harry and my school.

alli is a normal girl at school but one day the one direction boys move in to her school,read more to find out what happens!


4. moving lockers

After first hour, i went down to my locker and saw him, Harry by my locker. My heart was beating so fast but i didnt let my emotions take the best of me so i went to my locker and was twirling my lock to the right combination. Than i felt a tap on my shoulder i looked up and saw harru staring at me with his emrald green eyes staring in to my blue eyes but it felt like he was staring in to my soul. I rose one eyebrow and said "can i help you" he looked at me and smiled showing his mindblowing dimples and he said "i guess were locker buddies now" i started putting my books away and with a serious face i said "i guess." I was about to walk away quickly when he tugged on my arm and held it tight. "what?" i said bitchyly and he just looked up and down at my body and bit his lip. "You know me and Erin are broken up right"? "so?" i said tugging on my arm so he would let go but when i did he pulled me so close that his lips were only a inch away from mine. "so that means no one can stop me from doing this. He passionately planted a kiss on me. Soon later i kissed him also and we ended up in the locker room..
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