You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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2. Chapter 2

"harry styles?! harry styles is the boy you like? y/n, he's a jerk!" louis whispered in the library, trying not to get told off by the librarian for whispering too loudly. i had told louis who i liked, as he was my best friend. but then i realised that it was a stupid thing to do.
"no he's not louis, why would you say that?!" i asked him, putting my textbook down and turning to face him.
"i dont want to say." louis said quickly, purposefully avoiding my gaze.
"louis! tell me!!" i whined, lifting his face up with my hands, looking into his beautiful eyes.
"i just...i dont trust him. he likes to date a lot of girls and i dont want you to get hurt. you mean a lot to me y/n." louis said, putting his hand softly on my leg as he smiled apologetically to me.
"oh. ok." i smiled quickly, embarrassed. we carried on reading when a familiar voice came flooding into the library, laughing and joking. being told off for being too loud. my head shot up as i saw harry and his blonde friend walk in the library and sit on the couch next to ours, harry sending me a quick wink across the coffee table in the middle. i blushed as i looked down and pretended to read, trying not to make eye contact with harry. louis looked up and his face dropped as he saw harry sitting near us.
"you alright Louis?" harry asked, almost smugly.
"yeah, im fine." louis replied bluntly, looking back down at the book.
"hi y/n. you ok?" harry asked, getting up off of his sofa and coming down to sit next to me, my heart beating one hundred miles an hour.
"err yeah thanks." i smiled shyly, tucking my hair behind my ear.
"leave her alone, harry." louis said sharply, as if he was trying to protect me from harry.
"alright, i was just being polite." harry replied, raising his hands in defense. he got up and dropped a small piece of paper in my bag. i didnt want to pick it up now so louis would see.

"hey, y/n!" harry yelped, walking past people in the school corridors, trying to get to me at my locker. i turned around and was shocked to see him running towards me. i tried to find my voice.
"hi." i squeaked out.
"did you get my note?" harry grinned, looking down at me, his perfect teeth glistening, dimples showing as he smiled, his brown locks of hair inches away.
"errm..err..." i mumbled, not sure of what to answer to his question. i saw him put a note in my bag but i hadnt looked at it yet. "no, not yet." i smiled at him, my eyes wondering around.
"well when you get a chance, you should." he smiled at me. i nodded slightly, melting deeply inside as his eyes pierced my soul when he looked at me. "see you later." he smiled, winking at me and walking away. i wanted to melt in a puddle on the floor as he walked away, not letting that image of harry winking at me out of my head. i closed my locker door and glided my way to class, where coincidentally, harry was in. i walked in and sat on the seat diagonally behind him. he turned around on his chair and spoke to his blonde friend, niall, behind him. harry stopped talking and turned to face me.
"nice to see you again." he grinned at me, making me blush like crazy. was i developing a crush for harry?
"thanks." i grinned back, fiddling with a pencil in my hand.
"hey, y/n, me and niall and a few others are going to a gig after school today, wanna come along?" harry smiled at me, handing me a flyer from his bag.
"yeah sure sounds great." i replied, folding it up and putting it in my folder.
"great, so i'll pick you up at eight?" harry asked me.
"yeah ok!" i replied with enthusiasm. but then i remembered. "actually dont pick me up, i will meet you there." i added in quickly, hopefully not making it obvious. i didnt want harry to know i lived in a foster home with twenty other children. i didnt want him to know that i dont know who my parents are. thats my private life and i want to keep it that way. he looked at my quizzically.
"err...yeah sure." he smiled quickly, turning around and facing the teacher that had just walked in the classroom.

it was eight thirty and i had just gotten off of the bus to go to the gig that harry had invited me too. i didnt want to tell louis that he had invited me, to louis, harry wasnt good business. to me he seemed kind and caring, but to louis, he was like a boy that enjoyed his fun. i got to the club, wearing shorts, wedges and a sparkly top. it was a hot night so i didnt want to wear jeans. i went in the club, people were dancing and singing to the band that were performing on the large stage at the front. i was scared and worried, i didnt know anybody here, i just needed to find harry. i walked through the crowds, pushing past boys that occasionally wolf whistled at me. i couldnt find harry, i was getting nervous and feeling vulnerable. i walked over to the table that had drinks on, different bottles of alcohol. i grabbed a beer and sipped it, standing with my back against the wall. a tall dark boy walked over to me, his hair scruffy, looking like he needed a shave.
"im zayn, you must be harrys friend." he whispered in my ear, the smell of beer flooding out of his mouth.
"yeah i am." i replied, trying to speak loudly over the band playing.
"he's over here babe." zayn replied, taking my hand and dragging me through the mass of people, behind the stage. he opened a door backstage to a sofa and a table.
"harrys not here." i replied, turning around to face zayn. before i could say anymore, he pushed his lips onto mine, closing the door behind him with his foot. i shoved him off of me, slapping him round the face hard and sharp. he rubbed his cheek with his other hand as he moaned.
"get off of me you freak! i dont even know you!" i screeched, running past him and out the door straight into harrys arms...

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