You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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3. Chapter 3

"whats going on here?" harry exclaimed, getting me back onto my steady feet. i turned around to see zayn standing behind us, looking a bit embarrassed.
"he just kissed me out of nowhere." i replied, sending zayn a glare.
"im sorry, i didnt think about it." zayn replied, looking down at the floor, ashamed with his actions.
"zayn, what the fuck you dont even know her." harry exclaimed, pushing me to the side and stepping forward towards zayn. harry turned to face me, his eyes softening.
"are you ok, y/n?" he asked me, i nodded at him, smiling weakly.
"i'm sorry, y/n, i dont know what came over me." zayn replied staring at me, his gaze never escaping.
"its ok." i turned around and walked back into the hall where the concert and dancing was still going on. i looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was nearly my curfew time.
"y/n, are you leaving already?" harry asked as he grabbed my arm and spun me around just i was about to leave the hall to go home.
"yeah i have a curfew." i replied.
"well let me walk you home." harry asked, sticking his hand out and grabbing mine with it. we walked outside and the cold air hit my like a ton of bricks. i started shivering to my self as i was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
"here, have this." harry said, taking off his jacket and handing it to me. i smiled and wrapped it over my shoulders.
"thank you." i replied to him. we walked down the street under the moonlight. the street lamps were flickering on and off above us as we walked.
"so where abouts do you live?" harry asked me, looking down and smiling. i didnt want to tell him i lived in a foster home, he might go off me. so i did something that i wished i hadnt said.
"i live on holly tree road." i lied through my teeth. holly tree road was a street with huge houses that only rich people could afford. i wasnt one of them.
"really? wow thats pretty cool." harry smiled at my, squeezing my hand a bit. i gritted my teeth and nodded. i hated lying, to anyone, but i really liked harry and i didnt want to lose him. we finally arrived at the entrance to 'my road'.
"well, i can take it from here." i smiled at harry, letting go of his hand and walking away slightly.
"you sure you dont want me to walk you to your door?" harry asked, pulling me in close, his cold breath hitting my face.
"im sure. thanks anyway." i smiled up at him. he grinned and leant down, kissing my lips softly. he came out of the kiss and my smile grew bigger.
"see you tomorrow." he winked at me, walking away back to the party. i waved at him shyly and walked down the road to go home. luckily my actual road wasnt far, but holly tree road was a very long street, so i would be walking for a while. i got to my house and opened the door quietly, trying to not to wake anyone up.
"where the fuck have you been?!" a familiar boys voice quietly yelled at me, making me jump out of my skin. i turned on the light downstairs and turned around to see louis standing behind me, his arms folded across his chest, looking disappointed in my direction.
"i was out.." i whispered to him, walking into the kitchen. he grabbed my arm and spun me round.
"out where?" he asked me, i pushed his arm off of me and looked up at him.
"i was at a party if you must know. harry invited me-"
"what?! y/n, what did i tell you about harry!" louis exclaimed, trying to be quiet not to wake the kids or workers upstairs.
"louis, stop judging him, he's lovely, ok? and why are you here?" i asked him, walking into the kitchen with him following behind.
"i came to see if you wanted to see a film but you werent here, adriana said you were busy. so i waited for you. and no harry is not lovely, he cheats on girls all the time, y/n!" louis exclaimed, grabbing a carton of orange juice out of the fridge and pouring me out some juice, handing me the glass.
"i bet he doesnt. he kissed me." i said, then i realised that was the wrong thing to say.
"what?! y/n, you only just met him!" louis exclaimed.
"not that sort of kiss! look louis i really like him, im not your property anymore, we broke up, now its time to move on and let me go!" i replied to him. he stared at me with tears in his eyes.
"i have let you go. i just dont want to lose you or watch you get hurt." he whispered, looking down at the floor.
"louis, look at me. you will never lose me, you're my best friend." i replied to him. he looked up at me and smiled. "wanna stay the night?" i asked him, walking up the stairs to my bedroom.
"yeah sure." he replied. my room was on the third floor, with only another bedroom down the hall, so it was a large room. we got dressed in our pajamas and climbed into bed next to each other. we faced each other as louis wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in close to him, our noses nearly touching.
"i love you Lou." i whispered at him, staring into his eyes in the dark room.
"love you too, y/n." he grinned at me, kissing me softly on the forehead. my heart fluttered a bit as he did so. why i was i feeling this way?

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