Save You Tonight

have you ever thought that a friendship with someone could turn into something more? i never thought it would happen, but then again, i never thought a lot of things couldnt happen. zayn taught me that anything is possible. he taught me to never let go of my dream and hold onto it like my life depends on it. so i held onto zayn. held onto him for as long as i could until my dream happened...

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10. Chapter 10

i lay soundly in harrys arms as we sat up against the wall in the waiting room. we had a blanket wrapped around us from the sofa to keep us warm.
"thank you" i smiled up at him as he kissed my head softly. "we should go, theyre probably wondering where we are" i said, getting up and reaching for my clothes, putting them on as harrys gaze was fixed on my body. "oh harry?"
"yeah?" he replied, his hair messed up.
"can we not tell anyone about this?" i asked him, slipping back into my clothes that were stained with zayns blood.
"the secrets safe with me." harry smiled, standing up and getting changed too. i walked up to him and held his hands as i stared up into his gorgeous green eyes.
"thank you for comforting me tonight, its...its been really difficult these last couple of weeks" i smiled at him as he pulled me in for a hug.
"its ok love" he whispered, holding my head close to his chest as i squeezed his body tighter.
"where have you guys been?!" louis exclaimed as the door flung open making me and harry jump apart.
"err...nowhere." harry blurted out. i mentally face palmed myself.
"right...anyway, hurry up zayns waking up!" louis exclaimed, racing out and down the corridor. my eyes shot open as i grabbed harrys hand and led him down the hallway towards zayns room. the boys were standing outside, letting me and harry go in first. i pushed down the handle and opened the door, smiling as i saw zayn sitting up weakly in bed with a small smile drawn onto his face. i walked in, letting go of harrys hand as the door swung shut behind us. a tear fell down my face as i ran up to the bed, throwing my arms carefully around zayn.
"thank god you're alright. im so sorry zayn. im sorry" i cried into his shoulder as he rubbed my back.
"shh babe, i dont blame you. you saved my life too" he whispered in my ear, his voice dry from dehydration. harry sensed this and poured out a glass of water from the jug that was sitting on the table. i came apart from zayn and took the glass of water out of harrys hand, helping zayn drink it as he gulped it down. i stared at his bruised face, his scarred hands that were supporting the glass, on top of mine. i set the glass down and sat next to him, watching him fall asleep with a smile on his face. harry dragged a chair and sat next to me, holding my hand as we watched the injured boy sleep.
"it meant a lot to me, what we did" harry said quietly, his head turning to face me as his famous grin slowly appeared.
"it meant a lot to me too. it...comforted me" i laughed, rubbing me eyes as i yawned again. it was getting close to early dawn, the other boys were out in the waiting area, falling asleep on each other.
"wait until my mum finds out about this" i laughed, taking zayns hand and holding it softly in mine.
"what do you mean?" harry quizzed me, our voices still quiet, not wanting to wake up zayn.
"she thought i was going to your house, not spending the night in the hospital" i replied, laughing a bit to myself.
"im sure she'll be fine if you explain what happened. if you want me and the boys will drop you off. zayns gonna be transferred to a hospital closer to our house" harry smiled at me, patting my thigh with his hand.
"thank you." i smiled back at him. i felt guilty for having sex with harry, but i didnt feel anything towards him. he was a friend, a friend who helped me out and comforted him. friends with benefits.

"where have you been?!" my mum yelled at me as i walked through the door, blood on my clothes as my hair was scruffed up.
"dont you dare try to explain. i thought you were at zayns?" she yelled at me, the four boys walking in through the door and standing awkwardly in the corner of the room.
"mum something happened!" i exclaimed.
"what?" she asked me, crossing her arms over her chest.
"zayn got hit by a car and i spent the night in hospital with him." i whispered, looking at my hands as i picked out grains of dirt from my finger nails.
"can i talk to you in the living room y/n?" she asked me, walking into the living as i followed her, leaving the boys to their own devices in the kitchen as she slammed the door behind her. "i dont want you hanging out with those boys anymore" she said bluntly. i opened my eyes wide and furrowed my eyebrows.
"what?! what do you mean? its my dream to be friends with them and now that i am..."
"y/n i dont care! theyre too old for you and they might just be using you" she sighed, sitting me down on the sofa, holding my hand softly.
"no theyre not! they helped me and bullying, which is a lot more than you did." i retorted, pulling my hand back and keeping them to myself.
"i tried to help-"
"no you didnt. you didnt care about me and my bullying, you didnt even tell the school! you just sat here drinking away your misery!" i yelled at her, standing up and staring down at her as i tried to hide back the tears. she stood up after me, anger in her eyes.
"thats not fair, you know how much i miss your father." she spat back, hurt in her eyes.
"no you dont. if it wasnt for you having that affair he wouldnt have driven away and got killed! its all your fault, everything!" i screamed at her, storming round the sofa as i ran my hands through my hair, forgetting about the fact that the boys were next door.
"dont you dare speak to me like that." she growled back, pointing a shaking finger at me.
"how much have you been having today? four, five bottles? or isnt that enough?" i said sarcastically, looking under the sofa and coffee table for stray bottles.
"shut your face. get out, go! you're not allowed to see those boys again y/n, they've changed you!" my mum yelled at me, pushing me towards the door as i opened it, falling onto the kitchen floor as i closed the door behind me. the boys rushed up to me, kneeling down as they hugged me together, letting me cry softly into their arms.
"do you want to come home with us? you can stay as long as you like?" liam asked me, his voice muffled in my ear.
"no its fine" i replied as i came out of the hug with all of them, walking over to the breakfast table and sitting down on the chair. "i just wish everything could be over."
"what do you mean by that?" niall asked me, sitting next to me as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. i closed my eyes as a tear spilled over the edge.
"dont worry" i crackled back. he looked up at the other boys worried. "i think you should go, it would be best" i smiled weakly at them.
"are you sure?" liam asked me, sympathy in his eyes.
"yeah. thank you for everything" i added in, standing up and walking over to the door, opening it so they could leave. i waved them off as they drove down the road. as i closed the front door, i leaned on it with my back, sliding down the ground as i held my legs up to my chest and cried silently to myself, my mother in the next room.

two weeks had past and zayn had fully recovered, or so i saw on twitter. i hadnt had any contact with the boys at all over the past two weeks, i felt like i just caused pain and anguish in their lives. my mother had continued drinking and my bullying had started up again. it was getting closer to spring every day. the birds would be out earlier in the mornings, chirping away while the flowers and leaves started to blossom on the trees. i walked down the road on the cold late february morning, watching other people who go to my school walk with my friends. i walked past the park, the park that me and zayn first met at. the park where he saved me in more ways a person could be saved. i looked both ways as i crossed the street, running towards the swings where i saw a boy in a black hoodie and beanie, wearing sunglasses. i perched my bum on the damp seat and started moving back and forth, holding onto the chains as i swung.
"its a beautiful morning." i said, hoping that the boy would notice me and return the conversation. he nodded his head, keeping it looking down at the ground.
"yeah" he replied. i wasnt sure if it was him or not, but i hoped it was.
"zayn. im glad to see you're alright" i smiled at him, he looked up at me, removing the sunglasses from his face and smiling at me widely.
"ive missed you. the boys told me what happened at your house, i'm sorry i wasnt there-"
"hey hey! you couldnt help it!" i retaliated back, hitting his arm playfully as he tried to shield himself.
"you want to go for a walk?" he asked me, getting up off of the swing and holding out his hand. i looked twoards the road that led down to my school, biting my lip as i did so.
"err..but i have school-"
"im sure they'll understand." he grinned at me, pulling me up off of the swing. "so, how have those bullies been at school?" he asked me, holding my hand and swinging our arms back and forth as we walked.
"good thanks. they still pick on me, but i just brush it off, nothing major. just name calling." i sighed, looking down at the grass covered path as we walked.
"thats good then. grace called me." zayn piped up. i shot my head up, looking at him as his head looked straight forward.
"what did you say to her?" i asked him, hoping that he would have told her to fuck off, or something along that level.
"i told her i would think about us." he puffed out.
"oh. why did you do that?" i asked him, shielding my eyes with my hand as the sun shone on us.
"well...i figured that since me and you arent official, i would give my relationship with her another chance. and i dont think you're interested in me anymore..." zayn explained. i furrowed my eyebrows as i looked up to him. i stopped walking, removing my hand from his grip.
"what makes you think that?" i asked him, hoping for answer that was different to the one i was thinking of.
"i know about what happened between you and harry. the night i was in hospital." zayn said quietly, looking up at the blue sky in desperation, biting his lip as he did so.
"zayn look that meant nothing, i was tired and i dont think about harry in that way. it was...just comfort." i sighed, tugging on his arm, hoping for him to look at me.
"no its fine, really. im not mad-"
"zayn. listen to me, i dont love harry. yeah maybe love in a friendly way, i want you and only you. please dont get back together with grace." i pleaded him, holding his hands as he looked desperately at me.

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