harry and my school.

alli is a normal girl at school but one day the one direction boys move in to her school,read more to find out what happens!


3. He asked about me? wut?

Another day at school, i woke up and brushed my teeth. I brushed my hair and straightened my thin brown hair and put on my concealer, black eyeliner,and mascara. I put on my black sweater and some light wash jeans and black boots. I got my backpack and headed out the door and into my car once I got to school I went to my first hour an sat next to my friend Alexis. "Hey Alli guess what?!" alexis said staring in to my eyes while holding one one my shoulder with her "What?!" i replied exited. "Emily told me that Harry asked her about you yesterday!" I looked at her confused but excited. "wait what? what did he say about me?" i asked anxious for the answer. "well he thinks you dont like him" "i do act like i hate him because if i act like i like him i always end up showing him that i love him too much, and plus hes with erin he doesnt care about me." i said looking down at the ground. "Girl who doesnt love him its okay" she said while rubk.ing my
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