You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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11. Chapter 11

"morning love." adriana said, walking into my room a i lay in my bed on my side, my back facing her. i was looking out of the window, down onto the swing that me and louis played on when we were younger. my pillow was wet from tears and i hadnt gotten any sleep. adriana came and sat next to me. "y/n, ive brought you a cup of tea." i started to cry more, remembering how much louis enjoyed his tea.
"just leave me alone please." i whispered to her, wiping my tears away with my sleeve of harrys hoodie that he had let me borrow.
"y/n, you can stay up here forever. i know you miss louis-"
"you dont get it. its not that i miss him. i told him i loved him. and then...he just left." i whispered, sitting up and resting my head on the headboard next to adriana. she put her arm round my shoulders and pulled me in for a hug. i cried on her chest as she rocked me back and forth.
"i know you love him y/n, ive known for a while. but you love harry too." she whispered to me.
"i do love harry, so much. i just want louis back. i want to see him." there was a knock at my bedroom door and harrys head peeped round the corner, smiling slightly. i gestured him in as adriana got up and walked out the room, leaving us to it.
"hey beautiful, are you ok?" harry asked, sitting where adriana sat, putting his arm around my waist and pulling me in close.
"no" i sighed to him, resting my head on his shoulder. "he's probably still on the flight over there. i just want to see him one more time" harry shuffled uncomfortably as i felt a sort of awkward tension building up. "hey harry, i have a question."
"yes my love." he said, turning his head to face me, smiling down.
"when we were at the ticket desk at the airport, why did you call louis the love of my life?" i asked him, looking up into his eyes.
"because...i know you are in love with him."
"im not in love with him-"
"y/n, stop! i know you are! dont try to hide it!" harry yelped, jumping up from the bed and throwing his armsa round him. i stood up on the other side of the bed, glaring at him.
"you dont know how i feel. youre not me, harry!"
"i do know how you feel, i know that you're in love with louis, you always have been and you always will be! there is no point in hiding it, y/n." harry screamed, walking around my room.
"harry you're so-"
"so what? SO WHAT? you know what, y/n, just forget about us. forget about everything that has happened; you can just carry on fantasizing over you and louis." harry said bluntly, picking up a brown bag filled with some sort of food, throwing it harshly at me. i caught it and stepped back a bit as i did so. "i bought you some doughnuts to make you feel better. oh and by the way, happy four month anniversary." he said bluntly as he walked out of my room, slamming the door behind him. i fell on the floor, pushing the bag of doughnuts away from me. i cried on the floor. im not going to lose another one. i said to myself in my head. standing up and racing down the stairs, running after harry in the courtyard at the front of the large house.
"harry! harry wait!" i screamed, tears falling down both of our faces. he turned around, sadness and anger in his eyes. "im sorry i forgot about our anniversary." i yelled at him, crying hard.
"its too late. we're over now." he replied harshly. turning around and walking out of the houses' grounds into the street. i turned around to go back into the house when i saw all the childrens faces peering out of the window, looking shocked.

school. a word that everyone has hate towards. for the past few months, i was used to walking to school with louis, leaving him for harry. walking hand in hand with harry into school, saying hi everyone who said hello and going to talk to my friends. today was different. i didnt walk to school hand in hand with harry, i walked on my own, with my headphones in and listening to my music on full blast. when i got into school, people didnt say hi to me, they blanked me. my friends didnt talk to me all day. i felt like i had done something wrong. it was lunchtime and i didnt know where my friends were. i walked outside onto the grass to see harry sitting with our friends and with a girl that i recognised...her and harry used to date before i started the school. my heart broke as i stopped walking on the path and looked at the girl sitting on harrys lap, kissing him hard. my mouth fell to the ground as my eyes filled up with tears. anger and jealousy bubbled in my stomach. i walked with pace over to harry and the girl, bella. i pulled at her hair, shoving her to the ground and stood above harry who was looking shocked.
"we broke up yesterday and you're already SNOGGING THE FACE OFF OF BELLA. I FUCKING HATE YOU HARRY STYLES. GO TO HELL." i screamed at him, as he stood up, trying to get a word in. i slapped his face hard with my hand, everyone 'ooed' as i stormed off. heads were turning to look at me walk away with anger and embarrassment. harry ran after me, grabbing my arm and turning me around. "get off me harry." i said through gritted teeth.
"look im sorry, i didnt think you'd see..." harry murmured, looking down at the ground in disappointment.
"didnt think i'd see? sorry, i forgot that, that patch of grass was invisible." i replied sarcastically. "you ended it with me harry! piss off i never want to see you again." i hissed at him, tugging my arm back and walking away with anger. the last few lessons went by painfully slowly, but the end of the day drew nearer and nearer for me. i stormed home with anger, walking down the street with pace when i heard my name being called from across the street.
"y/n! stop i'm trying to talk to you!" i stopped and turned to see harry on the other side of the road opposite me.
"what do you want?" i managed to spit out, trying hard not to cry.
"i want to talk to you!" harry exclaimed.
"well i dont wanna talk to you. i trusted you harry! first you dump me when i was clearly upset and then i see you sucking faces with bella!" i screamed at him, making some members of the public turn to face us, finding our argument amusing. "you know what! you're right harry, i dont love you. i love louis so leave me alone. i fucking hate you" i cried to him, running home and going straight to my room slamming the door. i slid down the door on my back and pulled my knees into my chest, resting my chin on them as i cried heavily. i pulled my phone out of my pocket and typed a quick message to harry. but i stopped, seeing i had received one from him.


-im sorry i hope you can forgive me, i hope you dont hate me xx-


-i dont hate you xx-

i sighed and put my phone on the floor. this was officially the worst week of my life. i stood up and walked over to the computer, turning it on and logged onto a website.
"tomorrow night, nine o'clock." i murmured to myself as i scratched down the time on a notepad and the information. i grabbed a box under my bed and pulled out a credit card that had all the money i had collected over the years of living here from pocket money to chores. i grabbed my suitcase from the bottom of my wardrobe and threw clothes in, putting the card in the pocket in the bag. i knew this was the wrong decision to get away from things, but i wanted to do it. and nothing was going to stop me.

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