Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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11. Chapter 11

"i dont know yet. i need to think about some things." zayn sighed as he carried on walking down the road.
"zayn. she cheated on you-"
"yeah well, so did you." zayn retorted making me shut up. that was true. i stopped walking and pulled him back.
"i thought you said you werent mad at me for that." i asked him, looking up into his hazel eyes.
"i...i dont know what to say right now..." he replied, scuffing his shoe on the ground. i looked back down the road as it emptied from the people going into school.
"i dont have time for your games. i need to go to school." i spat at him, walking away from him with haste, not looking back at him standing behind me.
"y/n wait!" zayn exclaimed. i stopped and turned, seeing him hobble towards me as he wasnt allowed to do any exercise for a while. he ran up to me and held my hand softly as he looked deep into my eyes. i noticed the scars and cuts on his face from the crash, remembering that it was all my fault that he had stumbled upon the car. "i have a photo shoot all day, meet me around six?" zayn asked me.
"by the swings?" i replied, looking up at him. he nodded and kissed me softly on the head, walking back as our arms stretched apart. i took my hand away and turned around, walking back down the road towards school. i wondered how zayn managed to walk around town all the time without getting noticed, even though he was wearing a beanie; you could still tell it was him. i walked through the school gates, everyone stopped talking, stopped messing around and turned to face me. i watched as i walked through the car park that people were leaning in towards their friends, whispering things about me. i had always had people whispering things about me behind my back, but that was different. there was always laughing. there was no laughing. something was wrong.
"is it true that you tried to kill your boyfriend?!" one boy screamed out, making me look up at the eyes that were following me into school. i kept my head low as i walked to my locker, opening it and watching a piece of paper fall from inside and onto the ground. i bent down and picked it up, unfolding it in my fingers.
'you wont be the only one getting injured'
my heart jumped into my throat as i read it. i screwed it up and threw it into the locker, closing the door hastily and turning around to see jade and jessica and their 'gang' surrounding my locker.
"we heard that you pushed zayn in front of a car." jade said, crossing her arms across her chest, chewing vigorously on a piece of gum.
"i didnt push him-"
"liar." she threw back at me, her hair scraped back into a high ponytail.
"i thought you didnt like him...?" i asked her, furrowing my eyebrows together.
"so, dont mean i think its wrong that you try and kill someone." jade replied, walking up close to me, making me stumble back against my locker, my eyes wide as her nose nearly came in contact with mine.
"i need to go to class" i whispered, holding my breath as she rolled her eyes and stepped away from me, letting me walk to class in peace.

"y/n, can you come downstairs please?" my mum yelled up to me, interrupting my homework. i slammed my pencil on the table and looked at my phone. it was nearly half five and i needed to meet zayn soon.
"yeah?!" i called down to her. i saw her on the floor looking up at me, her hand on the bannister.
"come down!" she exclaimed, gesturing me with her hand for me to come down to her. i moaned and walked down the stairs, my eyes fixated on the clock on the wall.
"what?" i sighed, crossing her arms. "im going out at six!" i added in, hoping this conversation wouldnt take too long.
"to meet zayn..." i replied, she stared blankly at me, no expression on her face.
"thats the reason i wanted to talk to you y/n. like i said the other day, i dont want you seeing him again-"
"but why?! he's so lovely and he stood up for me when i was getting bullied! he payed more attention to me than you ever did." i tried to explain, trying hard not to raise my voice.
"he's too old for you. and he'll be going on tour soon so you wont see him much. you're not seeing those boys again, they're too famous and you could get hurt." my mum sighed, walking over to the kitchen to get the dinner ready. "you're not going to meet him tonight." she butted in, holding out her hand for me to give her my phone.
"this is so unfair. he's going to be waiting for me-"
"i dont care y/n! not another word of it! now go upstairs and finish your homework." she said bluntly, slipping my phone into her pocket as i trudged up the stairs. i sat on my window seat, watching the night get darker. i had a clear view of the park from my seat, i could see the set of swings well. it drew closer to six o'clock and i saw a black van pull up outside the park and drive away again. a boy walked across the park and sat on one of the swings. i sighed and leaned my head back against the wall. i watched zayn swing back and forth on the swing, it became darker outside as the time went on. he grabbed his phone out of his pocket, playing with it. i felt bad, like my heart was breaking. he expected me to be there and i wasnt. i got up and turned my music on, pushing my shelves against the door so it wouldnt be able to open from the outside. i opened my window above the window seat, the cold air rushing inside. slipping on my coat and gloves, i climbed out onto the roof below, trying hard not to make any sound. my hands reached up to the tree branch above as i swung my legs up and wrapped them around it, my hands holding on tightly. i made my way to the end of the tree as the branch got lower to the ground and jumped down, landing firmly on my feet leaving me to sprint off towards the park. i got to the entrance, my breath lost as i saw zayn get up and run his hands through his hair as he walked away.
"zayn!" i exclaimed, running up to him as he turned around to face me.
"y/n?" he asked, walking towards me as i ran into his arms, hugging him tightly. "why are you so late?" he asked as we came out of the hug.
"my mum stopped me from seeing you, she took my phone. im so sorry" i whimpered, looking up towards him
"shh its ok" he smiled down at me, holding my head softly in my hands.
"y/n?! get back home right now!" my mum screamed at me, walking towards her with an evil look in her eye. zayn held my hand tightly, trying to force a smile on his face to hide his fear.
"mum how did you-"
"i saw you sneak out to visit this...this...pervert!"
"zayn is not a pervert!" i screamed at her, letting go of his hand and walking up to her.
"he is using you for sex!" she yelled back, swiping her hand across my face, making a sharp sound as my cheek stung.
"dont touch her!" zayn exclaimed, grabbing me and pulling me back.
"i love him, which is a lot more that i can say for you!" i yelled back at her as i held my cheek with my hand.
"love him?! LOVE HIM?! you wouldnt know what love is even if it hit you in the face." she whispered at me, walking closer as she gritted her teeth, her long, bony finger pointing directly at me.
"yes i do. i care about him, ever since zayn came along i havent been bullied as much!" i tried to explain, i felt zayns grip around my hand tighten quickly.
"so you're using him eh? how nice. zayn if i were you i would leave now, she doesnt really like you, shes using you as a body guard because she is too weak to help herself!" my mum spat at me, laughing as she talked.
"dont you dare say that about y/n! thats not fair." zayn retorted, stepping forward in front of me.
"how much have you had." i asked her, staring at the ground as my eyes stung with tears.
"HOW MUCH?!" i screamed at the top of my voice, looking up to face her as my body shook in fear. she stayed silent, looking down at the ground. "i think you should go." i gulped out, struggling to talk without bursting into tears.
"leave mum." i snapped back bluntly. "just go. i dont want you in my life."
"tough" she growled back, flying towards me and grabbing my wrist, pulling me hard back towards the house.
"let go of me!" i screamed, trying to take my arm out of her grip. zayn ran after, trying to pull me back but her grip was too strong.
"zayn please help me" i cried as she fought him off, tugging me down the road. i turned around as tears fell down my cheeks, seeing him stand at the entrance of the park as a dark shadow i once knew as safety. she threw me into the house, slamming me on the floor as her body towered over me.
"you fucking bitch, how dare you speak to me like that? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?!" she screamed at me, pulling me up off the floor by my hair as i yelled for mercy.
"mum let go, you're hurting me" i cried, my nose dripping as the tears fell.
"you dirty little whore. no one loves you, y/n. zayn doesnt, i dont-"
"zayn does! and dad!" i yelped back, crying hysterically as we landed in the kitchen.
"your dads dead! and a good thing too-" i flew straight at her, grabbing her hair and pulling at it in anger, screaming at her, calling her names as she tried to fight me off. but she was too strong as she managed to push me off of her and onto the ground, my wrist landing underneath me as it cracked, making me yelp out in pain.
"your dad is up in HELL looking down at you and laughing at what a pathetic daughter he's got. do you know why people bully you, its because nobody likes you, y/n." she growled at me through gritted teeth, i pushed myself backwards, crawling across the floor as she followed. the front door kicked open as zayn broke the lock and came hurtling in.
"get off of her!" he yelled, pulling my mum back by the shoulder and onto the floor with a crash, giving me a hand and picking me up.
"lets go" he said, pulling me out of the house fast to the van down the road.
"i'll be waiting for you y/n!" my mum screamed out the front door as i watched her stumble back inside. zayn pushed me into the van and came in next to me, ordering the driver to go. i cuddled up in his arms and wheeped into his chest as he wrapped his strong arms around me, rocking me back and forth as he kissed my head.

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