harry and my school.

alli is a normal girl at school but one day the one direction boys move in to her school,read more to find out what happens!


8. Happy Anniversary...

Me and Harry have been inseparable since 6 months ago and its our 9month anniversary and im so excited. Im getting my hair done and got a new cute spring dress went over to his house without telling him cause duh its a suprise. I get in my car and put the big glass vase next to me with allot of pretty red roses in it on the passenger seat and drive off to harry's. Once i get there i see his car in the driveway so i know hes home. I get out of the car carrying the big flowery vase in my hand and see that his door is unlocked *yess* i opened the door quietly and close it it behind me. I walk in the living room and see that hes not He must be in his room so i walk up the stairs to his room and here heavy breathing and moans.. what the hell was going on so i burst threw harry's door and i couldnt believe what i saw. It was Erin and Harry together naked and harry on top of her. I couldnt believe what i was looking at harry was having sex in his bed. My tears were running down my face and i heard harry say "that was amazing, your amazing" and right than i dropped the big glass vase and it made a loud shattering noise..
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