You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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9. Chapter 9

"morning gorgeous." harry grinned at me as i opened me eyes to see his smiling face. his hair was scruffed up, his eyes were sleeping and he had his sexy morning voice on.
"Mmmm, morning hazza." i yawned, snuggling up to his bare chest.
"sleep well after last night?" harry winked at me, sending me his cheeky grin.
"yes thanks babe." i laughed at him, getting out of bed as harry whistled at me as i was only in my bra and knickers. i turned around to see him giving me his smoldering look as i climbed out. "subtle haz." i laughed at him, throwing a pillow at his face, knocking him out of his gaze.
"sorry babe, you just look so yummy..." he mumbled, grabbing my waist behind my back and pulling me back into bed, making my squeal. i lay on my back on his chest, with his strong arms wrapped around my waist, his head resting on my shoulder. "i want to stay like this forever." he whispered in my ear seductively.
"me too." i sighed at him, rubbing his arm that was wrapped around me with my thumb. i pulled his arms off of me and climbed out of bed again, leaving him to moan; wanting me to come back to bed.
"im getting a shower." i grinned at him, grabbing my towel off the chair in his room and walking to the bathroom.
"me too!" harry yelped behind me, running past me in only his boxers and standing in the shower.
"harry, what are you doing?" i laughed at him. he wiggled his eyebrows at me, wanting me to join him.
"come join me babe" he winked at me. i laughed and closed the bathroom door, locking it as i went. i stepped in the shower with him, both of us still in our underwear.
"oh harry, remember i need to be at the airport to see louis off at eight tonight!" i exclaimed, my heart sunk as i remembered that louis was leaving.
"ruined the moment, but yeah, i know love." harry grinned, closing the shower curtain and turning it on, letting the hot water run down our bodies. harry took off his boxers and flung them over the curtain. he removed me knickers slowly, teasing me as he did so. i took off my bra and dropped it outside the shower. harry forced me up against the wall and kissed me hard, his face wet and hot. his lips were moist as he kissed me under the shower, running his hands up and down my body. he suddenly came apart and looked worried.
"whats wrong babe?" i asked him, my eyes searching for an answer.
"did you lock the bathroom door?"
"yes, i didnt want anyone to come in!" i laughed at him. harry turned the shower off and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel round his waist. he tried at the lock, but it wouldnt budge.
"this door isnt allowed to be locked, if its locked it gets jammed and we cant get out. we have to get someone to come and break the door down." harry exclaimed, hitting the door with anger with the palm of his hands.
"you are joking right? surely there should be some way to get the door open?" i exclaimed, trying to lock again, but it wouldnt move.
"nope." harry said plainly.
"well when are your parents home, maybe they can let us out?!" i suggested, not realising that it would be awkward if harrys parents saw us locked in the bathroom with just out underwear on.
"theyre not coming back till nine tonight!" harry exclaimed walking around the small bathroom fast, running hid hands through his hair.
"what? nine tonight? but i'll miss saying bye to louis!" i cried panic and anxiety escaping me.
"well its not my fault, i didnt lock the door!" harry yelped at me.
"this is just great! once again my friendship with louis is going to be ruined thanks to you!" i froze on the spot after i realised what i had just said. crap. harry turned around, anger and humiliation in his eyes.
"excuse me?"
"im sorry, i didnt mean that." i replied to him.
"oh fuck off" harry snapped at me, hurting me deep inside. i wanted to leave his house, go to louis and just be with him. but i couldnt. i saw a window that was just about big enough to fit my head through.
"look harry, forget what i said ok? now we need to get out of here! what about that window?" i asked him. he turned to look up at the window i was pointing to above the bath.
"it doesnt open." he grunted at me.

LOUIS' POV (point of view) -

i was ready to leave, my bags were packed, my room was empty and everything i needed was with me, except y/n. i was worrying where she was. my foster mum pushed me out of the house so she could lock it, but i refused to go without y/n. she needs to be here.
"louis, shes obviously not coming. im sorry, Boo." my mum said soothingly, rubbing my back as she loaded the car with our stuff. the rest of our belongings were going to be shipper, half of our furniture was already waiting for us in australia in storage.
"no she promised she would!" i exclaimed, refusing to get in the car.
"louis, get in the damn car, we are going to miss our flight!" she exclaimed, practically dragging me into the car. i sat in the car and got out my phone and rang y/n. it rang for a few tones and then went to answer machine. i sighed and tried again.


"harry, do you hear that? thats my phone ringing! its louis' ring tone!" i yelped, jumping up from sitting on the side of the bath and pressing my ear against the door. "open you fucking twat!" i screeched, kicking the door and hitting it in frustration, knowing that i would probably miss louis' flight and never see him again. harry pulled me back into a hug, stroking my hair and calming me down from hysterically crying.
"i dont want him to go without me saying goodbye!" i cried in harrys arms.
"shh, i know babe, i know." the front door opened from downstairs and the sounds of harrys parents talking to each other. "MUM! DAD UP HERE! LET US OUT!!" harry screamed, we banged on the bathroom door as we heard heavy footsteps up the stairs.
"harry? y/n? are you trapped-"
"yes mum we are get the door down we need to get to the airport now!" harry screamed back. we heard her walk away and walked back a minute later.
"stand back guys." she said to us. the door cracked and shook as she stuck a crow bar in it and ripped it open. we ran out freely, her eyes wide open as she saw us in our underwear. we ran to hug her and thanked her, sprinting to get our clothes as we ran out of the house.
"how long till louis' plane leaves??" harry exclaimed, climbing in the car, me sitting in the passengers seat.
"half an hour." i replied, looking at my phone. i tried to ring louis but his phone was turned off, as was his parents'.
"we can try and get there in twenty minutes, we just have to speed and not get caught." harry added, ripping out of the driveway and speeding down the road towards the motor way.

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