Memories (Harry Potter)


2. The Next Morning

The next morning Harry awoke, still sat in the chair on the balcony of the hotel room. He stood up and slid back the glass door. He slipped quietly in to the bedroom to change and then went into the small living area to find Ginny sat with a book in her hand. She looked up as he entered and smiled at him. He turned away. He couldn't make eye contact with her.

Half an hour later, he and Ginny left the hotel room and went down to get some breakfast. In the hotel reception, they met Ron and Hermione. Throughout breakfast, Harry couldn't look at Ron, let alone talk to him. After a few minutes of silence between them, Ron asked Harry why he wouldn't talk to him. Harry didn't respond immediately but he knew he couldn't just ignore Ron forever. "Harry?". Harry Hesitated before answering.

"Last night he was up for hours thinking-" said Ginny But Hermione cut across her,

"Again, Harry? How many tines do we have to tell you, it wasn't your fault, you couldn't have stopped him."

Harry had heard them say this so many times, he was sisck of hearing it but he couldn't just stop thinking about it. He had seen alot of his friends killed, and they expected him to just ignore it? He couldn't. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't forget. Sirius, Dobby, Fred, Lupin and Tonks. Sirius was Harry's closest friend, almost like a farther to him, yet he had been killed by trying to save Harry, just like James and Lily. Lupin had a baby son, Teddy, less than a year old, and Tonks was the baby's mother, and they died protecting Harry and trying to destroy Voldemort. 

He stood up and went back to the room on the third floor. He went into the bedroom and took the leather-bound photo album bearing the Hogwarts crest, from the small backpack and held it in his hand, staring blankly at the front cover until he heard Ginny's voice. "Harry?" she said, but he didn't reply, he just continued to stare at the leather-bound book.

"Harry," Ginny said, as she enterd the room "I know you don't want to hear it over and over but Hermione's right. Constantly thinking about it wo-"

"Won't bring them back. I know. Ginny, I watched them die. You can't just forget about things like that, no matter how much you want to, no matter how hard you try to forget, it's not possible." He interupted.

"I know" said Ginny in her soft, comforting vioce.

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