The Kissing Game {1D Edition}

"Kissing burns 6.4 calories per minute. Wanna workout?"


1. Promise

My left hand subconsciously twirls the ring on my finger around as I read the script in front of me, with THE CARRIE DIARIES printed in the header. I’m currently stretched across my stomach on Zayn’s hotel bed, dressed in a simple knitted jumper that hangs off my body in a loose fashion and leggings, my boot-clad feet crossed in the air behind me, and my chin resting on my right palm. Sighing, I pull away from the script and raise my hand in the air, studying the diamond encrusted ring that rests on my slim finger. My eyes flutter shut as I let myself relive the memory of how I first acquired the exquisite piece of jewelry.


My hand tangled with Harry’s, I let the curly-haired lad pull me away from our candle-lit dinner for two and place his hand on my waist, pulling my body flush to his. Our bodies sway to the soft music in the background and before I know it we’re twirling around the deck under the starlight, my gaze never leaving his, just as his smile never leaves his lips.

“You are so beautiful,” he mumbles against my lips. “And I can’t believe you’re all mine,” he finishes, before leaning in fully and kissing me sweetly on the lips.

“Well believe it,” I whisper once we break apart, and then proceed to pull his lips down to meet mine once again. I pull away and stare at the water around us, biting my lip to hide my grin. I feel strong arms wrap around my torso and Harry lean into me, his breath hot against my ear.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks, his lips grazing my soft skin.

“Just how perfect this night is,” I say truthfully, turning around to see his handsome face.

“Not as perfect as you are,” he replies cheekily, a smirk sitting on his lips.

“You are so cheesy,” I giggle, resting my head on his chiseled chest.

“Maybe I am, but the night is not over yet. Ready to go inside?” he asks. I nod and follow him as he leads me inside the yacht to a pile of blankets in front of a fireplace.

“Wait right here,” he requests, before hurrying away and returning with two steaming mugs.

“Hot chocolate with marshmallows?” I ask, hopeful.

“Of course,” he answers, leaning down to peck my nose. “I know it’s your favorite.” He hands me a red mug and settles into the blanket setup, pulling me down next to him. I cuddle into his side, fitting perfectly, enjoying my hot chocolate as we snuggle in front of the fire. It’s the perfect date; everything I could ever ask for in a relationship.

“Emmaline?” Harry breaks the comforting silence and turns his head to look at me.

“Yes, Harry?” I ask, looking up at my boyfriend. Such a kind, loving, boyfriend. How did I get so lucky as to be able to call him mine?

He takes a shaky breath and I stare at him inquisitively, wondering why he’s suddenly so nervous. He sticks his hand in blazer pocket and pulls out a small box. A ring box. My breath catches in my throat as he addresses me.

“I know what you’re thinking, and before you say anything, no, I’m not asking you to marry me. Not yet, anyways. But, Emmaline, I love you. I don’t just love you, I’m in love with you; I’m in love with you so much it hurts. Every time we’re apart I ache, just missing your touch, your presence. Every time we kiss goodbye it breaks me, because I know I won’t be able to see your beautiful face, hear your lovely voice, and that kills me. I know that we’re young, and I know that both our lives are pretty hectic at the moment, but I don’t want to lose you. Ever. That’s why I bought this— to promise you of my love. So every time I’m touring in Australia or you’re filming in California, or wherever we are that’s not together, you can look down at this ring and you can remember me. You can remember every moment we’ve shared, every moment that I’ve loved you. Because I do love you, Emmaline. I’m so madly in love with you, and I plan on showing you that. This promise ring is only the first step, if you choose to accept it,” he finishes, his tongue darting out to wet his dry lips.

“I- I- Of course I accept it, Harry! I’m in love with you too,” I say, allowing him to slide the ring on my finger, a beautiful smile lighting up his face as he does so.

“I love you,” he whispers once more, pulling me into him, and we spend the rest of the night in each others arms, my ring glistening in the firelight.


“Emmaline?!” A surprised voice shouts, startling me. My eyes shoot open and I nearly fall off the bed as I let out a shriek.

“Harry! How did you get in here?!” I cry out whilst hastily try to wipe the tears off my cheeks.

“I got the spare key from Liam… what are you doing in Zayn’s room?” he asks suspiciously, looking around the room. I take the time to stealthily slide the ring off my finger and drop it into my boot, before finally properly examining my ex-boyfriend— the love of my life that broke my heart— and let me tell you that he is not looking too great. He’s in sweats and a white tee, his unkempt curls half hidden by a beanie. I know the boys are over-worked and exhausted, but never before have I seen Harry’s eyes so dull, or the bags under them so prominent.

“That’s not important... are you OK? You don’t look so well,” I say, concerned, bringing my hand up to rest on his forehead. He freezes before his entire body relaxes under my touch and his eyes shut, a barely audible content sigh escaping from his lips. I rip my hand away like I’ve been burned, Harry is feeling a little warm, to be honest, and instinctively bring my hand to twirl my ring around my finger, but upon realizing its not there I grasp onto my signature necklace, sliding the E pendant back and forth quickly. Harry’s eyes open and flicker down to my right hand, but once he sees that my ring finger is empty a frown settles over his face.

“The boys miss you, have you been avoiding us? Well besides Zayn, obviously,” he says accusingly, his eyes narrowing as he stares at my hands furiously playing with my necklace.

“I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t insinuate that there’s something going on between me and you’re band mate; Zayn and I are just friends. Besides, you broke up with me. There was no reason for me to hang around like some love-sick teenager,” I state, even though that’s exactly what I am. “Zayn came to me, he comforted me after you left me like the arse you are!” I yell, my sorrow being replaced with anger. Harry flinches as if I have slapped him, which I’m in the right mind too, if only I wasn’t still hopelessly in love with him.

“I’m sorry, OK?! I’ve said it over and over again,” he protests, taking a step towards me. I extend my arm out, not allowing him to take another step.

“You might be sorry, Harry, but that doesn’t erase what you did. You hurt me.” I say, shaking my head to stop more tears from flowing.

“How can I make it up to you? I’ve tried everything! I wrote you a song for you, I performed it at your homecoming, and yet you still run away from me!” he yells back, his voice cracking with emotion.

“I wouldn’t have to run away if you hadn’t let me go in the first place,” I whisper, brokenly.

“I-I- you’re right. I’m nothing but a lousy arse,” he admits, sitting on the bed and dropping his head into his hands. “I’m so, so, sorry, Emmaline. I should have trusted you; I’ve messed everything up!” he berates himself, ripping the beanie off his head and tugging at his curls. All of my rage suddenly leaves my body and I deflate, sitting on the bed next to him.

“Stop beating yourself up, Harry. I forgive you. I may not approve of your actions, but I accept your plead for forgiveness.” I pull his hand away from his hair and grasp it in mine, offering him a weak smile.

“Will things ever be the same between us?” he asks, staring up at me, eyes filled with hope.

“I… I don’t know, but I’m willing to try and salvage our friendship,” I admit, biting my lip anxiously. His eyes darken slightly, but the corners of his mouth turn up.

“Good, because the boys and I are your guest judges for the Judge’s Houses stage on the X-Factor,” he reminds me, smirking.

“Won’t that be fun,” I mutter sarcastically under my breath, but if Harry heard me then he chose to ignore it.

“I’ve missed you, Em. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up giving us another shot,” Harry enthuses, pulling me into a hug.

“Maybe,” I say with less enthusiasm, because as I feel the ring press against my foot, I know that I don’t know what I’m going to do, or where we're going to end up.


As of: 01/23/13

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