harry and my school.

alli is a normal girl at school but one day the one direction boys move in to her school,read more to find out what happens!


2. few weeks later..

I was still shocked that the one direction was at my school. But with my luck they already had the cute, out-going girlfriends at the school. Harry was dating the barbiedoll Erin. She walked down the halls like she owned the place and every guy at school wanted her but harry as beautiful as he is, he was her property now. I knew if one direction did come to my school it would be like they date the perfect girls in school. I was pretty well-known at my school but than there was those preppy flawless girls. A few weeks later i was pretty much over the fact that they were at my school even thou it killed me inside everytime i saw harry and erin together. But i just like they weren't even there.
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