harry and my school.

alli is a normal girl at school but one day the one direction boys move in to her school,read more to find out what happens!


5. scene in the locker room

He laid me down on the couch that was sitting agaimst the wall and took his shirt off and came towards me. He comes on top of me and started kissing me. He tugs on my shirt to take it off and unbottons my pants slowly pushing them down. I unbotton his pant and he takes them off. He starts kissing down my neck and in my cleavage, he unhooks my bra and starts sucking on my boob. I just closed my eyes and just enjoyed everything that was going on and ran my fingers through his luxious brown curly. He then slipped my panties down my legs and slid his fingers up my leg and started kissing and sucking my inner thigh. I wanted him so bad. My core was dripping and i full of sensation. He looked up at me biting my lip and He smirked at my pleasure and stuck his tongue in me. I moaned so loud and rolled my eyes back. I felt him smile. He came out of me and instantly stuck two fingers in me trusted in and out hitting my g-spot. "hey babe do you hate me now?" I didnt say anything and he trusted harder "no answer?" He got off me and stood up and took his boxers off and didnt waist anytime he trusted his whole length I moamed so hard while he trusted harder and faster in me. After we were done he laod on me and we were out of breath. Then he whispered in my ear "i really like you beautiful" "i like you too". i said in between sighing.
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