he let go of the keyboard and ran his hands up my back as i rearranged myself on his body, putting my legs either side of his body as i grinded up against him. as he ran his hands up my back, he took off my top with a swift motion, dropping it on the floor behind him as i did the same to him. i ran my hands through his hair as we kissed fast, becoming more rough. our breathing became heavier as i undid his trousers and pulled them down, standing on my tiptoes as i pulled down his boxers down to his knees and sitting back on his lap, moaning as i did so. he held my hips as zayn threw his head back in delight. the chair started moving back on its wheels, skidding across the floor slowly. i dug my nails hard into his back as he pushed his head in the crook of my neck, sweat forming on our bodies as he picked me up, my legs still wrapped around his waist as he carried me over to the other side of the room. he pushed me up against the wall, thrusting hard and fast as i screeched out in pleasure.
" shouldnt be...doing're still...recovering" i whispered, out of breath as he sucked on my neck on my skin, leaving love bites.
"i dont give a fuck." he growled back, grabbing my body and pushing onto the sofa, making my arm fly back behind my head as i knocked a lamp off the small table beside the sofa, causing it to smash on the floor. we ignored this and carried on.

"is she in?" harry whispered in my ear as i opened my front door slowly, all the lights off in my house. the stench of alcohol flew into my nose, trying hard not to gag.
"i dont think so." i whispered back, closing the door behind me quietly. we tiptoed across the hallway and towards the stairs, trying to be as quiet as possible as the darkness started to settle fast outside.
"what would your mum do if she found you here now?" harry asked me as we creeped up the stairs, his breath hitting my skin.
"i dont want to think about that, but i know i would be scared. if she's really drunk then i might not go out alive" i laughed, although it wasnt a laughing matter. we stopped outside my bedroom as i held the door handle, reluctant to open it.
"what are you waiting for?" harry asked, his green eyes glowing slightly in the dim light from the street lights outside.
"brace yourself. i have a lot of posters of you guys." i whispered back at him, making him grin and show off his famous dimples that girls would die to see in real life. i turned the handle and opened the door as i flicked the light switch. he stepped in my room and let his mouth fall to the floor as he looked around my room in pure amazement at the pictures.
"wow." harry stuttered out. i walked fast to my wardrobe, pulling out my bag and throwing clothes in it. harry walked over and started to help me pack for our trip on the weekend. i suddenly froze on the spot. looking up towards my open bedroom door.
"did you hear that?" i whispered to harry, looking at him, horror in our eyes.
"no" he replied, taking his head as he swallowed hard. we heard the faint sound of keys rattling in the lock as the front door swung open and bashed against the wall. we froze on the spot, scared to move an inch. i made my way carefully and silently across my floor, reaching out for the light switch and turning it off carefully. i couldnt have closed my door as it creaked. i silently made my way back to harry as he held me in his arms.
"is your mum home?" he asked me as his lips were buried in the top of my head.
"i think so" i whispered back, gulping hard as i heard her stand quietly downstairs, waiting for a sound to be made. it was quiet for a moment until the sound of a bottle being pulled out of the cabinet and tv turned on was made. i relaxed and zipped up my bag full of clothes that i would need. harry picked it up and swung it over his shoulder. as it swung, the bag hit a hanger resting on my door knob of my dresser, causing it to fall onto the floor with a bang. we held our breaths as the television noise from downstairs became quieter. footsteps came closer to the bottom of the stairs as she made her way up.
"y/n, is that you?" my mum asked, slurring her drunken words. i tried to open the window to the branch silently but i couldt, it was stuck. she got closer to the top of the stairs, my heart stopping as the last foot reached the landing, a few meters away from my open bedroom door...

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