You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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12. Chapter 12 / Final Chapter

"miss, are you buying the ticket?" the woman asked me. i turned around to face her.
"i..i dont know." i replied to her, turning back round to face harry. "i dont know what to do." i whispered to him, my eyes darting around in urgency.
"dont go" he said, a hint of desperation added to his voice. "please"
"miss?" the woman asked me, i couldnt decide. i wanted to be with louis, but i loved harry. i sighed loudly and smiled at him.
"no thank you, im staying put." i grinned at him. he smiled largely, and grabbed me, pulling me into his arms as he kissed my lips hard, everyone around us clapping. harry was suddenly aware that he was in his boxers, but he didnt care.
"i love you so much y/n" he whispered at me, our noses touching.
"i love you too." i replied. i heard a click and saw that harry had handcuffed me to him. i laughed at them, thinking it was a bit kinky.
"you're not leaving me again" harry ordered, looking deep into my soul, making me melt inside. we walked out of the airport, getting weird and strange looks. it was around one in the morning so harry suggested to spend the night round his. we got back and he slammed the door shut, throwing my bag to the side, pushing me up against the wall with force.
"are you suggesting we're gonna have sex while we're handcuffed together, mr styles?" i whispered to him in his ear, his hands going down to my bum.
"whatever you want" he whispered hungrily back. he pushed his lips onto mine, it was hard to do stuff with our hands cuffed together but we made it work. we made our way to the bedroom and harry was pretty eager to get started.
"ah fuck y/n." he screamed at me in pleasure as i was on him. he held onto my hips, making sure i didnt fall. he twisted me over, and lay on top of me, grinding up against my hot body. the sweat was building up around the handcuffs, red marks around our wrists as we moved. he came out and rested on my hot chest. some how we managed to get our tops off, we just ripped them.
"that....was amazing" he panted, resting his curly head on my chest, my fingers playing with his golden curls.
"it really was" i smiled.
"my wrist hurts after that" harry said, moving his arm with the handcuff on.
"my vagina hurts after that." i replied. he looked up and me and burst out laughing, holding his stomach as he did. i joined in with him, tears filling in my eyes. the laughing died down and we lay in bed, harry still on me, his eyes fluttered shut as he silently fell asleep. after half an hour of watching harry sleep and thinking about life, i drifted off to sleep with him.
"HARRY EDWARD STYLES. WHAT IS THIS?" i jolted my eyes open to see anne standing in front of the bed, glaring at a naked and handcuffed, harry and me.
"mum!" harry yelled. getting up and pulling me with him as we were still handcuffed. he wrapped a duvet around us both, our naked bodies pushed together. "i didnt think you would be coming back so early!"
"have you two just...had sex?" she asked us. i nodded slowly, but harry just laughed.
"we shag all the time" i hit harry on the arm, my cheeks flaring up red. his mum raised her eyebrows at us.
"well. im obviously late for...err...something so..bye!" i exclaimed, trying to get out of the duvet huddle that harry had wrapped around us.
"no you're not going anywhere young lady." anne said sternly.
"why not?" i replied.
"the roads are closed. there was so much snow last night its blocked everything. turns out there have been massive storms all over the world. instead of having sex all the time, you should watch the news for a change. australia have got it bad. tsunamis have hit and killed millions." she said, as she walked round the room picking up our clothes and handing them to us. my face dropped as she finished her sentence. i turned to look at harry.

"millions have been killed due to the tsunamis over australia. earthquakes have happened in parts of america and hurricanes across russia." i turned the television off and sat there blankly. harry rushed in and sat next to me, holding the newspaper of all the presumed dead in the different towns of australia that had been hit by the tsunami. he looked down and stared the paper. he turned to face me, tears filling his eyes.
"y/n. im so sorry." he cried.
"no. no this isnt true. this cant be happening. no i wont believe it!" i cried, he hugged me, tears falling down my face. i suddenly got up, and started screaming round his house. "THIS ISNT TRUE, LOUIS CANT BE GONE. NO. THIS IS ALL MY FAULT." i screamed. harry grabbed me, trying to calm me down.
"get off me" i yelped. i ran out of the house onto the street, snow up to my knees. i was in bare feet but i didnt care. i looked up to the sky, harry grabbing me round my waist, trying to pull me inside.
"NO GET OFF ME. LOUIS PLEASE COME BACK." i screamed in the street. i felt a sick feeling in my stomach. it came up through my mouth as the sick fell onto the snow, melting it. i pushed harry off of me and ran, my toes and feet going blue.
"Y/N!" he screamed, running after me. i ran to my house where the other kids were, slamming the door open, ignoring adriana who was holding the newspaper. i sprinted to my room with harry following. my door flung open. "GET OUT. GET OUT OF MY FUCKING ROOM" i screamed at the top of my voice at the kids playing with their toys. they looked petrified as they ran out past harry. i walked around with anger and sadness crying hard. i sweeped my hand across my desk, flinging everything off to the ground, screaming as i did so. "I FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING." i screeched as i choked on my tears.
"y/n, stop please." harry yelled, trying to calm me down, he was crying hard. all the kids and adults were gathered outside my room, adriana walking in and yelling at me to stop. i picked up my desk and flipped it over. adriana pushed harry to me who grabbed me round the waist, holding me tight and pushing me to the bed, cuddling me as i hysterically cried in his arms.
"shhh." He cried to me, his chest moving up and down fast as he cried with me.
"why did this happen to louis? my louis?" i whispered in his arms.
"i dont know, y/n. he was a good person"

it had been a few months since louis past away. i still wasnt coping well, but harry was there. we were still together and we were happy. but i missed louis more than words can say. i was walking down the dark street at night on my own, listening to some soft music. my hoodie was zipped up to the top, my hands in my pockets as i walked through the gate to the graveyard. since they couldnt find louis' body, we made a remembrance grave for him. i knelt down in front of it, placing a bunch of flowers on the grass. i got out a small pair of scissors and started to trim the grass around the marble gravestone.
"sorry i havent been for a while, lou. things have been hectic at school. but i miss you louis. i know you're not under the ground but you're still here to me. stay with me louis. i miss you so much. i love you, you know that right? i know you cant hear me. i just wanted to say, thank you. for everything you have done for me. making me who i am today. y/n. you taught me to share, to laugh, to love. i will always love you no matter what. and...i was glad that i said bye to you at the airport and told you i loved you. but im sorry im the reason you left. if i hadnt of forgotten about you, you wouldnt of had to leave to get a fresh start. im so sorry. i hope you'll learn to forgive me. because i will never, ever forgive myself." i cried softly as i kissed my fingers and tapped them lightly on the gravestone. "you'll be mine forever. just like a tattoo." i whispered to him. pulling up my sleeve to see my tattoo of 'louis' on my wrist in italic writing. "i love you boo. bye" i whispered, wiping my tears with my sleeve. i got up and walked away. back to life, back to normal. but i will never forget the love of my life; louis william tomlinson.


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