Forgive Me For Living

A deep poem from within the heart


1. This Is My Melody

I'm sorry to be the thorn in your rose

Never met to be your choice of your dagger

The cause of your grief and misfortune

The constant trouble to put up with

The thing under your skin always

The heart break you endure everyday

I never wanted to be much to deal with

I'm sorry my existence was such a burden

I'm sorry that even the memories you burn inside

If I was gone would it help?

I try to do my best

But I suppose failure is my nature

I'm surprised I'm too scared to cut my filthy flesh

My blood is nothing but dirty trash

My shadow is my only friend

I'm not even no where to beauty

If to please you and bring you peace

I'll stand on a stage as your amusement of entertainment

In the spotlight with my shame

With view of my broken wing of heaven

Now playing my soulful violin

Of the devil's thrill sonata

Until I can feel the sunlight no more longer

As I bend down to your applause of happiness

I'll walk into the darkness but stop to turn

Forgive me for living....

Now the curtains has finally shut

With my last your daughter.

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