You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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4. Chapter 4

my eyes fluttered open to see louis' sleeping face staring directly at me. i smiled as i realised we had fallen asleep in each others arms, our legs entwined with each other.
"morning gorgeous." louis whispered, making me jolt. his eyes opened slowly, his smile growing bigger as he saw my face close to his.
"morning boo." i whispered at him. i saw the clock behind his head on my wall. "oh shit, lou, we're late for school!" i yelped, jumping up out of bed and running to my wardrobe. taking off my pajamas so i was just in my bra and knickers. i didnt care if louis saw me, he had seen me with less on before... "louis, stop staring, we're not dating anymore so its weird!" i laughed at him, throwing him his shoes and clothes. when we were dressed, we walked downstairs to see the other kids tucking into their breakfasts.
"louis, you stayed the night?" adriana asked, looking at louis with one eyebrow raised.
"yeah!" louis exclaimed, waving goodbye and walking out the door behind me. we walked on the street towards school when i turned and saw harry walking a hundred meters behind, laughing with niall and zayn. i couldnt let harry see me on this street as he thought i was rich, so i suddenly pulled louis into a bush, making him shriek.
"what was that for?" louis exclaimed, shuffling in the plant.
"i cant let harry see me on this street! he thinks i live on holly tree road!" i whispered, pulling a spiders web out of my hair.
"why did you tell him that? look, when he walks past, he'll see you and me in a-"
"y/n? why are you in a bush?" asked harry, raising his eyebrows at me, zayn and niall giggling behind. i stood up with louis and brushed ourselves off.
"i lost my ear ring...found it!" i yelped, pointing to my ear. harry looked closely and squinted.
"but, you dont have your ears pierced." harry murmured.
"i didnt say they were for my ears..." i replied, realising i look and sound like a total freak.
"yes you did." niall interrupted. i went to walk away with louis but harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back, facing hum directly. the other three walked away, louis a bit suspicious.
"tell me the truth, y/n." harry stated, looking down on me, making me melt inside.
"i didnt want you to see me on this street." i whispered, playing with my hands.
"why?" he asked, stopping me from fiddling by grasping my hands and holding them tight.
"because i was embarrassed because...i live here." i stuttered, realising that was a bad thing to say.
"but you said last night-"
"i know what i said. i didnt tell you coz i was embarrassed and i thought you wouldnt want to see me again and-" before i could finish, he pulled me closer, smashing his lips onto mine. i rose up on my tiptoes and threw my arms around his neck. we pulled apart from the kiss and smiled at each other.
"i dont care where you live. you're perfect." he grinned at me. i smiled back and blushed slightly. harry had only seen me once or twice from when i was dating louis, but that was that. now, i was hoping he would see me more than that.
"what was that kiss for?" i smiled up at him, biting my bottom lip as i did.
"i just felt like kissing you." harry shrugged, holding my hand and walking down the path with me. louis, who was ahead of us, turned around and spotted us holding hands. his smile dropped off his face, his skin went pale.
"hey so i was thinking, you wanna do something this weekend." yes was my answer in my head. but i couldnt. knowing what happened last night, i would probably be made to do chores. i didnt care now if harry knew what road i lived on, but i still dont want him to know if im in a foster home.
"erm..i think that would be alright" i smiled up at him, unsure.

it was afterschool and i was back at harrys house. he invited me round for supper, but when i got there, i didnt see any parents or anything. he showed me round his house, saving his bedroom till last. he opened the door and led me in, sitting me down on his bed. i looked around his messy room, and saw clothes flung everywhere, which made me laugh. the bed sunk down a bit when harry perched on the end next to me. our shoulders touching. he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and stared in my ears. we leaned in slowly, our eyes closing as our lips touched. i put my hands round his waist, bringing us closer together. our breathing got faster as the kiss became faster. he pulled us back onto the bed, harry laying on top of me. i suddenly pulled away, his panting body on top of mine.
"this isnt right."
"arent you comfortable?" harry asked.
"no harry, i shouldnt be kissing you like this. i barely know you." i replied, laying flat on my back, staring up at harry.
"wait. didnt, you have sex with louis two weeks after you started dating?" harry asked me.
"yeah but that was different. we had been living together for years so we already knew each other." i widened my eyes after what i just said. shit. harry slowly climbed off of me and stood up. walking around the room.
"you lived with louis? what?" asked harry, his paces getting faster. i stood up and stopped him moving.
"yes. because...i live in a foster home. and so did louis." i gulped.
"why didnt you tell me this before?" asked harry. i wanted to run, run away fast. i felt so ashamed.
"because...i was embarrassed and i thought you would have stopped liking me." i whispered, looking down at the ground. harry snapped up my hands and held, them, lifting up my head, wiping away a stray tear on my cheek.
"i will never stop liking you. you could live in a cave for all i care, i dont wanna lose you." he whispered, kissing my cheek. my smile widened on my face as my heart beat quickened.

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