*And all your Little things*

Hope was a loud, rambunctious, fun girl from Ohio. She had a few friends, her family and her whole life ahead of her. What more could a girl want? Suddenly the new boy in town begins to take an interest in her, and she begins to wonder if there really is something missing from her life? Could this boy be the answer?


1. Prologue

-Hope POV-

Before you move on to the story that you clicked on why don't I give you a little background information. I live in boring Ohio, I am 16 years old and I am a very shy person. Of course after I get to know you I will probably be the most loud,fun,rambunctious,person you will ever meet. I go to Princeton High Academy and I take all AP class. I fence (which is a sport where basically 'play with swords' is the best description of it. Well I don't want to keep you any longer so....ON FORTH WITH THE STORY!! :)
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